7 Nov 2018

Pencil Me In

Somethings are worth repeating.

I really enjoyed your responses to yesterday’s athleisure chat and what I liked to hear is how much we take pride in our appearance. It really came out in your thoughtful comments and after re-reading, it has given me pause to reflect. Not so much about how we style ourselves to take our exercise but in general. Our presentation is as much for others as it is for us and it is easy with the emphasis on relaxed life to get a little lazy. I am kidding myself; quite lazy.

One area I fall down is in makeup.

It isn’t and has never really been my thing. I dabble, I try but sometimes I absolutely know I am not doing the most with what I have. I’m not vain but I adore fashion; I’m not beautiful but I’m ok. Feeling content in myself shouldn’t really be an excuse; self-confidence should not make me lazy.

And I am very lazy when it comes to my face, not skincare; I am fastidious when it comes to that. Where I particularly re-offend is the eyes. A lick of mascara, a wipe of white pencil and I tell myself I am done. Ok, not every day, but I need to make more effort on certain days.

If I am going to take the time to make my eyes “shine” there are a couple of important requirements.

There aren’t too many products and I can apply it quickly; I won’t look ridiculous and messy, like some kind of tragic clown. Know the look?

This pencil, hiding way beneath too many other pencils I don’t use, is the answer. Like one of those fab lingerie outfits that hold and smooth – this one pencil is an all-in-one that does it all and easily.

Why haven’t I been using it? Because I have become lazy and little by little the routine gets quicker and I miss out on defining my eyes.

No longer.

I have re-ordered and I will be lining, smudging and blending and hopefully, I won’t become complacent again. xv

Pencil In With These

khaki  ||  steel  ||  bronze

image, julianne moore, david roemer, marie claire 2016

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Linda B Kerr

This pencil looks excellent, and it SHOULD be, for $50.00! I will pay that price (and more) for a good foundation, and occasionally for a lipstick or compact, but I honestly think something similar can be found for much less.


It is and it is.. but it lasts very well and stays on.
Let me know what you find… always happy for a new discovery :)


There is an excellent dupe for this product and it is an inexpensive and fabulous one. It is the Clinique cream shaper in Black Diamond. Excellent product that blends easily and lasts all day without smudging. Also available in Egypt, a beautiful dark brown. I am not a big fan of Clinique but with this product, they got it right!


Sorry Vicki I just didn’t find this product to be worth the money and effort. It broke very soon after buying and applying and the colour does not last the whole day. I had high hopes but was disappointed. I recently bought the Chanel Kohl crayon and the Crayon in a purple hue, forgotten the exact name, and found them to be much better and did what it says on the tin !
Bizzzes from Paris
ps……. I have blue eyes hence find purplish eye colour the most enhancing. A


I guess all our eyes and what we like to wear on them is different… My eyes run in the Chanel.. but I will have another look when I am out and about… :)

Kathleen Verlin

Yes there are plenty of drugstore dupes out there – l’oreal Has great ones! And on the topic of eye make up- some of my retired friends have stopped wearing makeup completely. I told my husband that if he ever sees me trying that – I must be deranged. I want to sail into retirement wearing MORE 😂😂😂


YES!! Go for it, Kathleen… :)
I think the US pharmacies and French pharmacies have much better options than we do in the UK. Actually, I found Sisley in the French pharmacy and while expensive, I do like their products and find they work well.


Looks like I’m in the mix here with thinking these pencils are very overpriced. Yes, there’s a large range in price and in quality ( somewhat ). But, my other Sisley products were barely mediocre. I don’t want to pay for marketing costs, fancy packing or simply being a “French” product. One brand can actually own several lesser brands whose products come off the same assembly line into different packaging. Many, many good pencils out there and in my stash. We women should make more of an effort to share lower price point products that do a great job. So, let’s begin here… if this gets posted.

