17 Feb 2016

Park Chinois: Dinner Dancing Is Back

Park Chinois restaurant in Mayfair, London, vickiarcher.com


Park Chinois, in Mayfair is a veritable banquet for the decorative senses.

If you like red, chinoiserie interiors and dancing while you dine, then add this restaurant to the London List.

In my imagination I thought Shanghai, back in the 1920’s. I have never been to Shanghai so whether I am on point or not I can’t say; it is how Park Chinois made me feel.


The restaurant is opulent; overly theatrical and overblown when it comes to the decor but it is fabulous. Luxuriously over-padded red velvet curtains, curving staircases and cosy nooks make this place a sit back, relax and indulge kind of place. The food is good, nothing mind blowing but I don’t think it is a destination for a foodie; it’s a venue for those who love “big” interiors.

I love a “decor” destination.

I can experience the interiors for myself and at the same time gather inspiration and ideas to take away. There are nights to dine with this sumptuousness and there are others where simple and minimal are all that’s required. Park Chinois is a special occasion kind of night.

This particular evening at Park Chinois we celebrated my birthday so it was the perfect vibe and so much fun to be in these surroundings.


The Independent’s Tracey Macleod writes,

“From the moment the red velvet curtain is pulled back to reveal a dining room so gloriously camp it makes Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom look humdrum, it’s clear that Park Chinois is different. It isn’t a restaurant, according to its prime mover – serial concept-launcher Alan Yau – it’s “more like an entertainment lifestyle project”.

The walls of the long, two-level room are swagged with peekaboo curtains, draped like a can-can dancer’s skirts, and the lamps and chairs are saucily tasselled. “It’s a bit brothelly,” as one of my guests puts it, not disapprovingly. But there’s a magic about it too, a patina of glamour. We could be extras in a movie, albeit hidden in a corner because they haven’t been to hair and make-up.”

That sounds about right, xv.

Park Chinois

17 Berkeley Street

London W1

+44 (0) 20 3327 8888

images park chinois

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Taste of France

Years ago, Tavern on the Green in New York’s Central Park had salsa night–VERY fun. And there was a restaurant across from the Strand Bookstore called La Belle Epoque that had tango dancing upstairs on the weekends, sometimes with live music. I can think of a number of dance venues in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam and London, but they tend to have snacks and drinks rather than dinner.


Happy Birthday, Vicki!
Such a pleasure to see a breakaway from the typical trendy Oz restaurant formula of minimalism – bare brutalist raw cement, plain wooden tables (no tablecloths) and half the seats stools rather than proper chairs. Share plates and weird things on the menu. Loathe these places. Absolutely no ambience and the young hippish waiters are usually so so pretentious. Give me a good old fashioned French bistro any day or a Michelin star restaurant there.

Really like the fabric on the back of these chairs – very attractive and pretty – works well with the reds. Yes a bit bordello-ish but fun. A good place for the odd special occasion – hopefully it will also become a place where you go for the food as well. Not me though. I’m allergic to msg. Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki!

Well, you certainly know where to find the most classic establishments to visit and escape to a time and place like no other. what a service, art and industry it is to create an atmosphere of regal beauty, good food and a true EXPERIENCE. This is art.

Enjoy your day! Anita


Have you ever been to Blackpool tower ..ballroom….not a experience to repeat..


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