24 Jul 2021

Packing For Comporta: Do You Remember How?

What To Pack For Comporta on vickiarcher.com

I am packing for Comporta.

I am almost too nervous to say in case I jinx my chances. Travel is so on and off in Europe right now and the getting away can be iffy. We decided yesterday to book some flights to Lisbon and head down to the beach at Comporta for a few weeks. It’s been a long year of lockdowns and who knows what the winter will bring so while we can we are trying our best to get there. I am feeling extremely grateful for the chance to get away and decidedly lucky if it comes off.

Comporta is a relaxed place with miles of beaches and plenty of ocean. The pack should not be difficult and the trick would be to go light. I haven’t even considered a suitcase for a year or more so I doubt I am going to make it light or get it right. The thought of wearing caftans and predominantly white has set my head into a spin. I’m even happy about a bathing suit and that is one piece of clothing I never rush towards.

My pack started as a mental pack and I have put it all HERE to show you.

I think it makes it easier for you to see and certainly saves me time when it comes to the physical fold.

What’s In The Comporta Pack?

Whether Comporta is on your radar or you are just hanging out in the sunshine, these pieces are the best.

The three shoe rule still applies – trainers, mules, and a pair of slippers for lounging at home.

Long shorts, white jeans, and a pair of sweats to mix and match with several white blouses.

I’m using a classic French-style basket for the beach and a raffia string bag for everything else; these will be cute with the hats I have chosen.

Dresses, caftan and cover-up style to wear from day through the evening with a mix of length and sleeve style to see me through.

I’ll throw in a sarong, some simmering body oil to enhance the non-existent tan and my favourite beauty products we talked about earlier.

And this hopefully means I am well and truly set. xv


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Linda B

I am so happy for you, Vicki! I hope the trip pulls off. I have travelled a bit now and it is an odd feeling, for sure. What used to be so natural now feels. . . different. Yet one is so grateful to have the opportunity. Have a lovely time!

Louise Munro

Hi Vicki
from cold and rainy Orange in the Western NSW Tablelands.
Coldest winter in NSW for 35 years!
Love your wardrobe for the holiday by the beach!!
Love your Style!
Cheers to you


Thank you Louise…
Some of my greatest friends live in Orange (near Canowindra) so I shall think of you all and send warm wishes from Portugal :)


Fabulous Vicki! Although so exciting leaving the UK itoo still leaves a feeling of trepidation. We have had so many tick lists and documents as driving to France. The one we are glad we requested is a paper copy on the NHS app of the confirmation we are double vaccinated so much easier on a paper copy (although we have it on the NHS app). There is an information sheet that can be printed in the language of where you are travelling too. Although we have shown only once since we arrived in France on Tuesday, glad we sorted this. We are in Uzes tonight and St Remy tomorrow and yoga class Monday where I will have to show this document. As for packing, I’ve 5 pairs of shoes!! A couple of new linen dresses but do leave some in St Remy. My beauty products which have to come with me are a hyaluronic acid lotion which I’m loving from a Japanese brand – Hada Labo – can’t believe the difference this has made. Along with a French product both as a face moisturiser and a big tub of body cream for very dry skin – CeraVe. Again such a difference I have seen. Hope to pick some Chanel nail polish in France as had trouble getting the stunning deep red which I adore. Have a wonderful relaxing holiday Vicki, just tick all the necessary bits of your list and you can breathe! I’ll say hello to St Remy for you!! x


Thank you Janet :)
And thank you for the tip about printing the NHS confirmation off… great idea…
Enjoy St Remy.. and yoga :)


Have a wonderful trip to beautiful warm Portugal from “down-under”.
Still awaiting international travel to open for us to Europe. Cannot tell you how restless I am
and how much I miss it….fingers crossed for 2022!
Shall look forward to following your photos and pretending!


Thank you… I’m feeling not to be able to get to Oz too… First time in 21 years I have been away so long…. :( But I am super fortunate to be going anywhere.. and very excited… just hope nothing happens between now and the next few days!

Nicola sinclair

You make my heat sing from lockdown down under✨Thank you for the joy✨sublime tonic✨


Have s great time! Even though we have been very lucky here in NZ, overseas travel not easy. I woke up one winter morning recently thinking I could smell frangipani and coconut!! It was a dream! Still pop in and run my hand through my “troppo” caftans in the spare room wardrobe.❤️☀️🐠🌴🍍🍹


GOod morning Vicki!

OH travel…..so far off on my list. I want so badly to cross the pond but not the way things are unspooling around here. Then my husband suggested we travel to California to our beloved Carmel-by-the-Sea. I am way too nervous, even though I’m vaccinated! I guess a lot of our success in moving forward depends now on our courage to try and get back to some normal while still practicing some standard safety practices but I’m not quite there yet…I hope to be soon because I want to travel so badly. Bon voyage, Vicki!


Have a fabulous holiday and where is this hotel in Comporta? As always you find the most stunning places to holiday!


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