Patty Tiso

When it comes to long lasting, smooth application eye pencils in many colors, I’ve taken the advice of what the
“ younger “ makeup experts use; Make Up Forever Aqua Eyeliner pencil ( 19 shades) and for a more matte finish the Artist Color Pencil (38 shades). I love Sisley, Chanel, La Mer products for my face, but my eye definition product needs to glide on and last!

Elizabeth Aufiero

Hi Vicki,
This pencil may not work well for someone who wants to draw a line close to the eyelashes.
In my opinion, the pencil is too thick and would be better used as a eyeshadow.
I use Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Long Lasting Pencil! It’s waterproof and easy to apply. It’s retractable and has a sharpener at one end. Also comes in a range of colors!


As a keen user of all Sisley products I can also recommend their pencil. Personally I
emphazise on my eyes more than lips and leave never my home before the eyes are done because they are the mirrow of our soul and feeling. As you said “feeling contant should not make lazy”. We are the no.1 and should take care of us in any way.


Bang on the money with this pencil Vicki! I have been an eye makeup tragic for years and have tried every pencil out there. I cannot wear black as it is much much too heavy for my blondness but I do need to highlight my blue eyes and the khaki is perfect. Goes on like a dream, stays put all day and I can get right down to the lash line. A wipe of mascara and the look is perfect for me – not overdone, not too heavy but highlights beautifully. The secret with this pencil is apply softly and gradually build up, that way breakages are avoided. The thing I like most with this pencil is that it emphasises without the hard line you get from a sharper pencil. I always use Estee Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place eyeshadow base across my lids before applying and I find my liner stays put until I take it off at night. I never compromise with products on my eyes and always check the ingredients first – this is a winner!


I always do my eyes but get stuck in the same routine. My goal is to experiment! Love the colors you picked.

Elizabeth Detrich

As I get into my mid-50’s, I find wearing less makeup is far more attractive and youthful than too much (which find aging). I wear eyeliner and mascara every day, but chose to tight line the majority of the time for a defined yet discreet look.
When I do want a more made-up look, I typically chose Laura Mercier’s Caviar sticks or Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Long Lasting Pencil. They apply easily, once set don’t budge, and come in a variety of lovely colors.


Oh I’m late for this conversation! I too have been very “lazy” about my eye make-up; for the first week of school, I put my make-up on before the students arrived. After that crazy week, I stopped. I simply do not have time once I step foot in the school. One thing however, that I’ve feel I could apply is PENCIL. Like you Vicki, I take extra good care of my skin (a young colleague of mine is just amazed at my skin and my age!) but since I feel I can get away with only red lipstick, I feel I can go without making up my eyes. If I go out dressed up, surely I would put in the time. But a pencil, now I know that is an easy swipe to instantly change things. I must go out this weekend and look!


I started taking your advice of not putting mascara on my lower lashes and it has made a big difference – especially before a long work day. I always used to look like a raccoon by the end of the day and that has greatly minimized now! I have pale lashes but as long as I have liner it’s fine. What I do now is use black liner on top – but not heavy, just a line – and the lower is Clinique in their dark brown (can’t recall full name). The black liner is drugstore, maybe Maybelline, and it is creamy and goes on well and stays where I put it. Light brown eyeshadow and I’m all set.

Michelle à Détroit

Less is definitely more for me. I still do a dramatic eye for evening, but never for daytime. My lips are full so I do my eyes and wear very little color on my lips. Audrey Hepburn had a great trick for lifting the eye with liner. It’s difficult to describe, but you draw a dark brown or black line straight across the eye from just before the middle to the exact outside corner, not beyond. Make another small line, coming up from the outside corner to where it meets the straight line, then fill it in. It’s not a cat eye, but more of a thin wedge. It lifts the eye in a subtle way and is a miracle worker. It works great for day or evening. Also, be sure to press black pencil into the lash line of your upper lid, from underneath the lid. This helps avoid that light gap between the lashline and the eyeliner.


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