7 Sep 2016

Olivia Palermo: Steal Her Style

Olivia Palermo, Steal Her Style on vickiarcher.com

Olivia Palermo has a style I appreciate.

She is much younger than me and can wear pieces well relegated to my memory bank and yet there are so many outfits she wears that I can replicate or take inspiration from.

Her signature style is one I would describe as classic with a twist. I think back to her wedding day images and I still like the interpretation. She wore a non-traditional skirt and sweater and yet there were bridal elements; like her style, she mixed the classics with a twist and came up trumps. (And in Manolo pumps.)

It’s her mix I like best.

The way she contrasts the very feminine with the tailored; she is not afraid to mix patterns and plains or to add a quirky signature. Yes, she is beautiful, but I always feel she is wearing the clothes rather than the labels wearing her.

This month she has collaborated on a range for Nordstrom. Some of the pieces are wonderful and I will be adding a couple to my wardrobe this season. The tailored suit ,with the cute back flare, is fabulous as are the tuxedo pants; again ‘classic with a twist’ to give them added flair. I don’t often wear a cropped pant unless it’s very narrow but these with the plaid blazer are a great alternative and a flattering shape. Those metallic sneakers will add the finishing touch. I would also wear the blazer on its own with denim, or even khakis.

The camisoles, one of those essentials to stock up on, are superb and not always easy to find. The tiered sleeve blouse is one to wear with absolutely everything.

Olivia Palermo has the kind of style I want to steal. xv

Olivia Palermo, Steal Her Style on vickiarcher.com

“We loved mixing light, feminine elements such as ruffles and lace with leather and menswear-inspired tailored pieces,” said Palermo.

“Fabrics like chiffon have a lot of movement and add an extra-pretty element – they give a romantic touch to the collection to balance the menswear styles.”

Oliva Palermo: Steal Her Style

**glen plaid blazer  //  glen plaid crop pants  //  crop suspender pants  //  tiered sleeve silk top  //  peek-a-boo camisole

images, olivia palermo

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Taste of France

It’s about the mix, isn’t it? Very feminine has its moments; so does very tailored. But the majority of the time, the middle of the spectrum, with a little of each, is what feels best.


It is always the mix but some seem to “blend” better than others… I love a little of each too… For me, Olivia Palermo is a very stylish young woman with her own flair .. not too much and not too little … she gets the balance right I think :)

Mimi Gregor

I’m afraid that I must admit that I don’t know who she is, but I do like her style, the way you describe it. I love to “mix my metaphors”, so to speak: feminine touches mixed with tailored pieces… stripes with polka dots… the very casual with the very dressy. Since I don’t like to wear color, my favorite way to “stand out” is to “clash”: a black halter top with white dots worn with my black tulip skirt, topped with a black and white large-checked, fitted cardigan. Mixing prints is one of my very favorite looks, and as most women seem afraid to experiment with this look, it does stand out, but in a good way. I make sure that both prints contain the same color mix, but I have seen it work on others with no colors in common at all. Of course, these were all models in the Anthropologie catalog, and it probably would not work for us mere mortals. I’m certain that I would just look like I dressed in the dark with a seriously bad hangover.


Ha HA… Me too, Mimi..
I think she has great style and I think you would like the way she dresses… it’s the mix you are describing… each piece interconnects and blends with the other..

Barnali Guha

I absolutely adore Olivia Palermo’s style. I found myself pinning so many of her looks on Pinterest and often wondered why she doesnt come up with her own style blog. She dresses very timelessly and that helps. Love the tiered top look here. Thanks Vicki for sharing this new curated styles by Olivia Palermo.

Michelle (à Detroit)

She’s married to a German male fashion model and does indeed look great in her clothes.

Deborah Peterson Milne

I too am a huge admirer of Olivia. Her love of menswear style dressing with that ‘Palmero’ twist grabs me. So thrilled to read that she’s collaborated with Nordstrom. I just sent a text to my daughter Em (who is a visual stylist with Nordstrom) to have her give me an opinion of Olivia’s line! Thank you for the great intro today Vicki. xox

Anita Rivera

Dearest Vicki, how I’ve missed you first thing in the morning! I have not had internet access for five days!

This young beauty is one of my favorite models of all time. Classic face, impeccable style. Her style truly speaks to me and she fuses youth with mature style in such an attractive way. BRAVO!


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