9 Nov 2016

“Pain In The Brain”: 5 Ways To Relieve Migraines

Pain In The Brain: 5 Ways To relieve Migraine on vickiarcher.com

Do you suffer from, “pain in the brain”?

I do sometimes, not as much as serious migraine sufferers; even still I wanted to know the natural ways to relieve the problems of headaches.

Headaches for me are all to do with either stress or dehydration; the second being much easier to deal with than the first. If I allow a headache to take hold then I can be in a pretty bad place; I am much smarter if I deal with, “the pain in my brain” earlier rather than later. 

I asked Lily if there were some natural remedies she could recommend to help deal with the problems of migraine, both preventative and to help when they strike. From what I see from family and friends who suffer, migraine is a, “pain in the head” best to be avoided.

There is one remedy I know many friends follow, Chinese chrysanthemum tea. Have you tried it? All I know is it requires huge amounts to make a difference, but it can change life around. Perhaps it has the same benefits of the herb, Feverfew, a relative of the daisy family.

Any other remedies we should be aware of? xv


5 Ways To Relieve Migraine


Up your intake of B vitamins


Vitamin B2, B12 and folic acid have been shown to offer migraine relief and reduce frequency and severity.


Foods rich in B vitamins include: meat, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, avocado, nuts, seed and nutritional yeast.



Ice packs and peppermint oil


Ice packs for the forehead and temples are one of the easiest and most popular ways to alleviate migraine pain.


For even better results you can first massage 1 drop of soothing peppermint oil to each of your temples. Peppermint can help to dilate blood vessels within the brain, making it an invaluable essential oil for treating headaches.



Cayenne pepper tea


When a migraine strikes, cayenne pepper can be used as an amazing natural pain reliever. Capsaicin is the active ingredient and works by desensitising nerve endings so the signalling of pain to the brain stops.


Try mixing 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper with lemon juice in a cup of warm water and drink.





Feverfew is a traditional medicinal herb use to reduce occurrence, duration and intensity of migraines.


It’s possible to buy the pretty Fewerfew plant or even grow your own at home. Try adding one large leaf or three small leaves per day to salads or sandwiches for migraine relief.





Studies have shown that those who are deficient in magnesium will suffer from a greater frequency of migraines. By supplementing or increasing your magnesium intake, it’s possible to reduce the occurrence by up to 41.6%.


Magnesium rich foods consist of: dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocado and dark chocolate.

pain in the brain: 5 ways to relieve migraine, lily soutter

Lily Soutter is a Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapist

Learn more about Lily @lilysoutternutrition.com


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Lisa M

In the US and watched until the end. Started the night drinking champagne, but only managed two flutes before nerves set in and I couldn’t eat/drink anything except water. Amazing how the body can kick in and save you from yourself. PS Love your blog.


Thank you, Vicki. But you cannot imagine the sadness and disbelief many, many of us are feeling this morning in the US. I awoke many times during the night, wishing we could have a do-over, thinking this result WAS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE. My adult sons are discouraged and angry, my husband and I hope our country can withstand the test we’ve all been faced with. It will take much courage, hard work and determination to stand up to what that man and his cronies plan to do. But this ‘ol gal, this Mother Bear, will fight to get her country back and to protect the vulnerable among us.


The only thing that will cure this is lots of vodka. Ashamed and embarrassed to be an American today.


Our ‘pain in the brain’ is going to last 4 years and the judges a lifetime. I will need all the remedies and more to get me through these trying times! Thank you for the post, Vicki.


Study used Riboflavin 400mg daily as a migraine preventative. It generally takes 3 months to see a difference in headaches per month and duration. Magnesium Citrate 300 mg daily is also good for pain management in migraine and other chronic pain conditions. It can cause diarrhea in some people, so magnesium malate or glycinate are also good.
Food triggers are key in many people. Common among these are: Alcohol, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, nitrites, nitrates, aspartame, Stevia, chocolate, MSG, yeast, aged cheeses, & fermented foods.
Getting proper sleep, not skipping meals, staying hydrated, stress management, all helpful in managing migraine.
Unfortunately, still trying to relax with last night’s results.

Terrel Drendel

As a mother and grandmother of a 6 year old little girl, I am so distressed about what happened last night here in our country. As someone said, we try to teach our children to be kind, to not bully other people, and be respectful of others and to embrace diversity. We have just elected as our president the biggest bully of all time. My question today, “How do we explain this to our children?”. We are, as a country, in uncharted waters and I hope we all don’t drown. Vicki, I usually do t get headaches, but I have one now.


I know this post is about headaches, but as we see above, last night’s news has caused many. In Australia, many of us are shocked, saddened and even frightened at what the future might hold for our dear American friends – and the world. Stay strong. As for headaches, I used to get them all the time and found a wet facecloth heated in the microwave did wonders. (I must say though, I haven’t had a headache though since the divorce 13 years ago!) Mary-Jill xo


I do not suffer from migraines, but it is timely that you publish this today. Perhaps the next four years will be a migraine. Now we know some soothing short-term remedies. I am in shock and grieving over what transpired last night in America.
I want to resonate what Terrel says….
We are expecting a granddaughter in the next few weeks. I wonder what her world will be like?
Will she be born into a world of love, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion and be encouraged that she can do anything?
Or will she face hate, resentment, bigotry, isolation and be stifled in her dreams?
Coming of age as a young woman in the 70’s, I was told by my parents, teachers and society, that I could accomplish anything.
I would like my granddaughter to have the same love, opportunities and advantages. I wish for the best but hope I am not holding out false optimism.

