6 Oct 2018

One Way To Style The Leather Jacket

Great look, don’t you think?

We haven’t discussed the leather jacket here for a bit but we have been featuring them in the SHOP and on Insta stories. We found this photograph from 2015 and were reminded how good a leather jacket can be over a pretty dress. This dress is long gone but the look isn’t.

A leather jacket – the shorter model – is a brilliant wear for right about now.

It doesn’t have to be worn with jeans or tailored pants, try it over a longer style dress and mix it with your prints if you wear them. The cropped jacket is flattering with a fuller dress; the hugging around the body creates a slimmer silhouette  – a “contrived” but complimentary baggy look. A more form-fitting dress works well too if the volume is not your thing.

When I introduced My Latest Crush I focused the wardrobe essentials but in passing I noticed a couple of very beautiful longer style dresses perfect to re-create the above style. Investments definitely or divine inspiration, but ones to last a lifetime. Wearing these with a leather jacket is the classic example of turning dressy into casual. Remove the sneakers and the coat, add the heels and drop earrings and it is party time.

This weekend I’m bringing out the dress and leather jacket combo; I can’t believe I forgot about this beauty. xv

One Way To Style The Leather Jacket

update with these

badgley mischka gia  ||  andrew marc smooth

another way to look at it

sam edeleman floral maxi   ||  sam edelman vintage style floral maxi

divine inspiration

co essentials tie neck silk  ||  co essentials crinkle chiffon

images, harpers bazaar, diego zuko

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Perfection. This is an unexpected combination but I LOVE IT and I’d go for it immediately.


It’s one of those very readily adaptable to what suits us… also love the leather jacket with a fuller skirt and tight tee… :)

Taste of France

I love this–the dress, the moto, the shoes. A friend said, while donning her moto recently, “this jacket makes me feel invincible.” Shouldn’t that always be the case?


Yes, it should… but some pieces more than others. I think red lipstick is like that for me… and if my hair is looking ok and done well. :)
P.S Most coats/jackets make me feel invincible… I am so much a “coat” girl and love the winter season for fashion…

Michelle à Détroit

A great coat or jacket really makes a look. I love the slight change in the silhouette and proportion of this edit, Vicki.

Here in Detroit the fall season is very brief. There’s just a small window for short lightweight jackets as outerwear, and wearing them later in colder weather under heavier coats can be bulky and uncomfortable. Think I’ll seize the moment and pull out my moto today!


No time like now Michelle… that’s how I’m feeling as the grey seeps over London today… time to take advantage of the milder days… Perfect leather jacket weather :)


I have yet to wear a leather jacket. I don’t know why as I like them on other people. I think they’re a little edgier than I dress and it makes me nervous. Ha! I’ll add that to my list as well as the velvet blazer, white sneakers and shoe booties. I have a lot of shopping to do! PS-Love the weekend too!!!


Start with the velvet Missi… and work upwards… and the white sneakers are a must! You will never look back.. :)

CarolAnne Makely

Perfection. Love the look… thinking a jean jacket would work too… love the white runners

Ann paeu

Dear Vicky,
That look would also be nice to wear to Church
On Sunday’s! Let’s not forget keeping God in mind on Sunday.


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