22 Oct 2020

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away on vickiarcher.com

Sometimes we just need a raincoat.

A raincoat – or a choice of them – was never something in my wardrobe when I lived in the southern hemisphere. There was no “wardrobe of coats”. Even though it rains substantially, coats were never really part of my fashion repertoire. An umbrella would suffice with a driving life; here, when walking is very much a daily activity, wet weather gear is a must.

There’s no reason a raincoat can’t look great and be flattering. So many make me feel as if I am trussed up in a kitchen tidy bag – forget that – I want some shape to my raincoat and plenty of pockets. Waterproof gear tends to be warm so I want something to work when I’m layered up. Comfort is important too as there is nothing worse than not being able to move freely when battling the weather.

Outerwear doesn’t need to feel drab but it is something that needs to be varied. They are the essential pieces I have the most of. No two days are ever alike and no two months either. Life has to go on in the belting rain or the drizzle so we may as well look decent navigating our outside life.

Like all coats, there are zillions of decisions to make when it comes to the style.

Belted? Length? Colour? Fabric? Weight?

I don’t want to feel weighed down and I don’t mind the option of a belt but I rarely wear one unless it’s a trench coat. Length of a raincoat is dependent on what I’m wearing beneath – so mid-thigh and knee-length is my favourite.

How can a raincoat look other than a cover-up for a bedraggled mess?

Just because it’s waterproof doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous.

Think about the style and find a coat to suit your shape. I’m more pear than straight up and down so I like a little flare from the waist down.

The collar and hood are important and also provides a frame for the face and whatever is worn underneath.

Accessorise – bad weather doesn’t mean we can’t add a scarf, a bracelet or a vibrant shade underneath.

Let the footwear shine – wear your lace-ups or combats, a new pair of sneakers. Get the opaque tights out.

Add a colourful tote. Love this divine colour.

Add a hat or woollen cap if a hood is not going to work. I wear the hood mostly as it’s practical and means I’m not struggling with an umbrella.

And most importantly – get outside and move about despite the rain. That’s why we need an incentive. xv

Rainy Day Favourites

via spiga think jungle  ||  cole haan signature black  ||  the north face in new taupe green  ||  avec less filles in military  ||  the north face simplicity

feeling more of the “flower power” today?

floral embroidered raincoat by 4 moncler simone rocha

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Good morning Vicki! Well, growing up in Southern California in the 60s when it rained more, my mother always made sure I had a rain slicker, an umbrella and rain “golashes.” When rain became more scarce, we ditched the entire rain gear, except for the umbrella. In later years in my adulthood on the east coast (Boston), I’d just wear my winter parka for rainy days! I miss the distinct wardrobe necessities for each season.


I had my first “proper” Mac at the age of 14. Mum bought a bright blue and I had a bright coral pink ….. No dull blacks, camels etc for us lol. Over the years, I have worn those dark neutrals but realised that they aren’t for me. It is raining and winter out? I will pick a bright summery cheery shade every time …… Always a classic trench mac. This year’s new coats are a beautiful lavender mac, and a Barbour padded jacket in fuchsia. Bear in mind ….. I wear them over a simple navy or grey outfit. What I am still looking for is a beautiful merino wool cardie/jacket ….. I have a lovely full length coatigan from Winser London, but I have in mind something shorter …… If you see something on your travels then elbow me gently in that direction s’il vous plait!! Thank you!!


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