2 Mar 2021

One Jacket Only: This Is The One

One Jacket: This Is The One on vickiarcher.com

There is never one jacket only.

There is one jacket that works everywhere.

It’s by no means my biggest investment – possibly the least – or the most fashionable piece I wear but it is one I rely on year after year. I update it occasionally but the original I found at Old Navy all those years ago is still wearing strong.

When I travelled it was my airport jacket of choice because of the comfort and pockets – one side for phone and glasses and the other for a passport and cc. It is a windbreaker and a raincoat but most of all it is a very flattering shape. Mid-thigh, high collar and slightly nipped in through the waist. Do you know the one? Some call it a fleet jacket, a utility, others a field jacket; for some reason, I refer to mine as an army jacket.

Even though I am travelling nowhere in the foreseeable future, I have pulled this favourite out again.

It is perfect with the sweats and the sneakers and I have even worn mine over a mid-length dress. Taking a trip to the countryside? It’s an easy addition for a muddy weekend. You can find them in waterproof fabric, all kinds of cotton and even linens. This summer I am opting for a white linen version to wear with chinos. I also think this cinnamon shade is pretty fabulous with white or khaki and for those of us with silver manes; I like the idea.

Every year I say to myself I cannot wear it again and each time I look for another alternative and fail.

Life is full of jackets – but if there were only one – (I hope this is only ever in my imagination) – which would you choose? You know my answer. xv

One Jacket Only

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Alexandra Pierce-Smith

Totally agree …. There are always those few pieces which are “close friends” … The ones you always reach for, who provide comfort and support, that you can rely on. In my case, a Yorkshire wool tweed jacket. Currently though I am looking for a buttery soft suede jacket but in a lovely grey or slate blue.

Jacki F.

I have a navy blue (utility/field/cargo) “windbreaker” I got from Target 4 years ago. It’s great for a walk in sweats or work-out gear and for the rain in warm temperatures, but your suggestions certainly are much cuter!


Vicki, I like your choice – I had a similar safari style jacket for safaris of course, but must have donated to the charity shop because I can’t find it!!!
I have many many jackets…….and coats! I love them all and when times are ‘normal’ manage to wear all at different times. This winter I didn’t go far so most remained in their storage bags – I missed them!
Spring is different here, it jumps from cold to often very hot around mid-March and heavy coats and jackets aren’t required. I then pull out a longer cardigan style sweater coat, or my black leather moto-jacket purchased on a whim at Mango in the Barcelona airport several years back!
I long to travel again and even packing – which I detest – will be welcomed this time around!
Hugs – Mary


I remember growing up in the subtropics in Brisbane. We hardly knew what cold weather was. Before I left to live in England I went to my favourite clothing store and bought a knee length suede coat. The sales girl and I thought it would be toasty warm and perfect for an English winter. I almost froze to death. It wasn’t nearly warm enough and was so heavy! And yes very difficult if coffee etc was spilled! In London I soon bought a fabulous wool coat with faux fur at collar and cuffs. So warm and cosy and a beautiful coat. I had it for years. Best wishes, Pamela


If that cinnamon didn’t have upper pockets across my bosom, it would be perfect for me!
I had my father’s US Naval wool pea coat for decades & loved wearing it until the wool became too heavy for older me. I donated it to a museum.


Good morning Vicki!

Now that is a great jacket. It’s not heavy or bulky and I can envision wearing this with either jeans or a skirt! Great choice!


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