7 Jun 2016

Packing For Paris: The Stacked Heel

Packing for Paris, The Stacked Heel, imagery Inez and Vinoodh on vickiarcher.com

Packing for Paris?

Always; whether real or imaginary.

There is a trip planned at the end of June and already I am thinking about what to pack. It is a quick trip so the luggage will be limited but as I have a mix of plans I need to cover all bases. I am hopeful the weather will return to normal, the floods subside and even a ray of sunshine or two cover this beautiful city,

I am going to try and cut my 3 shoe rule and opt for two; ambitious but that’s the plan. Did you try travelling with the 3 shoe rule? It is a tough one to impose but there is a freedom on the other side.

This time I am going flat with sneakers and smarter with a pair of stacked heels.

Sneakers because I can run around all day and not be footsore; stacked heels because they are super comfortable and won’t disappear into the depths of the cobblestones. Scuffing the stilettos when walking around the narrow streets in Europe is a thin heel hazard.

Stacked heels are back; that makes me happy.

I don’t want to give up heels but the days of wearing very high, thin stilettos are becoming less appealing when I can wear a pretty stacked heel and feel equally feminine and fashionable. Wearing stilettos, as much as I adore them, are a “pick up and drop off” situation only.



Planning a wardrobe for any trip is a dilemma.

The warmer weather makes for an easier pack but it is the shoes that make or break the bag. Too many and they stay put for the duration of the trip; the wrong pairs and the days are spend in discomfort or trying on new ones. Shoes need to be both practical and good looking.

I am often asked if Paris is a place for sneakers; yes, the sneaker trend of the last few years is happening. So far nothing has replaced the French love of ballet flats and biker boots but sneakers are definitely working their way in as a staple.

But heels,

Heels are the quickest way to dress up and look a little more put together (plus a good strong lip colour). Heels don’t have to be a towering 10cm to work their magic; a stacked lower heel in the right proportions can change the way any outfit looks. The thicker heel supports the foot, in the same way a wedge and a platform do; the extra height causes no pain.

A stacked heel is more flattering and dressy than a flat sandal, yet they can work in smart and casual situations.

“I have always believed that a beautiful shoe is useless unless it feels as wonderful as it looks.”

stuart weitzman

Stacked heels equal all gain and no pain.

The best stack I know, the one that works in summer with my jeans, my skirts, dresses and tailored pants is the Stuart Weitzman NEARLYNUDE. A shoe is never perfect but this one comes close. I have several colours, simply because they are the easiest shoe to wear and the style I favour in the summer. My dilemma is which colour to pack? Go practical with black or be bold with rouge?

and if you want a personalised pair for a special celebration, why not?

As long as my toes match I’m in heaven ;)

Packing For Paris: The Best Stacks


thank you Stuart Weitzman for “Packing for Paris: The Stacked Heel”

images ines & vinoodh for l’invitation au voyage

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Taste of France

Chanel had some slingback spectators last year that were perfect. Low stacked heels.
Vuitton and Alexander Wang also have had some chunky heels.
I have wanted some clear sandals like the ones on Norma Kamali’s models, I think it was last year. Speaking of Norma Kamali, how great does she look for somebody who is 70! She credits yoga and water.

Mimi Gregor

I find that the brand makes a difference to me. I usually don’t like high heels because they are uncomfortable and difficult to walk in and look graceful simultaneously. The exception is Ferragamo. I don’t know what it is that they do with their design, but it seems to be the only high heel I can comfortably wear. (I think that it might have something to do with where they position the heel or something.) If you find a brand that works for your foot, keep buying that brand. Contrary to that old bromide “one must suffer for beauty”… no. No, you don’t.


That’s why I have gone down the multiple colours in the same NEARLYNUDE style… when it works and is comfortable… I am very happy.. :)


I have the black (it has become a wardrobe essential) and have my eye on the red. A shoe match made in heaven!

Anita Rivera

Your photo selection alone today is enough to lift me up to where I prefer to be: in the clouds dreaming, creating, making my visions come TRUE! Oh, enjoy the day, Vicki!


WHAT Building is that in PARIS that opens this POST?I have NEVER seen it and I LOVE IT!
NO heels for me EVER!5’11”………..is tall enough have noticed the upper back is rounding now!Need a ruler to hold between my shoulders blades!!!

Linda B

I know these photos well. I studied them when this campaign first came out, because the lovely model was my student many years ago. I get quite a kick out of seeing her in her professional life nowadays, because I miss her. She always was and continues to be such a very dear, sweet person.

I do wish I could afford those beautiful sandals. I don’t know what color I would choose! For me, they are out of reach on a teacher’s salary. (I may not get paid much in $$$ but I have a wealth of love and memories instead!)


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