31 Aug 2015

Packing For Paris: Two Of Two Jackets

yves saint laurent le smoking campaign, 2012


Two jackets are in the travelling wardrobe.

On occasion three, but never more than that and always two.

The button up jacket is definitely in the suitcase and the second is usually a tuxedo style for evening. This jacket is my fall back position when I need to dress up and can’t decide what to wear.


I think we have all experienced that don’t-know-what-to wear feeling and know how much time can be wasted deliberating; it is important to have a never fail look that removes the indecision. Knowing what to wear, when the emotions misbehave and send you scampering off in futile directions, is a bonus. The tuxedo jacket can kick in when even the little black dress won’t put a smile on the face.

yves saint laurent le smoking campaign, 2012


A tuxedo or smoking jacket works with most pant styles and gives that elegant lift when something dressier is needed.

The tuxedo has helped me out of so many difficult dress “moments” when travelling and it doesn’t require an extra wardrobe to make it work. Copying from the boys, I have worn the tux to black tie events with tailored pants and it has served me well at the most formal restaurants. The tuxedo never goes out of date and if we want to talk ‘cost per wear’, the tuxedo jacket probably is the winner hands down.

There is something very feminine about a woman wearing a tuxedo jacket.

That mix of masculine and feminine triumphs with the tux and is one of the easiest outfits to look fabulous in. Add in a good hair day, happy feet in lace up heels and a striking lipstick and we are set.

This sleek little tuxedo from After Six and the stunning longer line smoking jacket from Diane Von Furstenberg are really fabulous finds.

Did I say two jackets? xv

When In Doubt Wear A Tuxedo

michael kors tuxedo jacket   //  diane von furstenberg jennie jacket

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It’s my go to “can’t figure out what to wear” jacket. I’ve even paired it with jeans (gasp!) for a formal event for a 20 something designer party. And the red lips? Nothing better to cheer up the day, Chanel has the most beautiful colors. I am waiting for them to come out with more reds in their ultra wear lip color. I put it on in the morning, and it takes me through the whole day. Love it.


Vicki, I always take a tuxedo jacket on cruises which call for formal nights – never take evening gowns as one suitcase requires more important items filling the space! I alternate with a slim black trouser or a just below the knee length black lace skirt. Have never been turned away from the dining room on those evenings. . . . . . yet, LOL!
My one disappointment is the cost of a good woman’s tuxedo jacket – why oh why do they cost so much more than a man’s tux?
Great photos in this post.
Mary –
P.S. Thankfully my upcoming France trip requires no formal dressing – but of course I’ll still take a casual jacket – love jackets any time.

Donna clark

Hi Vicki,
Just this morning found a gorgeous, long fingertip length dark navy blazer at H & M for $50!!! Can’t see spending $500 and up when I dress so casually. Looks great with jeans or trousers!


not sure if suits everybody…definitely not me and I’m sorry about because it
is a timeless style.


One of my old friends had a YSL smoking back in the day. She used to wear it with a white shirt and a fresh red rose in the lapel and huge statement ear rings. Looked fabulous. Best wishes, Pamela


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