27 Feb 2012

Oscar History, Do You Remember Past Winners?

The Academy Awards are all but over except for the film accolades and the fashion critiques. This got me to thinking about past Best Pictures, whether I had seen them all and if I could remember which films were the winners… I remembered most, have seen them all and didn’t necessarily enjoy every picture… Here they are in case you feel like reflecting or re-watching motion picture’s finest from the last decade.

2012 – The Artist… I must be the only person who hasn’t seen this yet

2011 – The Kings Speech… Fabulous film that I have watched several times

2010 – The Hurt Locker… Brilliant direction from Kathryn Bigelow

2009 – Slumdog Millionaire… An outside winner and a great movie

2008 – No Country for Old Men… A tough film… still adore Javier Bardem surprisingly

2007 – The Departed… Martin Scorsese at his finest (and then came Hugo)

2006 – Crash… Not one of my favourites but that’s just me

2005 – Million Dollar Baby… Heartbreaking and wonderful

2004 – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King… Not my thing… but appreciated the hype

2003 – Chicago… another non-favourite of mine

2002 – A Beautiful Mind… Stunning performance from bad boy Russell Crowe

2001 – Gladiator… More Crowe and a massive Colosseum

2000 – American Beauty… Outstanding performance by Kevin Spacey

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French Girl in Seattle

Good question, Vicki. I saw – and loved – most of these except "the Hurt Locker." Oui, you definitely have to rush and see the Artist now. Can you imagine how many times the movie is going to be mentioned in your town today, at the boulangerie, au café, etc? ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


Surprisingly, I don't see that the people around me (in France) talk that much about the Artist. I think we are so engrossed in our forthcoming elections that mundane matters take a bit of a backseat. Stunning picture. I love it !

French Heart

Loved 'The Artist' very exciting how well it did esp for a $15M film! Loved 'Million Dollar Baby' 'Beautiful Mind' and 'American Beauty.' Need to see Slumdog and King's Speech.


I loved The Artist. Some years I'm not so interested in the nominated films but this year many of the films looked really good to me and I've gone to the theater to see them in advance so that I could enjoy the awards program. Some of the previous award winners listed were not my picks but this year I nailed some winners. I loved Hugo and can't say enough good about it. The one film that I still struggle with as being best picture was Silence of the Lambs.


For the first time in years I actually had seen two of the nominated films,' Midnight in Paris' and 'The Help' both of which I liked. I will be anxious to see the other movies.

I Dream Of

Looking at the list I'm pretty scatter-shot with seeing the winners. Haven't seen the Artist yet, but not for lack of wanting to. It looks charming.


The only winner I missed was 'Gladiator.' I found 'The Artist' totally enchanting, so glad it won. Ladies and their gowns were high on my list last night .. so many beauties. Ms. Diaz, Paltrow, Cruz and Williams my favorites.


I have to comment because I love that magnificent illustration! Thank you, I miss illustrations. Years ago there were stores in NYC who hired illustrators to draw the merchandise in the ads and they were always lovely and imaginitive, always with a hint of mystery, femininity and beauty.

Of the movies, I've seen two and thanks for the list, now I should catch up!


No, you're not the only one to have not seen The Artist yet. For some reason, I'm not much of a movie watcher in general. If one catches my eye, I'll rent it. But not a big theater fan.

I finally watched The King's Speech two weeks ago – that's how up to date I am on my film watching!

Ingrid Mida

Dear Vicki,
Thanks for the Academy award refresher. I have seen most of these, except for the Artist. It seems like a surprise winner but I guess it is now a must see.

Lost in Provence

Vicki, run out right now, right this very minute to see The Artist. It is still playing in Arles, I believe but it is worth seeing on a giant screen if you can. I absolutely loved it, everything about it.


I am surprised that you have not seen "The Artist," given that it is a French film that has been much talked about, and lauded, over the last five months or so. I love the fact that a thoroughly French group of artists has done such a superb job telling a very American story. What do your French friends think of the film?


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