24 Nov 2018

Pick A Pair, Any Pair

How can there ever be too many pairs of fabulous shoes?

It is simply not possible; not if you are an inveterate shoe lover like me.

I don’t generally shop shoes on sale as the frustration of missing sizes gets to me. Shoes seem to be the hardest fabulous finds of all.

But I did find a few true winners.

A fancy shoe is one I wear less of these days but I still believe they are a very necessary part of our shoe collection, especially if we manage to find them for a discounted price. This weekend is madness, everything is on sale and these are so cute, I had to show you.

Ok, I agree not the most practical but you know what?

Let’s not always be practical :)  Life is short and far from over and I am still up for a feather or two.

Except for these loafers in grey and burgundy.  Seriously, these are the best.

These are all beauties with a fair selection of sizes; don’t miss out, you won’t be sorry. xv

Run Don’t Walk: Even In Heels

**monogram loafer  ||  **caterina pump ||  ***elodie feather mule here and here  ||  **clara mule  **mary jane slide  ||  velvet slippers

images nve media and sarah jessica parker, footwear news


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OH what a delightful photo and thought! What women doesn’t love a treasure trove of shoes, whatever style!


shoes can be difficult. My childhood was spent mainly barefoot, running free. Result? Wide feet, which are small, and I have inherited very high arches. So hard to find shoes……


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