13 Feb 2016

Paris Is Always A Good Idea, Audrey Hepburn Was Right

Paris Is Always A Good, Audrey Hepburn said it right, Idea, vickiarcher.com

Audrey Hepburn was absolutely right; Paris is always a good idea.

Even the briefest visit can recharge the batteries and kick starts the creative.

24 hours this week felt like two weeks any other week. It helped that the days were fine and even bright blue in patches. Winter sunshine is probably the happiest of all bright days.

Paris felt different this visit and I am not entirely sure why.

The Parisian pace felt slower and the people in a more “gentle” state of mind. I have always loved the Parisians and been fortunate their reputation for brusqueness and unfriendliness has not come my way. These last days I was surprised at their open helpfulness and kindness. Overt friendliness is not something I associate with the Parisian; understated and reserved with the occasional half smile is how I think of them.

Perhaps the recent tragedies have changed them; of course they have.

I am making a grand generalisation here and finding it difficult to express but there was a difference in the air. I lunched with my gorgeous friend Carla and she expressed the same sentiments. Her instincts were saying the same; Paris feels different.

Paris Is Always A Good, Audrey Hepburn said it right, Idea, vickiarcher.com

Paris looked so very beautiful.

I promise there were no rose coloured glasses. In the early afternoon bathed in sunshine, Paris had me enthralled. I question how I can still feel enamoured with this place when the novelty should have well and truly worn off. No, it hasn’t and I doubt it will. It is not possible to digest that much beauty in a lifetime.

Crossing the breadth of Paris on my way to the train station and taking in the blockbuster sights was the perfect finale to my brief visit. The landmarks and monuments were standing proud, brazen as anything and secure in their glorious architectural beauty.

It was one of those extraordinary days.

Paris Is Always A Good, Audrey Hepburn said it right, Idea, vickiarcher.com

Time in Paris is not a true visit without walking miles, taking snaps and generally observing.

I enjoy people watching and in particular the style and fashion of the women.

I sense perhaps there is a general loss of interest in the Parisian woman and how she looks. Is it because there has been so much written about her? Many generalisations have been made and oftentimes other fabulous women in this world of ours have been neglected.

I observed the clichés continue to be true.

Many Parisian women look wonderful and appear to follow the “essential” wardrobe rules. The ‘classic with a twist’ French style is very much alive on the Parisian pavements. By ‘twist’ I mean the accessory that brings the outfit together and provides the unique flair that sets style apart. Parisian women do understand the value of that.

And yes, leather jackets, faux fur and sneakers were out in force.

I notice the leather jackets worn layered up; with longer line shirts and sweaters underneath and accessorised with thick scarves for warmth. Older and younger women sported them over jeans or with tailored trousers.

I had forgotten what a Parisian look the leather jacket is. Note to self: start wearing mine. xv

In Paris: The Leather Jacket Is Always A Good Idea

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Anita Rivera

I found Parisians to be quite POLITE! YES! I don’t know where that reputation came from, but before I embarked on my French exploration years ago, I told myself I was not going to listen to hearsay from people who’d never even been there. The results were lovely. I saw for myself that people are the same everywhere. There are good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant everywhere, but like you, I was fortunate to meet such helpful and gentle souls. AND, Paris is always a good idea, no matter what the season! Wow, those flowers are so PARIS.


Like al things.. there is a mix everywhere…
Flowers in Paris… I don’t know what it is but they are particularly beautiful… even the florists seem to find the best blooms.. :)


Yes.. and I get so used to it being grey and rainy that when the sun shines so bright it is such a welcome surprise.. :)


Pictures of Paris are gorgeous! You know – I forget to wear my black leather jacket – have on my black turtleneck, and I think I will put that leather jacket on right now! Going out for coffee at our favorite spot in a few minutes – it will be perfect!


I forgot about mine too Cindy… It’s coming out this weekend.. with something cosy underneath.. :)


Ah, Vicki, the leather jacket…what is it about the leather jacket that once draped over the body just makes one look and feel so cool and hip and sexy. I must remember to wear mine more often. It really is a power coat, isn’t it?! As for Paris, I long to visit there especially so because I was born there – really appreciate the lovely photos and your description of it all.


We were fortunate to travel from Canada to Paris last May and found the people there to be hospitable, warm and friendly. It was our first time there so worried that my expectations of the city may be too high but was absolutely awe struck by her beauty and electricity! Paris is always a good idea and I can’t wait to go back!


Oh Vicki, how could you forget about the leather jacket? You who have written so many compelling thought about them in the past! There is one particular instance where you posted a photo of your closet ( it may be a couple of years ago ), and there, hanging before my eyes was the softest looking, unadorned black leather jacket. I have searched for a similar one ever since, but never found one quite like it! If it is still in your wardrobe, do not neglect it. Take it it and wear it ASAP. Bisous.


Hello Vivki
It’s been 1 yr to the day, I was heading for Paris I was visiting my daughter in London with my older daughter. When in Paris it’s a constant awe struck look on ones face, standing still every couple of streets. The photos you posted of the trees were in fat bud when we left all of them ready to burst at any moment, my Danush friend took her daughter over to Paris a couple of weeks later, all in bloom by then, we walked from early morning to dusk, with espresso in between… Who was to know the attacks in Paris would happen later in the yr ? And the incredible joining in spirit of all in Paris- indeed the world… I feel this is the change you see/ feel Vicki.
????⛲️???????????????????? Kim. ????????????????⛪️????????

The Enchanted Home

Incredible pictures and I get how the fascination and “honeymoon stage” of our love affair with Paris stays new and constant…feel the same way and reading your post reminds me a trip is long overdue there. I cannot imagine the city and it’s people have not changed in some way, how could they not given what has happened but to me it will still always be the most magical, elegant and iconic city on the planter. Thank you for sharing….

Kim ????

Oh dear … Vicki !!!!
Vivki ➡️➡️ Makes you sound Russian or some such..
So sorry dear. I tried to spell your name this way and spell check reverted to Vicki !!
Strange things happen, I’ll double check next time…
Kim. ????

Lisa DeNunzio

Paris. Timeless.
Audrey Hepburn. Timeless.

I feel no sense of age when I read your thoughts and view your pictures from this incredible city.


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