7 Nov 2013

Parisian Chic

I have a new admiration for street photographers… They are brilliant, talented and very fast on their feet. I tried to capture Paris and her fashionable women… they were there, on the streets, right in front of me… and many were so gorgeous… and super stylish…  but it’s tricky.

Photographing street fashion… without being intrusive, was a tough call… So many random factors seemed to hamper my way… I didn’t want to stop them and ask for a pose… it’s not the same… I wanted to try and shoot them as they were… infuse the photos with whatever had caught my eye in the first place.

Like this woman in Le Marais… She looked entirely striking… I wish you could have seen her… Her attention to detail and the way she walked and wore her fashion exuded confidence. Her wild blonde mane and leopard shoe boots added a touch of sexy to the otherwise tailored look.


Paris Street Fashion - Vicki Archer


the oversized coat, man’s style worn loose or cinched is a big statement this season…


Paris Street Fashion - Vicki Archer


her ankle boots were lace ups… and tote bags are definitely it… rounded, winged shaped or elongated…


Paris Street Fashion - Vicki Archer


french women know all about accessories and their importance… the belt, the watch, the texture of the tights.


We can’t all wear a look like this… our lives don’t call for it or our shapes don’t flatter it… I certainly can’t… but there are elements that can work for each of us.

I will wear an oversized coat this season… I’m yet to decide about the belt… I will try a wide version after seeing the idea worn so well… The lace up shoe boots will be added to my wardrobe… and I am going to wear dresses more often… This woman made me think feminine… made me want to dress up more.

Putting together an outfit is one thing… wearing it is another… Time + Confidence = Fabulous … xv

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Peter Hammond

Fashion is the accessory to style
Style is the essence
People in the know, they know!

Anita Rivera

LOVE LOVE LOVE every image you have captured here Vicki. Yes, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about the French women and the way they carry themselves. I work with one such femme and her style is fabulous. She is a bit more masculine in her style, but the FRENCH just oozes through and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

ENJOY! Anita


Street style is so tricky. In Chicago, I just parked myself at sidewalk cafes. That worked the best. I look forward to seeing more! You are doing a wonderful job of sharing Paris with us.


I am currently searching for a new coat and hope to find the right mixture of over-sized for me. You are so right Vicki – this style is specific to the woman.
I bought a pair of shoe-boots {or as we call them ‘booties’}. The stacked heel makes them very comfortable for walking all day, they have lots of support.

Robyn Mastandrea

Loving the over-sized coat and booties…and wondering if I can pull off the wild hair;)

Becky S.

I am so inspired by your site and eagerly await each post. Thanks for taking me to Paris vicariously through your lovely posts!

Sheila A.

Enjoying your frequent posts. This lady looks fab in the over-sized coat. Great look. I would love one of the Paris post cards.
Thanks for thinking of us in your travels.

Sheila in SF


LOVE these types of post, thank you for always sharing your observations with us. However I can in no way justify the expense of the items you posted on the sites. I did go to the sites, but unfortunately could not handle the price, the style….divine.
Would you ever consider on doing post on high and low, so we ladies that are retired can get the look for less?


I just love the Parisian way of wearing clothes! When I was in Paris I thought it was very tricky too. Your photos of the Parisian lady are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Heather in Arles

I want to be here when I grow up! Oh wait. I am grown up. So I want to be me. But maybe with more of her nonchalant elegance? I love everything about her look…and think that you are far braver than I for shooting street style. All that you do for us…!


YES! the oversized coat with belt…LOVE this look and I too am seeing it around Paris. All last winter I walked around in my puffy north face. Yes, it kept me warm but, hardly fashionable. I agree Vicki..I also want to dress up more.
You did a fabulous job of capturing her! xo pam

Susan Yancey

I would love to have a French Postcard…love the place, people and Food! Your website and blog are so entertaining. We were in Paris and parts of France a few years ago and would love to return..my HS French has drawn me to their lifestyle and romantic ways….love reminders of it through You!


I believe that pulling off great style is all about confidence. I long to have that. Loving the over-sized coat but probably would not wear it with the belt. Looks so comfortable! Necessary in our climate of winter half the year! I’d be layering the coat with a warm scarf and gloves. Enjoying your photos of Paris so much!

karen in ct

.. wonderful capture, congrats … when you watch street fashion photographers work, it’s clear they have to be way more aggressive than most of us are naturally … love the coat idea … her hair makes me itch.


Love the look. Would love to visit Paris some day. It’s on the bucket list. Would be neat to receive a postcard. I enjoy following your blog.


Her attitude does come through in the photograph, the confidence is there in all the choices. I wish I could say I feel confident about everything I put on, but there are days, especially the at home ones, where something will “do” – I really must change that…

Colleen Taylor

That outfit this woman is wearing is over the top gorgeous & oh so chic. Love all the links as well. Those French postcards would be so treasured with me. Thank you once again for a wonderful post!


I read your blog every day and so enjoy all the tips you have on Paris fashion. Would love a postcard from my dream city . . . oh how I hope to visit one day soon.


Vicki I love all you are capturing in Paris…One note I have tried the oversized coats and jackets, belted. For me they are just not comfortable. (I always seem to be adjusting the fabric and belt) Great look though!

Feature:”In with the Old” Jennifer Boles


Your posts about Paris are so fun! I love to see that way French women dress…so inspiring even if I can’t pull off the whole look!


