11 Jun 2018

Overcoming Creative Dry Spells

Do you ever feel like your creative energy has disappeared? Is there no way back?

In that particular moment, we feel lost – our career and lifestyle are built on a creative mind, how will we continue if we struggle to showcase our innovative ideas?

We forget to recognize that dry spells pass and our creative drive will soon be back in action.

But until then, what can we do to overcome these creative blocks?

Tips & Tricks To Overcoming Creative Dry Spells

Capture inspiration 

Being a creative person is more effective if you surround yourself with other creative individuals.

Spending time together enables you to bounce ideas off one another. Everyone has varying opinions and approaches to a situation.

Something we have spent hours mind-boggling over could be a light bulb moment for someone else.

Discover another outlet 

Often we find ourselves trapped and that selected creative channel is all we know.

Consider approaching a creative source that unlocks new potential and encourages a challenge.

If you are a writer struggling to put pen to paper, attempt picking up a camera and looking through the lens instead.

Take small steps 

It’s that well-known saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

It is important not to beat ourselves up when we haven’t quite managed to get all of our creative tasks completed in one sitting.

When experiencing a creative dry spell accomplishing just one creative task a day is an achievement. It should be celebrated.

It won’t be long until those creative cogs begin turning again.

Dry spells come and go amid every season, let’s simply let them pass.

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Linda B

Thank you for addressing this topic! It is one near and dear to my heart. I like the idea of trying something different than the usual creative outlet.

I will add that a wonderful help for reigniting creative endeavors is The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. I’ve been a devotee of her methods for about 5 years now, especially “morning pages”. This book made me realize that even small acts of creativity like making dinner can feed our inner artist.

Teddee Grace

When your only sister has just died of ALS and your long-time male friend has two kinds of cancer and just fell and spent the entire day on the floor before you discovered him, creativity can actually be an escape, the only escape.


Dearest Vicki,

I’ve been in a dry spell for at least a year. Through it, I’m learning to slow down my ambitions. I’ve always been a “go-getter”, but not a competitive person with others, only with myself. It’s tough when you are the only one fighting for a spot in the light, with you and you alone. But I’m learning. The creativity will come back, but it will look and feel different, and I think that even I will be surprised. Yes, it takes time, just like a seed that is planted in the dark soil shoots up one day under the sun, only to endure another kind of waiting.

Take courage, and dear Teddee, so sorry to hear of your losses.

Catherine Baudet

Your sofa story reminds me of my extremely elegant friend who had the most exquisite apartment at The Peak in Hong Kong and when I went to visit she had been waiting months for her dining suite to be made. It arrived when I was there and to her disappointment the chairs had not been sprung! All the way from England , months in transit. I am not sure if she ended up sending it back, but she was so excited then so dismayed.

Lourayne Mahood

Dear Vicki, having the wrong colored couches delivered is VERY ANNOYING. Two years ago I would have been frothing like a cappuccino if this had of happened to me. However, the death of my husband completely changed my attitude and my life. You are correct. In the grand scheme of things what’s another several weeks wait other than an inconvenience? Good for you to show patience and grace. And strategies to overcome a ‘dry spell’. Lx


YEP……………..I think we all go through it!
I do not even want to turn the computer on anymore!
Contemplating stopping everything!For awhile maybe just summer…………….
But first MY SONS WEDDING!I must share that with YOU!


YEP………….I’m there too…….with NO sofas to look forward too!
I think we all go through this……..or maybe its the WORLD at the moment.It’s hard to keep up with EVERYONE!!!!!


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