29 Sep 2016

Her Point Of View: Josephine Lalwan

Her Point of View, Josephine Lalwan on vickiarcher.com

Let me introduce, Josephine.

Josephine is one of those woman who makes me feel completely and utterly calm.

Do you know that feeling? 

When you sit down and start to talk with her you immediately relax and respond to her quiet and peaceful manner. Worries and cares drop away as her beautiful British accent lulls and soothes; you feel as if Josephine has been a friend forever. 

Over to you, Josephine,

Josephine Lalwan, London 2016

How would you describe yourself?

I enjoy company especially one to one and small groups. I can be quite shy in large groups. I am creative and like to express this creativity through fashion and my surroundings. I try to be non-judgemental and embrace new ideas. I am a seeker of truth and if a subject interests me I shall dig deep. I can be anxious yet despite this I am happy to stretch myself and try new experiences.

My family is the centre of my universe. I love to spend time surrounded by my husband, 2 children and 3 small grandsons. Spending time with friends also brings me great joy. I like my surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. I have an ironic sense of humour and definitely the ability to laugh at myself.

Tell us about your day-to-day life?

I am a lark not an owl and love the peace and quiet of the early morning. I am up by about 7.00am and like to potter around for an hour. I am at my most energetic in the morning when come up with my best ideas. Depending on my schedule I like to edit my photos and write a blog post before lunch. Twice a week I cycle to my Pilates class. Every Sunday morning I go for a swim.
I close my computer at 6.00pm and spend the evening cooking and eating dinner with my husband. Then I might watch a good drama or documentary on TV.

Are you the woman you imagined you would become?

Definitely not. Having mild dyslexia, which I did not discover until I was in my 40s, I did not excel at school. I was expected to marry well, live in the English countryside and have 2.4 children and a labrador. Instead I have had three thrilling careers which were all connected to fashion. As a fashion PR, Image consultant, corporate coach and now as a style blogger.

What are the valuable life lessons you have all figured out?

If at first you do not succeed, try, try and try again, especially if you want something enough. Luckily my father told me when I was very young that there is no such word as “can’t”. I have found that miracles can take longer.


What do you like most about yourself? What do you like the least?

My loyalty and commitment to my friends and family. My sense of humour. My ability to keep going despite adversity.

I can be a worrier and lacked confidence when I was younger. I can take on too much and put myself under stress. I am getting better with this.

What do you like most about getting older? What do you like the least?

As I have got older I have become more tolerant of others and more forgiving of myself. I have grown in confidence and have greater inner peace. I don’t sweat the small stuff so much.

I don’t like the fact that time seems to be speeding up and there is more behind me than in front. I have to work harder at keeping my body in good working order.


What’s your favourite way to dress? Do you have a signature style?

I like to feel comfortable in my clothes and have become more selective in the fabrics that I choose. I like classic tailored clothes with a modern twist.
I stick to neutrals for my basics and like to add colour near my face. Since my hair has gone a silvery grey I especially like the softer pinks, blues, greens and greys.

Do you have a beauty secret to share?

Smile as often as possible. It lifts the face and makes the eyes sparkle. Prescribed retinol at night and a SPF50 sunscreen every day helps to protect the skin.


What’s on the bucket list?
Visiting Japan during the cherry blossom season Spending some time in India
To see my grandchildren grow and flourish
To continue learning and to express my creativity.

If you could change one thing in the past, what would you do differently?

To have had more confidence in myself and my abilities in my early 20s. I would then have made different decisions.

What age do you feel right now?

I don’t think that I have ever defined myself by my age. I never have any problem telling people my actual age. I am proud to have reached this point in my life.
I have learnt to accept the things I cannot change and age is one of them. I feel that developing the inner self is more important than being concerned with the outer.

Who would play you in a movie?
Meg Ryan (before she had plastic surgery)

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Taste of France

She does sound calm and zen. But she also has that sparkle that looks like she would be a lot of fun. I see a resemblance with Meg Ryan from her “When Harry Met Sally” days.

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki, good morning Josephine! You are a beautiful woman Josephine, and your style is stunning. I can almost see a bit of a resemblance to Meg Ryan in you! And you too are an “ALL” kind of person! Me too. I think when we reach a golden age we realize that we can reach higher than ever for the important things that we want such as influencing those around us with the gentle things in life. And I agree with you that we have more confidence now than we did in our 20s. I love Vicki’s series here, and I am honored to be a part of it. Vicki, this series should be a book. Any thoughts on that? Enjoy your day ladies, and shine that light!


You two would really enjoy each other… Actually I think all my readers who get along famously! I wish we could meet in person .. all together.. one day… for the moment we have to be happy to know each other here.. I am so enjoying putting these interviews together, Anita… :)


Vicki I am so honoured to be featured on your magnificent blog. Thank you so much for your lovely introduction. I think my “calm” is a bit like ducks, serene on the surface and paddling madly under the surface of the water! Also thank you Anita and Taste of France for your flattering comments. I love this series for allowing us to get to know each other better. It would be wonderful if we could all meet. If any of you are coming to London give me a shout. A book is a great idea.


We will have to arrange a ‘meet up’ Josephine… at Petersham Nursery… How fab would that be!
Thank you for your wonderful interview…:)

Nelson Bartley

I’m loving these “Her Point of View” pieces. People are so interesting if you just talk to them! You never know what someone’s history holds.
And -hopefully- not a Kardashian in the bunch. YAY!

Linda B

I agree with everyone–this series is just marvelous. So great to get a real picture of each person! Josephine sounds so lovely. I want to point out that her comment above shows her excellent (and perceptive) sense of humor–the part about being calm like a duck (floating calmly and paddling madly!)


Josephine has a wonderful way of speaking.. that gorgeous Brit understatement and dry sense of humour :)


OH, I have SEEN HER about the internet land!I have SIGNED up to FOLLOW her on IG!
This is a lovely way to get to know others……….I truly am enjoying these questions and answers.MAKES ME THINK!

Mandi Baldry

I love these profiles Vicki! In a society which is so satured with images of half naked celebrities it is wonderful to read about inspirational woman like Serena and Josephine


This is such an enjoyable series, Vicki! Thank you for the introduction to the classy, inspiring Josephine today. I’ll be following along!


I agree with Mandi! I enjoy reading about inspirational women as well. Josephine sounds lovely and I will follow her IG as well.

Esther George

Hi Vicki, It’s been wonderful reading about your inspirational ladies, thank you for sharing. My sister in-law is English, she has that calming effect on me, a wicked sense of humour, and a gentle heart. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, till next time, Esther from Sydney.


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