…oh, but we did get to see her thanks to you.
love the look on her-the over-sized coat & belt work with her tiny waist (don’t think I could pull that off, missing the tiny waist) & luv luv the ankle boots (definitely could do these).


Love the look!
Don’t wear coats here in southern California. What is a french look that is casual without without going to resort wear. Some days we go from 54 to 80 degrees and I have been known to change up to three times during the day. Yes I am at home but I want to look good also and not be running around in sweats. Need very comfortable flats. Have the skinny jeans and long sleeve white shirts. Need the great looking layers on top. V-neck tops are looking good to my eye. My jackets are too dressy most of the time. Any ideas that pass through your mind??


My first thought is a linen blazer/jacket worn over a white tee… or even a cotton… still elegant and looks good with jeans… but not too hot… Also a light weight trench could work.. in a poplin fabric…
SHAll keep thinking… :)

miss b

You are absolutely right about French women and their accessories. Just a touch of leopard as seen here is so chic. During my last trip in June, I would have like to have photographed so many stylish people of all ages particularly in Le Marais but it really is so tricky to get those natural shots without being intrusive.


Love the look…at 5’2″, sadly not something I can pull off, but I do covet the boots!
Thanks for a lovely reminder of Paris Chic!


Thanks for keeping us “in the fashion loop” Vicki. Nice to see you in there too, x Di


I have been noticing these oversized man-tailored overcoats and am really liking that contrast between the l’homme/femme! Not to mention the practicality of being able to fit a blazer or layers underneath comfortably. And the leopard shoes are FAB! Count me into this look!

Mary Kyle

Greeting from Tennessee in the USA,

Hi Vicki! This is my first post and I posted in the wrong place. So trying again as I would very much like my name entered to recieve one of your vintage Parisian postcards.

I live in the rural South in the USA. I receive your Daily Click with much anticipation and appreciation. I have and enjoy your books and somehow your energy has become a part of who I am and my daily life here in Tennessee.

Thanks for the Armchair Travels and sharing your life and times with me.

With Love,
Mary Kyle
Lexington, TN

Trish Murphy

Yes such Parisian chic! She looks so fabulous I love the coat and belt and watch.Thank you for the divine
photos they have been wonderful you have a great eye Vicki. Trish


Thanks for all the great street shots of Paris! I collect vintage postcards and would love to win one. Thanks for the draw!


Stunning style. Some women seem to carry certain things off so well. I am not sure I would look good in an over-sized coat. I do not think I am tall enough or confident enough.

helen tilston

Hello Vicki

She is beautiful and most unusual. The proportions are excellent, her extra long hair, the long coat and the high heel all work beautifully.
Your keen artistic eye captured this. Thank you.

Helen xx

Kim DiNardo Smith

Love this look & am a devoted fan of your blog & all things French!
Would love the French postcards.

Elizabeth Garbellini

Just love those leopard shoe boots. Will definitely be looking for a pair of those next winter here in OZ

Judi Miller

I too love the woman’s look (and, your bravery in taking the photos!), but I fear it would make me look another two sizes larger- I think this style looks great on very petite or tall women – not sure – maybe I’ll give it a try! I’m with KathySue – I love looking at your links to fantastic clothing ideas – but all are way out of my price range, but they sure are fun to look at. Any less pricey suggestions would be great. I’m glad you’ve had such a good time in Paris! We’ve all enjoyed it! BTW, I would love to get a vintage postcard for my travel planner!

Anita Rivera

Bonjour ma chère! Thank you so much for coming by, and yes, Jade’s photography is soothing, calm and it literally takes my breath away with it’s icy white nuances. Bavaria is certainly a place I need to visit en route to FRANCE!

Enjoy your day – Anita


I love your Fashion tips. Fairly new reader and would be excited to receive a postcard from you.
Thank you for sharing your style!

D. A. Wolf

Oh, fantastic! I adore the cinched coat, but you really must be tall to pull it off or very skinny if you’re petite. And I love love love the shoes, with that touch of leopard.


Do you think she saw your reflection in the shop window (as I did) and knew you were taking her picture? When in Paris last October, I saw one young woman in front of the Cafe de Flore who looked like a fashion model. As best I could see (I was already sitting inside and not in position to do any photos), her apparel in a gorgeous royal blue was fabulous. So it goes in Paris. But she was the closest I saw of someone that was the ultimate height of fashion in Paris. I did get a photo, however, of our delightfully friendly waiter, who was not of the hoity-toity sort that we had heard about prior to our arrival in Paris. A postcard from Paris is always welcome! :-)


I don’t think so… she was too busy looking at the gorgeous goodies in the window to notice me… ;)

Nicolene Richards

You made a great success of street style photography, capturing the essence without a person posing. Your photographs are brilliantly composed!
Nice blog! Will definitely be following along!


As a Melburnian always accused by the rest of Australia for wearing black or too many dark colours I have finally found a come back…we are (trying) to emulate Parisian chic…now wear are my lace stockings and leopard boots?


Thank you so much for selecting me to receive one of your beautiful postcards! I feel so honored and can hardly wait for it to appear in my mail! You are so very generous! xoxo


Fabulous photos! She looks amazing, but its not just the way she has put the clothes together, its also her posture and attitude which makes this look so very attractive


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