19 Feb 2014

Pixie Perfect

J Crew Pixie Pants


When I saw this add from J. Crew… I thought …. what pant can be that flattering and that comfortable?

but far be it from me to dismiss the experts or not to be seduced by advertising.


J. Crew was close by… I went in… tried them on… went back… tried them on again…

took the girlfriends… they tried them… went back and tried them again…

It’s true… they are the most fantastic pants…


If you like skinny pants, cropped just on the ankle and slim fitting… these are the ones.

I bought them with the tuxedo stripe in leather… LOVE


Actually, I bought two pairs… and I might have to go back for the grey and the navy.

I’m wearing them today to a lunch for London Fashion Week…

That’s what I love about them… they work anywhere and with everything


They are pixie perfect for me… xv


The Pixie

 leather front // zip pockets // classic pixie

for the size… if you like your pants snug go down one… prefer room to move… take your normal size..


it’s ok… you can thank me later… *wink* *wink*

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Anita Rivera

OK, I’m going in to see the classic; I’m not one for snug fitting pants BUT after seeing the classic style, I think I can manage that! THEY ARE GORGEOUS! Hi, Vicki! Have a super day! Anita


Try them Anita… they are so flattering and so comfortable… I don’t know if I will wear anything else`!!


Oh yes, they look and sound like the perfect black skinnies BUT they have to be dry cleaned! That’s disappointing to me – these days I try to steer clear of dry cleaning, too much trouble and definitely too expensive. I like to chuck my dark clothes in the washer with Dark Woolite, a light whirling the dryer, and they’re ready to hang back in the closet.

I know you’ll love these Vicki – hopefully they’ll come out with washable version soon. Meanwhile a heads up for INC (International Concepts) black knit pants available over here. I’ve had several pairs for a couple of years now, worn them around the world, and they are amazing and washable!

Enjoy Fashion Week in London – you lucky duck!
Hope it’s not raining.
Hugs – Mary


I’m naughty and sometimes hand wash “dry clean only”.. but don’t take my word for it… :)

La Contessa

I even note they have TALL sizes……….I think thats NEW for J.CREW??
I will give them a GO!
Thanks for the TIP!
Just so you know I do follow a lot of your TIPS!!

french cravings

Okay, I’ve been eyeing these at a store here in Dallas. I had decided to hold off buying or even trying them on, but after reading your rave review, I’m heading back to the store tout de suite!

Enjoy Fashion Week! x Katie

Heather in Arles

Holy canoli, I would look like walking boudin noir in those things, Ms V. I will pass thank you but give you mega kudos for rockin’ the pair with the leather tux stripe!


Ha Ha! I love how you went back for more Vicki, I’ve done that – a few years ago with cashmere leggings, well they weren’t quite leggings, but they are tight now, oi…this year the Christmas chocolates have caught up with me…anyway I love those pants and what they seem to be is substantial- there is some weight to them which does the work of looking like a pant and not workout clothes (which we all love).
Great tip as usual! Wishing you a great day from snowy New Jersey.


I bought these on the recommendation of a woman I saw dressed to the nines-Chanel bag, Arche platform shoes, etc.. She said of all the leggins/pant she had tried these were the best, and they are. They come in short, regular and tall. I believe the short would work for petites. The ones without leather are washable although I’d wash in cold water and not use the dryer. I have four pairs and hope they make them forever. For me they look best with a long blouse/top. Have never commented on a blog but couldn’t resist commenting on these. Also, watch for them on sale.


I love these but find that most of J Crew’s trousers sit too low on my hips and exaggerate my muffin top. *sigh*

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

These resemble what some call jeggings, a cross between leggings and jeans. I happen to have a pair. They are wonderfully comfortable and are very attractive too. I wouldn’t mind having another pair. I will definitely check out J.Crew’s pixie pants. Thanks for the suggestion Vicki.


Thanks Sam… They look like pants but they feel like leggings… I have them on again today!!

miss b

They certainly look flattering and if they are comfortable too then that’s a bonus (some might say a necessity!) I clicked on the links and the leopard print loafers look perfect with them but they can be dressed up or down with other footwear too. I like versatile pants! I shall have to try them when I’m next down in London. Thanks for the recommendation.
PS What a lovely varied selection of pink in your last post.


You know we all are looking for the perfect pant! Thanks for the tip, I will check them out. I trust your advice! xo Nancy


Vicki. I have been “pondering the Pixie” for a while now….are they better than the jcrew “Minnie”?


I don’t know about better…. but I really love them… the most comfortable and flattering pants I have!


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