29 Nov 2012

Paris: The Blue Hour


Somedays Paris looks blue… it’s the evening light.

 As the day draws to a close… the light waves her magic wand and tints the skyline.



Overlooking the Place de la Concorde I watched this light show.

 I looked on as the Parisians went about their routines… Looking down, it appeared to me to be like a merry-go-round… in and out… on and off… the cars raced around the Place de la Concorde and the bikes jostled in and out.. and all the while, the pedestrians crissed and crossed.

 La Grande Roue, the great Ferris Wheel that sits at the axis of the Place de la Concorde and the Champs Élysées turned constantly, flashing her lights and showing off the finest of views…miles and miles of visual beauty for the price of a ticket… and a chilly ride.


The golden dome of Les Invalides dominates the skyline with La Grande Roue… I wonder what Napoleon Bonaparte would think about sharing top billing with a joy ride.



 To the left of Les Invalides.

I saw the Musée d’ Orsay… the very grand railway station built in 1900.

I imagined the tick-tock of the clock and was reminded that the evening was settling in fast and furiously.

I thought of the brilliant movie Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese and the clever manipulations that brought the Musée d’ Orsay into an animated world.



And back down on the street…

My favourite perfume store, Annick Goutal had gone blue for Christmas.

I love being sprayed with my scent in that way that Parisian women do… never straight on the skin but as a mist that generously coats the body.

I left feeling pampered and spoilt… fragrance is the way to my heart…


A ‘blue’ moment in Paris… it lasted all too briefly…  xv

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Gorgeous blue nostalgia in the present Vicki..and I would happily wrap myself up for a chilly ride in the grande wheel.
love from a H`O`T and humid Afrique du Sud x Colette


Vicki beautiful images…I loved Hugo as well! It is such a magical time of year no matter what the color!

2012 Artists Feature

Carolyn Bradford

Beautiful post and gorgeous images of Paris! Loved the blue perfume bottles and the railway station pictures in particular! As well as the ferris wheel! Also enjoyed your gift giving ideas on Tina’s blog! Such a fun post and great ideas from everyone! Hope you are doing well!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann

Nothing cheers me up like a blue day in Paris. I’m afraid of heights, so will probably never make it up on the La Grande Roue, so I love seeing your wheels-eye view of the city! Beautiful, Vicki!

Hampton Hostess

Hi Vicki-
Just found you over at Tina’s and had to stop by–I love your blog as Paris is one of my favorite cities (isn’t it everyone’s) Looking forward to following you-best, barbara

Heather in Arles

All of this is so beautiful and would make even the hardest cynic want to jump on a plane to stroll Paris in the gloaming–my favorite time in that romantic city. The photograph of the Musée d’Orsay is my favorite though…what a stunning mood.

The Enchanted Home

Wow Paris looks so beautiful in any color but these images are exceptionally fabulous.

Thanks Vicki, for being my guest today and for your wonderful contributions and fabulous ideas!


Oh V, I’ll just bet you were on rue de RIvoli peering out at Paris from above to get those g reat shots. I gathered my courage last trip and my friend Peter took me up on the Grand Roue for a look. I think I might just have to go again this year!

Paris dressed in bleu, what could be lovlier. Your photos took my breath.



Vicki, this is a gorgeous post. When I was visiting Paris in September, I commented many times about the color of the sky was bluer than here in the US. Seeing all the beautiful images confirmed my findings. So lovely. I ordered the book as a gift for my husband as a remembrance of our wonderful Paris trip, it makes a perfect Christmas gift.

lisa thomson

What a beautiful interpretation of Paris. One of those photos actually looked like it had a tinted blue lens! Makes me want to go for a turn on the ferris wheel. I just watched Amelie the other night for the upteenth time. I always notice something different in the scenery each time I watch it. Thanks, Vicki :)


Vicki – you read my mind. Thanks for the beautiful pics of Paris. They are so timely as I’m in the middle of planning a trip to the Maison&Objet show in January…I’m even more excited now. Paris is a cameleon – no matter what color I always love it. Best, Emily


Tu as raison aujourd’hui Paris était gris bleu…
J’ai fait la même photo que toi chez Annik Goutal…



Anita Rivera

Good evening Vicki!

What is it about her? I always ask that question every May when I host my Simply Irresistible Paris party! The colors are apparent that tint the atmosphere and your photos show another side. I always think of and remember Paris as PINK, but the blue is just as dramatic.

Thank you for this lovely lift to paradise! Anita

Janelle McCulloch

Guerlain has a beautiful old perfume called L’Heure Bleue, or ‘The Blue Hour’ named after the beauty of the twilight skies over the city. I bought some from Le Bon Marche last month. I hadn’t smelled it since I was young and it brought back so many wonderful memories of Paris 20 years ago.

Did you see that Pantone has made 2013 the year of ‘Monaco Blue’? It’s a little like Parisian blue. I almost wished they’d called it Twilight Blue.


Pauline from Phillip Island

What a beautiful post, Vicki. It makes me long to be in Paris again. How could I have been there for two weeks and not seen the ferris wheell? I can’t believe it. I’ll simply have to go back again somehow. Your photos are magical and so are your words. Thank you for taking me back to Paris, even if just for a few minutes.
Pauline x


Perhaps it wasn’t there at that time Pauline… It is not always there… But it has been for the holidays for the last few years…

Trish Murphy

I just love the blue look of Paris that you have captured so beautifully. I can not wait to see Paris in April.I wonder if we will se the same blue vista.xTrish


The evening light will turn blue… just watch and wait Trish… you will see… It is that moment before the street lights turn on… :)

miss b

Gorgeous blue Paris (how I miss Paris every time I see your lovely photos!)and the perfume bottle display is such a simple idea but so very effective. Bon week-end!

Peggy Anatolpe

This was wonderful on “Paris Blues”…was wondering about the blog from “Tina” that others commented upon?


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