17 Mar 2015

Packing For Paris: The Crossbody Bag

The Crossbody Bag, Packing For Paris, Vicki Archer

Packing for Paris: The crossbody bag is a must in the suitcase.

The crossbody bag is so useful on any trip; during the day for all those small valuables that are needed close to hand and again in the evening as an alternative handbag choice. I often wear a crossbody and carry a handbag at the same time but as I have mentioned to you before, I am a bit of a snail and carry my “home on my back” much of the time.

It is a practical style and the crossbody bags that I prefer are those that fit my cc’s, lipstick, phone and keys with a little room to manoeuvre if I can’t pare down.

Packing is one of those skills that morphs into an art over time. I have to have routine in my bag with selected items that I enjoy wearing and I know will work. Packing is not the time to experiment with looks and whenever I have, those pieces have stayed in the bag. Always.

I do have regrets from time to time and often think about what’s at home and not in the bag but when I travel, wherever I travel, I want to spend my time out and about and not thinking about what to wear.

That is why I take a crossbody bag on my travels.

The Crossbody Bag, Packing For Paris, Vicki ArcherThe Crossbody Bag, Packing For Paris, Vicki Archer

This past fashion week in Paris saw an abundance of crossbody bags in all shapes and sizes and it has put me in the mood to find a new one. They look stylish and flattering whether worn across the body or simply hanging by the side.

I do love the Chanel and the Drew from Chloe, the one that seems almost a uniform this season, but I also think some of the less expensive models are seriously fabulous right now. Great style is knowing how to get the mix just right.

Are you practical like me and always opt for the black? Don’t forget to pack one of these in your travelling bag… xv

Packing For Paris: The Crossbody

the sydney fossil   //   kate spade mini carson crossbody bag  //   rebecca minkoff love crossbody bag

images guest of a guest, chanel

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LOL, I came across a new suitcase design and immediately thought of you, Vicki!!
And the first time I’m here for months and you have a post about packing!! :)
Travel kismet? Enjoy, I just found this:


That is a clever idea!
I am always trying to pack “light” if it is check in only… if it’s not, that’s another story!

Anita Rivera

GOOD MORNING VICKI! I am so glad I caught this post before I left for school this morning; I was up by 3:30am!

I really love this look and have a wonderful bag that I can use as such. It is a small black leather bag that adjusts in length, and I’ve been wearing it across the body for a feeling of security, especially in crowds. Like you, I always carry my lipstick (my main staple in makeup!) keys, cards and phone. But this is a stylish and safe way to keep home at your fingertips, and not at someone elses!

Thank you dear Vicki for coming to my post. I am very excited about this endeavor to self-publish my blog. I found Create Space through Amazon, and I think I’ll do some “shopping” around to get different prices, but I liked their options. I am taking my time for sure, because I want it to be just right, with the proper photos (my own and maybe those of some good blogger photographers with their permission) and with carefully revised text.

I am looking forward to writing a dedication of which many of YOU will be a part. Thank you dear Vicki, and bonne journée! Anita


You sound like me with the early mornings Anita!
I am trying to walk every morning so I am out the door at 6:30… it’s a struggle but once I am walking, it feels fab… :)
I even take my crossbody bag on my walks!


Hi Vicki,

I am loving this series. Thanks for putting it together!

A crossbody bag has been on my list. Still searching for the right one. It’s reassuring to know I’m on the right track.

Thanks again!


You are Suzanne… You may like the one from Fossil… it’s a little largera nd can hold a bit more bt still sleek and stylish.. :)


Coach makes some beautiful bags that have long straps that are adjustable .. I always used them when we traveled because I wear them cross body. The best way to wear your bag when you travel, you need both hands and you need to watch out for your bag .
My husband gave me a wonderful “Leaving Argentina” present .. a medium sized black quilted bag with a gold and leather chain strap .. you might know the look .. it is a little more expensive than Coach :) and that one has a strap that can be made longer or worn double / shorter. Also perfect for traveling.
I have a closet just for my handbags … yes, I belong to Handbags Anonymous … but it doesn’t help :)


Just in time….your post about hand bags and packing. As I leave for Paris and Belgium next week I really considered what to pack and my personal problem is always the hand bag. Prada or Hedgren urban bag in black nylon? The latter is so practical with 3 separate bags inside with a zip and hold
a lot of travel stuff including camera, which must always be on hand. Really, this time I forget the stylish look and take the Hedgren again which travelled
with me already around the world. Still pondering


