3 Apr 2019

Might Not Be The Prettiest But They Sure Are Magic

They Might Not Be The Prettiest But They Sure Are Magic on vickiarcher.com

I never thought the day would come when I admit to wearing these.

As a younger woman the idea filled me with dread; those were the days when a few extra gym sessions and a buttoning up of the lips would make a major difference. If only I appreciated the ease in which I could firm and flex in the space of hours. I have grown up and happily accepted the new pace of progress but I do look for help where I can find it.

We cannot go it alone all the time.

The unmentionable I am mentioning is shapewear.

What I once thought hideous, totally unsexy and on my forbidden list, I now embrace with my whole heart and am grateful for whoever put the serious firming into lingerie. They should be awarded and covered in accolades because this type of lingerie is a game changer.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. Shapewear not only streamlines our outward appearance but also shaves off the kilos. As for the sexy, there are chemise, camisole and ultimately dimmers to compensate for that ;) ;)

How my ideas have changed, expanded and what was once a no go is now a go-to most days. The all in one – perfect under dresses, especially those with a waist, or the shorts style for a narrower skirt and the regular briefs make my trousers so much more comfortable. Now I have become so accustomed to breathing in with the spandex I’m not sure I will wear anything else.

I don’t like to admit defeat but I’m taking the magic whenever I can. xv

Try A Little Slenderness

**mid-thigh shorts  ||  lace shaper briefs  ||  seamless smoothing briefs  ||  **try a little slenderness bodysuit

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How do you feel about the hot long Australian summers wearing them? I’ve tried but always only for short periods of time. Now it’s autmn so might try again. Do you recommend with undies or without ?


Wear them on their own and deal with the heat ;)
I wear the all in one style under many dresses and the gains are worth it :) Actually, I don’t find what’s underneath makes too much difference.. the only solution to those long Aussie summer days is swimming :) :)


You know, I never even considered this, ever! I guess because I’m small, however, for those troublesome spots for me (those HIPS), the briefs would be a great idea! Thanks again, Vicki!

Melanie Comins

Thanks for bringing this up Vicki. Oh my goodness I have only recently discovered shape wear when I needed to purchase some of the shorts for my wedding gown. I am now a total convert! And, I am going to just say that wearing them has absolutely nothing to do with size either as I am very petite. They just smooth everything out and give a more streamlined look with no bumps and bulges! Plus, they are so jolly comfy. Saying that, the lacey lingerie has not been discarded it still holds an important place in the underwear wardrobe. xx


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