26 Jul 2018

One For The Eyes: Lets Reverse It

One For The Eyes: Let's Reverse It on vickiarcher.com

White eyeliner – yes – you read correctly.
I have recently discovered “white” kajal for the inside of the eyes.

It’s not a new concept but natural coloured kohl is not one I have bothered to use before. As much as I am trying to source the newest and most effective for VA.com I do get stuck in my ways sometimes.

This brightening eye kajal, applied inside to the bottom of the eyes, illuminates and enlarges the appearance of the eyes. Making the eyeliner, whether it’s the cat’s eye stroke or a more traditional shading look even better.

Honestly, where have I been? This pencil is the real deal.

Last night I was in a hurry and had no time to line my eyes. A dash of brow gel, mascara and this new pencil and I was out the door. I felt I looked less tired and puffy around my eyes; it really works.

One of those small gestures that pack a large punch.

If you aren’t already using this, try it. I think you will love it as much as me.

Let’s Reverse It

chantecaille brightening eye kajal

image, zara laarson

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Nudes and white pencils to line the lower water line were popular in the ’70s. I used them until kohl was popular. As I age the dark kohl isn’t always flattering unless I’ve had a great night’s sleep and haven’t had any alcohol… for a week! It seems as if the least little thing now shows on my face. I will give the nude pencil another try! Thanks, Vicki! xoxo, Brenda


Brenda.. it’s fabulous!
If I line my eyes with dark colours, I look like a badger.. and an unhappy one at that ;)


I am going to order one, thanks for the tip Vicki! Do you apply mascara to your lower lashes?


Sometimes yes and sometimes no… I try and keep them tinted dark, so I don’t have to…

Michelle à Détroit

Lining the waterline of my lower lid with a light nude color really does work wonders and open up my smallish eyes. I’ll try a nude colored kohl. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped using a dark liner underneath my eyes. I sometimes use a tiny trace of dark brown mascara. Conversely, lining the inside of my upper lid with dark brown or black also really defines the eye without looking like you’re wearing liner.


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