Forever Fairisle:  Knit One Purl One
8 December 2020 | VA Notes Fashion

Forever Fairisle: Knit One Purl One


The detail, the delicate pattern and their individuality make them very pretty sweaters to wear in the holidays.

As we are living in the casual and comfortable I figure these make a welcome change for our classic cashmere.

Not that we don’t love our turtlenecks, V and crew necks but with the year we have had, it doesn’t hurt to add a little festivity to our wardrobes.

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Be Brave: The Top 5 Reds
5 December 2020 | VA Notes Beauty

Be Brave: The Top 5 Reds

What a wonderful portrait of a very beautiful woman.

Isabella Rossellini has one of those unforgettable faces and age has only enhanced her beauty. If Better, Not Younger had a pin-up girl, it could be her.

Everything works for me in this image – the shirt with cufflinks, the earrings and the simple red lip with little eye makeup and a strong brow.

The old beauty rule of strong lips and light eyes is absolutely perfect.

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