13 Mar 2017

Let’s Have A Pyjama Party

Pyjama Party on vickiarcher.com

Remember pyjama parties? They were so much fun.

I am about to have one. Well, not exactly.

Shortly, I will be meeting up and travelling with a great girlfriend and so it will be a pyjama party of sorts. We are both flying into Tokyo and saturating our senses with a tour of the cherry blossom. As the trip is drawing near I am back into packing mode; it is my intention to travel light as there will be much moving around.

The one thing I am really lacking are pyjamas. That is not to say I don’t have any sleepwear but I want pyjamas, the man’s kind, to hang out in and do girl talk until jaws ache and eyes beg for sleep.

Pyjama Party on vickiarcher.com

I have been browsing and I am in love with every pair of pyjamas from Olivia von Halle.

They are superb in style and her choice of patterns is divine. If I could I would wear every pair she creates. I am a little lost in Europe to find fab pyjamas; in the States the selection is so much broader and the prices far more friendly. Other than one very special pair from Olivia von Halle I have ordered mine from across the pond. Even with the distance, freight and duties it is the way to go.

Nightwear is something I care about; it is not an out of sight out of mind situation.

I want to feel not only comfortable but also look respectable too. I imagine these cute PJs to hang out and chat in. Now I am beginning to understand the term, loungewear. Great friends spending a holiday together need appropriate lounging gear and pyjamas will be perfect. I imagine the hotel bathrobes will come in handy too. I even see a night or two, after long touring days, of room service, pyjamas and a good film. Heaven! I am counting down the days until lift off.

I might be a grown-up but I feel as excited as a schoolgirl going away on an overnight excursion. Super excited, not to mention our destination is somewhere I have been promising to go to for years.

Pyjama Party on vickiarcher.com

For this pyjama party and I hope many more to come I will be happily ensconced and wearing these. xv.

Let’s Have A Pyjama Party

pyjamas and sleep mask  ||  silk satin pyjamas  ||  knit crop pyjamas  ||  self stripe pyjamas  ||  moonlight pyjamas

divine inspiration from olivia von halle

daria silk satin  ||  lila striped silk satin  ||  vita zayna silk satin  ||  coco luisa  ||  lila nasra

images olivia von halle 

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Taste of France

I love silk pajamas like these. They feel so luxurious. I started wearing them when I would go home to visit family, and wanted pajamas worthy of sitting around and having coffee in the morning without embarrassment.

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, I have been fortunate enough to visit Japan years ago when I was on a dance tour! And I saw the cherry blossoms and never have I seen such a burst of pinks. Now you have me thinking about these pyjamas…what a great idea, especially when traveling! Bon voyage!


In Argentina I bought a pair of cream colored satin pajamas .. I feel like Jean Harlow the minute I put them on :)
I wear flannel pjs when it is winter, where I lived (NY) fashion came second to keeping warm and healthy.
These days, in Florida, I am back in the satin pjs :)
The cats like them.


My guests must think me silly but I love nothing more than to say ‘let’s all get into our pajamas’. That is code for let’s relax, talk about the day, enjoy a glass of wine by the fire or try our hand at a puzzle. Just simply be together. I am always on the hunt for a good pair of mens pajamas.


Always a passion, fine sleep wear is essential. Since I am a Sewist the world is my oyster and I readily admit to copying other designers interpretation of dressing gowns, lounge wear, and pj’s. Several years ago a dear friend and I did something similar and had a grand time. We laughed and ate and toured and slept, and gambled a bit. Not much, just a little. To this day it is a memory I hold dear. Her illness now keeps us close to home but we continue the sharing time in a different context. Have a wonderful time. The Cherry Blossoms will be glorious.


I am going away with my husband for 4 nights next week – wanted new pj’s in case I have to leave the hotel/B&B’s in a hurry in the night – would frighten people with the things I have been wearing lately! I also purchased two of the soft but somewhat supportive in-house bras to wear underneath.

D. A. Wolf

Pyjama parties ARE fun! You had me smiling at the very thought, recalling the wild times behind closed doors as a teenage girl… oh, the dreaming, the laughing, the plotting… :)

PJs generally have the advantage of a nice baggy fit (room for snacks at those pyjama parties), and elastic on bottoms (better still).

These look very pretty, but I confess, at my height, I really only need a pyjama top. Otherwise, I have to have the bottoms tailored (chop, chop, chop… why bother?)… Actually, I picked up a really cute PJ top just before the holidays. It’s the length of a long night shirt on me (perfect), and the black background is covered with a colorful pattern of… drumroll please… SHOES! From Soma. (They sometimes have awesome things. And their sales are plentiful, too.)


Anne Christopher

I’m off to Japan for their autumn colours so look forward to hearing your recommendations for any treasures you uncover. You are the master/mistress of these.


My daughter is going for the cherry blossoms too! I lived in Tokyo for one glorious year and would jump at the chance to do it again. If you are going to Kyoto, I highly recommend staying in a ryokan for a traditional experience. Leave room in your luggage for the cotton bathrobes – yakata. During the summer it is wonderful to lounge around in them.


Thank you Jeanne,

I must travel light because I have a feeling there will be many wonderful pieces I would love to bring home :)

Wendy Going Forward

I love PJ’s! Several years ago my husband surprised me with a pair from Olatz. They are beautiful blue silk. Olatz is in NYC. She is a former wife of the artist Julian Schnable, who mostly wears pajamas in his daily life. She also has beautiful nightgowns and bedding.


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