16 Feb 2019

Parade The Poncho

Ponchos are my go-to.

The truth is, whether it’s strange or not, I absolutely love them. Love them.

Like a comfort mac n’ cheese or a rom-com, they make me feel good.

Ponchos are super comfortable, cosy and sometimes they even answer the what-to-wear conundrum when nothing else comes to the rescue. Not to mention, it is the best travel companion of all. No plane trip of mine goes without a poncho in the hand luggage and especially if the flight is long. They are the best at making what is generally a not so comfortable experience a whole lot better. It’s the whole wrapping up and the 360 degrees envelopment that changes the game. A cashmere shawl is great but if you fidget, like me, it unravels. Or gets stuck.

A trifecta is ideal.

There is the “travel” poncho, not too long and not too detailed that packs well and relaxes well.

The one that is slightly longer, with more elegance and flair. This one still works for travel but also fabulous for evening adventures.

Pure fun with a dose of practicality and the one I’m wearing all weekend.

And the best part, for a change, no sizing to worry about. xv

All Weekend: Parade The Poncho

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Taste of France

If you have an elderly mother or other relative, a cape is a perfect gift. Or capes. I saw a short one in a hospital gift shop and thought, yes! Just a little something to go around the shoulders, that stays on better than a pashmina.
I have had a cape for years–black blanket material, with a black velvet collar and velvet-covered buttons. I took it on a trip home and ended up giving it to my mother, who wanted a new winter coat but who really struggled to get in and out of them. Plus she used a wheelchair for long distances and coats would bunch up. The cape was just the thing. Easy to get on and off and worked great with the wheelchair.


I am only 160cm in height…always concerned that wearing one could make me look top heavy?? I do love the look, the practical side of the design and would love the comfort of a cashmere one!….


Try the shorter style with a thinner pant… sometimes a longer line tee underneath can give the appearance of lengthening, too. That’s one little trick I use often… layering lengths to create the impression of being taller than I am :)


I can see some of the advantages of a poncho but at 164 Cm and not always wearing skinny pants I’m not sure they’re for me. A bit like kaftans really.


All in the “how to”.. I am not tall either and wear many caftans and ponchos but never with a wide leg.. I agree, they look better with a narrower pant:)


I purchased a lightweight poncho last summer before I came to St Remy for my six weeks holiday. I loved it, although last year was extremely hot I did use when I arrived back in the UK. It just gives enough cover to take the chill off in the evening and isn’t bulky like a jacket or cardigan can be. Mine is a rich turquoise blue with small pom poms around the edge. What I did love about it was when I flew home as it folded up in my handbag and was easy to wrap around me on the plane once the air con blasted me cold!!
Good choice Vicki.


Try The Tolaga Bay Cashmere Company-they do a winderful poncho, a fringed option or without.
Poncho perfection!


I haven’t worn one in years but now you’re making me want to go out and get another one! Yes! They are super comfortable and look good at the same time!


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