7 May 2019

Re-Prime Time

Re-Prime Time on vickiarcher.com

Who doesn’t love a beauty tip?

A quick fix guaranteed to help around the edges. I never promise miracles, just doable magic. Besides, our beauty miracles come from within so this is more about the small stuff.

Primer – I keep forgetting this until looking in my makeup drawer and there is my Smashbox and my Tom Ford Illuminating Primer. How silly of me; this stuff is genius.

Taking the less is more approach is all well and good but sometimes I go too far; I forget my own discoveries and get lazy in the process.

Not anymore, I am priming all the way because it does really make a difference in how our foundation sits and our skin glows. You can use it alone or underneath tinted moisturizer or foundation – whatever is your go-to.

Cleanse/Tone/Serum/Moisturise – then – Primer with or without Foundation. It’s easy.

Smashbox was the original primer favoured by professional artists to smooth skin and set makeup; this one I use for special occasions or on its own. Now they have introduced a lighter version that creates a super smooth finish. I have the original but my next tube will be this one. The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is a gorgeous feel and results all around.

The difference between them?

Smashbox I use at night, The Tom Ford every day and often when I don’t want to wear anything else on my face.

The moral of this story; whichever one you have, use it.

Primer is a tried and true beauty trick for all. xv

Prime Time

smashbox original  ||  smashbox super light  ||  tom ford illuminating

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You know how to celebrate the well-lived woman, Vicki. What a beauty this woman is, and for the first time through my 50s and now 61, am I seeing that I need some HELP!!!!!!!! People say I look very young, but I know better…and I seriously need to start from the “foundation” up to help bring my best forward!


Try the Primer, Anita… even alone.. it is very smoothing… if that makes any sense!

Michelle à Détroit

Thanks for the reminder, Vicki. I don’t wear foundation, but it is very true that primer worn alone, (even untinted) can make a big difference in how our skin looks. I still love and use one of the very first ones on the market- Inner Light, by Osmotics.


Sometimes I feel we have all the little tips and tricks inside but we need a nudge from time to time.. :)


I’ve not met a foundation that does it’s job while looking like my own skin (although I do work on my technique occasionally). I’m 61. I wear concealer in problem places. I’ve dabbled in various primers and am very impressed with one I wear alone. It’s a look of – my skin but better. Tatcha Silk Canvas. Its signature ingredient is Hadasei-3 — a trinity of green tea, rice and algae created with the Geisha treatments through the ages in mind. I use a number of their products. Very thoughtful and holistic line. Vicki – good post about one of the many beauty tricks that do really make a difference.


May I add Laura Mercier Illuminating Primer into the mix as well?
A tiny amount spreads like a dream and gives the perfect base for foundation, also looks rather lovely on its own too.
The tube lasts forever. As some wag once said- you don’t paint the house with prepping and priming first!! Same for our faces!


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