Judy Domingues

I am a proud American today. America stood up and told liberalism and socialism to go to hell. I was just in Switzerland and France for a month. All the years I have been traveling to Europe it was ashame to see what has happened to France and how dangerous it has become. Put it this way, no body wants to go to Europe anymore. We were ready to stop the Democrats from destroying our country and its people. (Hillary for jail!!). So, I have no headache, it was a great day of celebration. Thank God I live in Texas🍾🍾

Mimi Gregor

I’ve been too depressed today to do much of anything. Too depressed to even drink… which is normally how I deal with devastating news. I feel that we are doomed. We have given the nuclear codes to an insane person. I am embarrassed by the stupidity of a populace that is too short-sighted to see that this is the ultimate bad idea.

At this juncture, a headache might be a welcome respite from this all-encompassing sense of despair, depression, and anger. And, yes, the ever-popular sense of doom.


Interesting to read possible treatments. Have tried feverfew – it’s in our garden – but didn’t help.
One of the most important things is to work out the migraine triggers – everyone is different. For some, red wine or cheese. Not me. However, sitting too close to a movie screen does. Also high levels of stress and going really short of sleep. My migraines begin with an “aura” of dazzling lights so that I can’t see properly – before the headache starts. Then there’s nausea, clammy skin, freezing feet and the shakes. I can’t even stand up alone. Worst migraine ever, at work late on a Fri pm. Couldn’t get my husband to drive me home as he was in a meeting so I left a message. Had to lie on floor by my desk (before mobiles) so I could answer phone when he called. Eventually he got me home and telephoned a doctor who saw what a bad state I was in. He gave me an injection, having said this would knock me out and when I woke next day it wld all be a bad memory. I can’t describe the relief as my hands stopped shaking and warmth and ease passed through my body. Fortunately I’ve never had another like this – careful now to avoid extreme tiredness and stress which caused this.
Sympathies go to our American friends in wake of election results. Had been studying social media, analysing comments and demographics for months and predicted this. But take no pleasure in being correct – also on Brexit similarly.
Could see many working class Americans, poorly educated, who could barely express themselves on FB and in comments elsewhere but who were in extremity in their discontent with globalisation, unemployment, debt, low income levels, who loathed the establishment and blamed them for all their ills. Trump seemed like a welcome change to them – he promised wonders and making America great again. In most cases the vote for Trump was emotional rather than rational. Blind faith and naivete. He promised so much and they felt no scepticism about his power to deliver. Or to have worked out that he promised one thing one day and the opposite another. Further down the track the more intelligent are going to be v disappointed in their chosen leader.
Climate change denier, unguided missile, male chauvinist, supreme egotist, blatherer who knows nothing about govt, international affairs or defence, who boasts about using “other people’s money” to do things – often these were tradesmen and businesses he employed to build hotels or golf courses and then avoided paying them for their work and products. All these things worry the rest of the world, but not the voters who elected him.
One of the jokes going the rounds in social media now is “Americans may deserve Trump but the rest of the world doesn’t”. Best wishes, Pamela


Ooops, left out his disrespect for non-whites as well as women and people with disabilities. Dare I say it, he appears to fit the racist profile.
We were in France in mid year, most of the time in Paris (about five weeks) and before that Antibes and Nice and Yes the French are really suffering as a result of the terrorist attacks. But they are amazingly brave and still go about their daily lives doing the things they normally do, otherwise the terrorists win. And it was true, many Americans had deserted France and other parts of Europe this year. But not Everyone had. The Aussies were there as usual. We’re a tough lot and believe in supporting our friends. We were thanked so often in the places we normally visit each year – for our loyalty and for having the courage to return. Lots of Brits were there and Irish and other Europeans. But they really do miss the Americans. Sad that so many regular visitors have stayed away – it was having a dreadful effect on businesses that depend on tourism. The little hotel we always stay at in Nice told us that after the Paris attacks late last year ALL their bookings were cancelled. They struggled to get through the winter. Things were just beginning to pick up again. And then the attack in Nice this year. So sad for them – and for all.
Best wishes, Pamela


I always resort to pharmaceuticals I must admit after suffering from migraines since a very small child. As I’ve aged menopause has actually brought a significant reduction in migraine and headache. Finally a positive!! The advice might be enough to keep them at bay. Thank you. Oh and I still want to go to Europe so thank you for the previous post on exhibitions. Paris in December here I come. The US might have to wait… about 4 years.

to wait….About 4 years.

Mimi Gregor

You know, I used to get migraines with the accompanying blinding, sick headache that would send me to a dark room for hours on end. Then came menopause. I still get the ocular migraine (the “light show”, as I call it), but no headache or nausea at all. AND my skin cleared up. Finally. Yay menopause!

Anita Rivera

Good morning dear friend.

I as well am not qualified to discuss politics, but I can say that yesterday many of us literally had headaches. From students who were literally crying, to those who had stayed up too late (myself included) to those other teachers who debated and wondered and rallied, we all needed a painkiller in some way. Thank you for your thoughts from around the world everyone. We need a solution.


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