8 Apr 2014

Provence, Play Misty For Me

Provence - Vicki Archer

Home… right before the rain… no filter… no tricks… nature’s photoshop.

There is a mistiness hanging over our farm in Provence this morning. The light is perfect in one of the million different ways it can be here.

I have been absent too long from this beautiful place… and returning to the abundance of spring is truly a gift.

Provence - Vicki Archer

The wisteria is the opening act of our show right now but soon it will be competing with the iris and the lilac…

The almond, apple and pear blossoms have had their gig, although the cherry trees are still performing an encore.

Top billing must go to the rose… she stands impatiently in the wings, waiting to make a dramatic entrance before the lavender upstages her fragrance.

Provence - Vicki Archer

The garden is theatrical…  perhaps she is a musical… an opera… even a silent movie…. sometimes a drama.

 The players become better, more experienced… stronger and more potent. Age improves them and their show never gets weary.

All I know is that our garden is blessed with performers who enchant, amuse… relax and re-focus the audience… xv

Provence - Vicki Archer

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Anita Rivera

WELCOME HOME, VICKI! Oh, you have the dream Provençal mas…it is rugged, elegant, colorful, sublime, so French. Those lanterns too, this is why country French décor delights me: it doesn’t mean to show off. It just IS. And in it’s natural state, it is the most beautiful. LOVELY! Anita


It is so lovely to be back Anita… as much as I love London… I am also very happy to be swept away by Provence… :)


My pleasure Audrey… I couldn’t help myself… there is just something so special about the light today… I am still snapping, even in the rain.. :)


Vicki, absolutely breathtaking and sooo lovely! I love all your gardens! Was the wisteria vine there prior to your renovation? It looks so full and pretty! Our plantings of wisteria are somewhat similar along the southeast coast of the US but of course, nothing compares to yours! Thank you for sharing!


No… We planted it … I think it was around 2003… but we lost the original in a snow storm a few years back … we managed to save the large “trunks” and then waited for it to recover the awning… It’s really flourished this year… we have had so much rain… so it’s helped… :)


Thank you… I don’t know why I thought of the garden like that today… but it just seemed to fit… :)


So beautiful. Can almost smell the wisteria and feel the cool mist on my cheeks! It’s wonderful how the garden walls and paths have developed such a beautiful patina since you first created them back in the early days. Best wishes, Pamela


The scent is so divine… I was in and out all day yesterday… enjoying just that… :)


These are truly some of the most beautiful pictures I have EVER seen. I felt quite emotional looking at them. Nature is a wonderful thing.


Yes truly wonderful… I am very fortunate to be able to feast my eyes on such beauty… After all these years I still cannot believe the loveliness of Provence… :)

helen tilston

Dear Vicki

I love the analogy of your garden to an orchestra. It is delightful.
Recently my art partners Mary Rose, Violetta and I were discussing aging and the arts and Violetta’s father was present (he a professor of fine art). His conclusion is that fine artists continue to improve with age and not so for singers and musicians when health can interfere.
Continued joy in your beautiful garden.

Heather in Arles

Ah, this makes me happy to see. I truly was worrying that the street smarts of London were winning you over entirely…it looks as if your Provençal “players” have been practicing extra hard to win you back…

Esther George

Hi Vicki one word comes to mind and is heart felt when I look at your garden and that is Enchanting. Thank you for sharing so much beauty. We had 2 beautiful Wisteria in our garden they were planted so they overlapped and were so beautiful but we were told that they were too close to the house that was a sad day….I miss their vibrant colour and their perfume. Till next time Regards a Esther from Sydney.


You have taken my breath away Vicki…I am almost lost somewhere in heaven since reading your beautiful words and seeing your pictures this morning.

I send my love and thanks to you for sharing your sublimely beautiful garden and the wonderful feelings you evoke from returning to your home.
Wishing you the happiest day.


My wisteria is somewhat lacking when I see your beautiful specimen – what amazing racemes – they hang like exquisite lace on a ball gown, and the color is perfection. So happy you returned in time to catch them and share the truly lovely early morning photos with us. Thank you. Of course your entire garden is a dreamscape!

With the change of your e-mail etc. I do hope you received my ‘thank you’ of a few days ago Vicki. Let me know if you didn’t and I’ll resend. Also, yesterday I posted on my lovely gift – hope you will check my blog and see how lovely Her Majesty looks in my cottage!

Enjoy the misty day – we have a similar morning here after heavy rain the last 24 hrs. which really has made a huge difference in the garden.

Hugs – Mary


Yes I did and thank you so much Mary… :)
Your post is so lovely and I am very touched… xv

La Contessa

YOU are a WRITER and have the INSPIRATION dripping about YOU!LOve how you call your garden a THEATRE!I have wanted for years to hang huge curtains in my yard just to “SET THE STAGE!”You see we back up to a busy road………and I so want to MAKE THAT GO AWAY!I managed to have the ITALIAN HUSBAND hang a rather large iron chandelier from a tree………so I have some props ready to go!WE ARE LUCKY……….we have a garden that gives us GREAT pleasure!I can hardly wait for your ROSES to perform!!!!

Colleen Taylor

Vicki, your wisteria and the surroundings of it all are a glorious palette waiting to be painted to retain all its beauty season after season. Soft and oh so gorgeous photos. Thank you!


Thanks so much for posting these lovely photos…such a treat to enjoy while sipping my coffee!
Have a beautiful day, I know I will.
Warmest regards, Delinda Rogers

Sue M.

Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. One can almost smell the wonderful spring blossoms.

Marilyn Leslie

Vicki, Thank you for sharing your gardens; they are lovely.
You just brought some much needed serenity to my day.


Susan, Corlette

Good morning from Australia Vickii,
an absolutely beautiful post, your home and garden are amazing, looking forward to seeing pics of Spring as it happens in Provence………we will be in your village next year, I would love to drive by your Mass,
Is there another book coming?? I hope so.


Just last week I left from a visit to my daughter in MS and the wisteria was just coming into bloom, but not yet full. I was disappointed to have to leave – and here you are with “my pictures” I so wanted to be able to take! Thank you for the beautiful photos, satislying my “wisteria envy”! Just gorgeous, love the mist and the poetry, too!

Glamour Drops

I have such a precarious relationship with wisteria….it twists and turns and pulls everything down in its veracity for life….growing, growing, growing…but then, when it flowers….ah how i forgive it so, for it is simply enchanting in its delicacy of form and colour….yours is quite magnificent….and the scent must also be intoxicating in its beauty too i suspect….


Oh Vicki your photos are exquisite
There is something so magical about wisteria and even more so on a misty day.
Please print these up as cards – they’re too beautiful not to use!
I would pounce on them in the card shop!

Shane x


Oh, goodness . . . I’m afraid if you keep posting pictures like this, you’ll need to make room for many more visitors! :) Just gorgeous!

Esther-D. Abad

A day later I am touched by your definition about the image of your garden. One characteristic of someone with great sensitivity.
Esther Abad.

tara dillard

Once you realize your garden is the proscenium for your life. Life changes, for the better.

France is great, but the proscenium can be a welfare housing balcony in southern USA or or or or.

This is why your blog captivates/attracts. You live the epiphany.

Thank you for sharing.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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