20 Jun 2018

Overthinking, Over Think, Over Thought

Over Think, Over Thinking, Over Thought on vickiarcher.com

Do you overthink?

Overthinking can be as damning as underthinking and equally as disastrous at times.

I would admit to being somewhere in the middle and maybe a bit of both.

Underthinking often works for me because the spontaneous decision making can be some of the best; overthinking can save me from myself as not all decisions work in my favour. Thinking and how much time we devote to a decision is one of those unquantifiable qualities – it can be the best and worst of results.

There is a case to suggest too much overthinking is not a desirable quality.


Simply, because we miss out and life remains static without change. Flexibility, as we grow wiser in our lives, is everything and being a decision maker helps hone this skill. Flexibility and the ability to shift course is an admirable trait and one I continue to work on day by day. Overthinking or procrastination can be an excuse to prevent us from facing change. No decision making means the status quo stays.

What do I mean by overthinking?

For me when I overthink I lose my self-confidence; the idea twirls and whirls and is thrashed and bashed until there is nothing left to consider, let alone put in play.

Overthinking can be an excuse because I don’t wish to address an issue and to overthink means effectively it will disappear. No decision means no confrontation.

Overthinking can be all about procrastination. Thinking generally requires action in some form, even in an intellectual sense.

Overthinking is a fast track method for avoidance. We justify our lack of action because we have “given the matter great thought” when really we haven’t addressed it at all. We may have spent many hours in contemplation but contemplation is not positive.

Where is the balance between overthinking and underthinking?

Underthinking can be just as reckless. Not devoting enough time and thought to our decisions can mean many different kinds of disaster – financial, physical and emotional. The flip side, how much do we all love an impromptu and impetuous moment? It’s a tough one.

For me, the answer lies in classifying the “thoughts”.

I never want to overthink whether I will eat a hamburger or not. This will depend on my mood and my health.

Never, ever overthink what to wear or the hair and the make-up. Guilty, but working on it.

Life should be and can be about saying, YES.

These types of non-life altering decisions don’t deserve overtime.

Conversely, I don’t want to underthink any important life decisions. How we advance our futures deserve our time, our energy and our enthusiasm.

Thinking – the over and the under – requires balance and practice. Have you found yours? xv

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I had a bit of overthinking this morning about……my hair. I’ve declared that I would grow it long, but when I hit that middle stage where it has to grow out, I cave. But this time, I put aside the “overthinking” and made an appointment today to get it styled short, again. Why? I look best that way at my age, a short crop goes with my lifestyle and fashion, and it’s just easier. I can move on and think about other things!


Then that is what you must do, Anita… you already have your answer so no time needed… as you say .. on to other things.. :)

Linda B

This is another great topic to mull. . . I am definitely more of an overthinker about many things, though I do pretty well with picking my look for the day on an efficient, intuitive basis. One place I overthink is in making travel plans. I love to travel. . . but maybe I love even more the comforts of home and my routine here? Currently I am dithering about an opportunity to travel this fall to the Yucatan for work. I need to decide by this weekend. . . Will I be brave enough to travel solo into the jungle?


Yes, you will Linda!
That is an amazing opportunity and one many of us would be jumping up and down for… You go for it and tell us all afterwards… :)


I love this post! You have put into words my sentiments exactly, not to overthink and to remain flexible and spontaneous. It seems to get harder as we get older but I am trying not to succumb. The part about losing confidence is me to a T so thank you for writing about this today, it has come at a great time while I face a do I, don’t I move.


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