7 May 2020

Dark Circles? Afraid So


Dark circles are my friends but they aren’t my friends.

We are so familiar with each other and comfortable in each other’s company and yet the acquaintance is not doing me any favours. Some days I look tired even when I am not feeling tired.

The last few months my sleep is disturbed, for obvious reasons and I need the eye mask and the concealer even more frequently.

(don’t forget to put your eye masks in the fridge; feels so refreshing and seems to be more effective)

I really want to cut ties with these dark circles but we seem to wake up together every morning.

I had a breakthrough recently and I think I have been highlighting my dark circles rather than concealing them. Not the right idea; they don’t need any more attention.

There is a simple trick, which works brilliantly.

The How

Cover the under-eye area with a peach shade colour corrector, rather than a lighter more illuminating concealer and the dark circles are way less obvious. I have always thought to apply a brighter shade was the way to cover the dark circles.

Apply only to the dark areas under the eye socket. Follow the darker line from the inner corner down and across.

Use the concealer brush to dab and press the colour corrector onto the skin. Follow with day time foundation as normal.

The Two Best Correctors

Cle de Peau Beauté is outstanding and has excellent colours to choose from.The Radiant Corrector for eyes is easy to use and has an instant result. I am fair so use the “beige” which is a peach tone and slightly deeper than my natural pallor.

The Cle de Peau Concealer Broad Spectrum is a different formula and consistency. I use it for areas that may need more of a cover than my everyday tinted moisturizer provides. Particularly around the nose and lip area or the more than occasional red blemish that magically appears with age. Any bruising after facials or more radical treatments and this little miracle is your answer.

Shade wise, I stay with “beige”. The application is easy and the blend seamless.

With these two in my routine, the eyes got a whole lot brighter. xv

Game Changers, These Two

radiant corrector for eyes  ||  concealer broad spectrum

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image, gucci a/w 2016 fashion week, kevin tachman

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Good morning Vicki!

First of all, this photo. Oh my how stunning are the contrasts of colors!

Dark circles…hmmm….I haven’t had a problem with those but those products you mention I’m sure are some of the best solutions. You always do your research with fantastic outcomes!

I hope you are well my friend. Happy day!


You are very lucky… I am getting more “circly” by the day!! :)


Sleep or no sleep the circles have always been there since my youth. Corrector balances the dark bluish tinge and the concealer blends the tone. Currently I use Bobbi Brown corrector followed by Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. The BB corrector is fabulous for damage control but it is drying so use lots of moisturizer. I am not using foundation at the moment only a tinted moisturizer or tinted Elta sunscreen. Vicki, your solutions are spot on!

Linda B

Vicki, am I imagining it or did you mention this Cle de Peau concealer before? Because a few months ago, I bought some (on your recommendation, as I recall) and I have really been loving it. My congenital tendency to the dark circles is never quite perfectly managed, but this plus a tinted moisturizer over the whole face really does help quite a bit. I admit that some days now, at home, I don’t feel like bothering with anything more than basic moisturizing . . .but more and more, it feels like it gives me a sense of normalcy and even a bit more courage when I use the concealer and tinted moisturizer. Thank you for sharing!


Jeanne, I really like Bobbi Brown products and love the Art Stick for lips recommended by Vicki!! Can I ask please which particular concealer you use in the Bobbi Brown range as I may try this.


Love Cle de Peau broad spectrum concealer for everything EXCEPT under-eyes, as you found, and I too use the beige. I have discovered the best way to handle darkness under and around the eyes is to use the most minimal amount of either a green-tinted or yellowish concealer just to neutralize the dark color. (The green-tinted also looks great applied very lightly to the purplish skin of the eyelids when you don’t want/need a fully made-up eye.) So enjoying your inspiring blog!


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