Good luck with the decision making Rena… Find yourself a crossbody and take the Urban bag that is practical… that way you can have something for evening or quick visits and then the larger practical bag for teh long days… Have a wonderful trip… :)


Coach has a really nice cross body for travel. I bought one last year for our trip to Bulgaria. It’s black and the strap is wider. It is slim and chic but has pockets on the front under the flap plus lots of room inside you can dress it up or down! Perfect!
I have trouble changing it to other bags when I get home it’s so comfortable and beautiful.

Hope this helps,

Angela Muller

Hi Vicki,

You are so right about the suitcase and the crossbody bag. Every time I pack clothing that has been “untested”, it remains in the bag, and I’m thinking about what’s at home that I should have taken. As for the bag, a small crossbody is the way to go, if only to prevent your traveling companions from handing you things to put in your bag because theirs is too small. I have two favorite crossbody bags from Isaac Mizrahi that I take everywhere: a red leather quilted bag ( a la Chanel) and a leather leopard one…..indispensable! Have a wonderful time in Paris. Angela


Good morning Vicki. I love my cross body bags. I’ve been a convert for the past couple of years and now resort to a tote for everything but the kitchen sink and my cross body for absolute essentials. I can leave the tote in the car or even at home if it’s a quick pick up, or take it for smaller shopping excursions! As we have a young son, I need a little more space for his essentials too, hence the tote. I love my Tampico bags, purchased here in Australia but made in France. I have the washed linen version but they also make leather bags. My cross body is just so simple, the bag is framed in leather with a leather strap, and zip closure. It looks small but holds so much, even my iPad mini!! Definitely worth a look. The quality and price, I’m sure would appeal to many. The look is simple and elegant!
Happy hunting everyone! Always fun. Thanks again Vicki. Enjoy your trip. Di

Segreto Secrets

Yes, Vicki, the cross body is a necessity and my favorite style of bag!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Monique@The Urban Mum

I adore black crossbody bags – from designer to less expensive – handy for travel and at home – so freeing to not have something dragging you down on your shoulders and hands. I must also say a big thank you to you for mentioning Chloe Digital a while ago. Signing up with them has changed my life, really – all those blog tasks I was putting off have been very efficiently completed…THANK YOU x


Hi Vicki, I have not long discovered the blog world and I wanted to tell you that I have just finished reading My French Life. I loved it and your courage (and your husband and children of course) to go with your instincts and create a wonderful life on the other side of the world. I stayed in Boulbon in Provence for a week in 2013 with three school friends. It was wonderful, we had a car and went to Avignon, Arles, St Remy, Aix en Provence, Gordes and Rousillon. I can’t wait to come back again – I am enjoying learning French at Alliance. Thanks again. Lyn


In my working life I always carried one and sometimes two crossover bags at the same time. My husband gave me a gorgeous bag to use exclusively for travel. It holds my MacBook, maps, hotel info, with plenty of room for passports, make-up, reading materials, etc. My smaller crossover is something I can not function without. We traveled for 5 weeks in Ireland recently and I wore it every day and used it for evenings as well. I try to travel light and hopefully have mastered the art by being very selective. I sometimes have quite a time combining casual and dressy items for an extended trip but I have found travel is the same as everyday life – carefully chosen basics in neutral colors and add a splash of color with a great necklace or a scarf, and these accessories take very little room. Love this post from you Vicki. Have a great day!


My fave cross body bag is the Mulberry Alexa. Mostly the medium size for daily use (although the small might also be possible) – plus a tote which varies depending on how I plan to spend the day. It might be a Longchamp zip top or a Vanessa Bruno with the sequins for a bit of bling. When travelling long haul, eg Sydney-Paris, my cross body bag has to be bigger to accommodate all the extra essentials like medications etc that I don’t trust to suitcases. Sometimes take a large Oroton messenger bag I’ve had for years, sometimes a big Alexa (now discontinued). Best wishes, Pamela


I adore cross body bags too and have just found a beautiful black one from Farragamo bc I AM packing for an October trip to Paris, Provence and Nice. It’s been planned for over a year and I am so excited. Thank you for your wonderful blog….I so look forward to each one.


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