29 May 2019

The Perfect Pattern And One To Remember


Some pieces do last forever.

Years ago and I mean decades really, I found a ruby red silk 3/4 jacket and I fell in love. To my eyes, it was the most perfect piece and one I simply had to have. It was a serious purchase for me and one I could not make a mistake over. It is 20 years plus and I still wear it and feel fabulous when I do. No mistake there.

A slight waist and long line jacket cut to finish a little above my knees, it is brilliant in every way. The ruby red colour dominated and the small leaf print in a cream gave it the distinction that a plain colour could not. I wore and wore this coat with so many combinations. It would hide in the back of my closet some seasons but was never left for long. There are not so many pieces I remember in the same way or hold with the same affection.

When I saw this jacket, almost identical to my own, I was thrilled. Halsbrook is an online destination we love at VA and this season their pattern choices are spectacular.  I started with The Ruby and Gold Leaf and couldn’t stop. It is a site I love both for their curation and their choice of brands.

Patterns are not easy to love but they have their place.

The problem with a pattern is it is so easy to wear it wrong. Wrong shapes, wrong colour and wrong everything. Certain pieces of clothing translate well with pattern and colour and others don’t. It’s personal preference and some women wear pattern brilliantly.

I love pattern when it is an accent, a compliment to the other pieces I am wearing. I’m happy for it to star but not overwhelm. A pattern can make a statement as long as it is with me and not against me.

This style of jacket is a statement piece but in the most complimentary of ways.

I wear mine over black most of the time; a fine tee and classic black trousers.

It’s also worked over a longer skirt and tee for certain occasions and it’s brilliant with jeans; blue or white.

What I really appreciate about this style is the ease. It is a piece to wear with confidence and doesn’t require an hour’s worth of dilemma to get ready and out the door. I am crazy about the Rita Ruby but The English Garden and The Seagrass are equally as beautiful.

Halsbrook has perfected the pattern this season. Not only these silk jackets but also some of the more informal blouses are my idea of casual dressing heaven.

Another winning case for colour and pattern. All we need are white jeans. xv

The Perfect Pattern  

black platinum gold floral  ||  green gold floral  ||  cream english garden  ||  ruby and gold leaf  ||  seagrass gold leaf

cardincale ivory & blush  ||  talika floral  ||  sail to sable eyelet  ||  samson tunic

Shop the Halsbrook Spring Sale HERE . It’s now up to 50%off.

Thank you Halsbrook for partnering with, “The Perfect Pattern And One To Remember”.

images, erik madigan heck for harpers bazaar

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Yes, I agree with Vicki that patterns are tricky! I adore the Alix of Bohemia jackets and I think your followers will, too! Check them out on Instagram.


WOW! Now patterns are not only tricky to wear, but tricky to photograph! (I see everything through an artist lens….) – and here I am, so monochromatic in my wardrobe. I’m wondering now if in my mature years, if I should transition to more colors….hmmm. You always give great ideas to ponder over, Vicki!


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