3 May 2012

Pretty Painted And Parisian

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One of the most charming features of Parisian brasseries and cafés are the painted windows… This pane on one of the windows at Chez Julien is one of my very favourites… light with a delicate touch, pretty and romantic… just like the dining room inside.

When you are in Paris take a walk through the Marais towards the river and pass this charming restaurant on the Rue du Pont Louis Phillipe and enjoy the windows… maybe take a peak inside at the decor and the roses… a Costes brothers touch in all their restaurants… fresh roses and multitudes of them… For a real rose fest don’t miss their rose boutique on the rue Saint Honoré in the first arrondissement… that is truly a touch of heaven.

for your parisian notebook

Roses Costes Dani Roses
239 Rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

+33 1 42 44 50 09

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This reminds me of my painted bed headboard and footboard – they're dark, curved wood with an aqua background and handpainted pink roses and flourishes…and lovebirds! It's so over-the-top girly and romantic. I love them so much.

The "Lost Roses" book just may have to join my garden library. When I was digging up and planting my garden, I discovered an old volunteer rose trying to survive next to the utility pole at the back of the property. I transplanted it, and it's rewarded me with the most delicious smelling pink roses ever. Heavenly. I use the petals to make my special rose liqueur – sipping that stuff in the middle of winter makes summer come back for a few moments.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns


What a beautiful window…do show a photo of the roses from the inside if you have one.

I love wandering in the Marais and getting lost, there are so mny great things to discover there as will all of PAris.

Good luck with your technical difficulties.

Have a great night, Elizabeth

J. Beaudet

That's beautiful! Roses are so gorgeous; can't get enough! They're probably my most favorite subject to paint.



What a beautiful image. I thought at first it was a framed silk scarf.
Can't wait to see your new site…the technical glitches just add to the anticipation (at least for me), you're probably just a little frustrated. :-)


You are worth the wait. Thank you for being here. I look forward to your blog no matter what it looks like. It is a peaceful,calming joy every time you post. I feel the same about Paris as you and have been blessed to have gone almost every year since 1988. This year, so far, I am getting my french dose from you. Thank you. Martha

Melissah from Country Style Chic

Would love to visit that rose bout1que next time I am in Paris. I stopped by to say how much I enjoy reading & flicking through your beautiful book.
I just signed up as your latest follower and I look forward to popping back for some more inspiration!
Anglesea VIC

Angie Muresan

I just love the romance of it! I wish we had that here in the States as well. Painted windows are not just pretty and romantic, but certainly bring art out into the street.


I love these shops but have never managed to take a good photo! I am lucky enough to visit Paris regularly to see a friend and we love Le Marais. Your blog is always a lovely reminder and a source of new places to go – thank you

suan see Tan

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! THANK YOU.! Your wonderful and inspiring site is the antidote for my renovation stress! You continue to sustain me each time when I feel ‘it’s enough!’ My new place is getting there all because of the scent from the French Essence!


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