10 Oct 2020

Now About The Boots

I do love the boots.

The boots, with the extravagance of the skirt and the tailoring of the jacket and tie, is fabulous.

Lace-ups or combats – whatever we call them – are here again this season in a big way. I don’t mean simply popular, I mean the chunkiness of the heel and soles are next level. If I was mounting a military operation or wanted to channel Frankenstein I might feel like going all out, but definitely not. A finer version, if that is the word, is my preference. These Dior offerings sit somewhere in the middle. They are wonderful and also offer a slightly higher finishing line which makes them look very good with skirts and dresses. They are an investment so if this style of boot is here to stay for you, they could be the ones.

There are plenty of other styles about at more moderate prices, which are also in the right feel.

I’ve had a scout around and made a list:

My selections err on the lighter side of combat heavy.

**Vince water-resistant lace-ups: A simple and practical pair of boots, which look exactly as, we want. Not too heavy and not too light.

**Jeffrey Campbell leather lace-ups: The snakeskin detail on the toe is attractive and sets it apart.

La Canadienne waterproof boots: velvety suede a la Chanel makes a pretty change

Rag & Bone combat boot: great shape and style but I’d swap the laces out to black.

All Saints Hiker boots: Slightly edgier with a glossy leather finish.

All Saints Zip boots: Get the look; wear the combat but without the lace.

For my vote? The Vince or Jeffrey Campbell. xv

About The Boots: Get The Look

Vince  ||  Jeffrey Campbell  ||  La Canadienne  ||  Rag & Bone  ||  All Saints  ||  All Saints

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Only one place I go for biker boots – Russell & Bromley. This year I am fancying their quilted biker boot.


They do have fabulous shoes and boots.. I don’t know if they ship to the US .. I’m going to check. When I first moved to Europe.. I couldn’t believe their stores!

Linda B

I bought a pair of lace-up boots (I like that better than “combat”!) last spring–if I recall, with your encouragement, Vicki! I didn’t get a chance to wear them much before the hot weather set in here in the desert, but I did take them with me to Oregon for the two month sojourn there and wore them a bit in the summer, when the weather was cooler. I can’t say enough good things about this style. I love the look, but also love the way they make me feel grounded and strong. Juxtaposing strong boots with feminine skirts is such a great way to express the various sides of ourselves.


I love that look too, but not sure if I could pull it off! Love the juxtaposition of the masculine and feminine though.


First, I love Jennifer Lawrence as a model – she always looks fabulous, cool and collected!

The Jeffrey Campbell boot is my favorite here – the snakeskin embossed toe box, and the fact it has a side zipper would be perfect, plus not too clompy (if that’s a word!).
Oh my, I grew up in Russell & Bromley footwear! I wish I had all those wonderful, well made, beautiful leather shoes (many made in Italy and Spain) now!
I actually saw the H&M skirt both online and in the store here – it’s now gone online, but there is a great tulle flounced one for $59.99!


when you are going to do something then do it…I’m not really a friend of this heavy boots,a bit unfeminine but comfy
Myself would wear this outfit rather with ankle boots although it looks good with the
heavy boots.

Kate Granado

My absolute favorite ad. I love that you also show the horse. They did not always have her in the shot. I have always loved the yin and yang of soft and hard. This outfit brings it all together with the tailoring and the fit. And yes, love the boots…thanks for this, once again, fabulous post.

Jo Dennis

I bought I lovely pair of black patent leather lace up combat style boots last winter. They have little silver studs around the top of the heal to add a bit of interest and soften the look. I honestly lived in them all winter! Such a versatile boot, they just went with every outfit be it dresses, skirts or pants. Don’t worry about if you can pull off the look or not – the right boots will make it work.

Michelle à Détroit

I absolutely adore this look. I would still go with a more streamlined combat boot- it would be more flattering on me as I have skinny ankles,


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