8 Mar 2018

Style Notes: Re-Inventing The Little Black Dress

Re-Inventing The Little Black Dress on vickiarcher.com

Re-Inventing The Little Black Dress on vickiarcher.com

  1. 1. jennifer behr barette ||  2. lulu frost earrings  ||  3. roxanne assoulin bracelets  ||  4. malone souliers flats
  2. 5. beck jewels rose earrings  ||  6. nicholas kirkwood flats  ||  7. rose assoulin bracelet  ||  8. bounkit rose quartz drops
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What’s to re-invent?

The little black dress must be the most popular standby outfit of all.

It is in my wardrobe.

Black dresses never seem to be too many and neither do I tire of them. What constantly surprises me is how I can fall in love with so many “different” black dresses. I promise myself to re-invent the lbd in another colour and while navy and the neutrals are good, they aren’t quite the same. They fall into a different category; I love them but they are different. I wear them but not in the same way.

The constancy and reliability of the little black dress got us thinking about the ways we can re-invent them. Why not with colour? Don’t change the dress; change what we wear with it.

We went through the colours that work and decided the obvious is to mix a little gold with the black. That’s a no-brainer, forever and always. I love the nude pinks with black and what about the reds? Whether it’s swapping the black clutch for a red or wearing long ear dangles in the ballet shades – it makes the tried and true lbd look different.

What about stacks of gold bracelets or jewel tones on each wrist?

The only rule I stick to is, more is more when it comes to these types of bracelets. Bracelets can make such a great impact and they are one of the ways we can “save” in our dressing philosophy. When travelling a little black dress is the perfect companion but it can be dull to wear the same dress night after night – throw the colourful accessories in the suitcase and create a new look. Bracelets are one of those “have fun with” accessories and I wear them a lot when I want to make a statement. Funnily its the one accessory I do get many compliments on.

Drop earrings, especially colourful ones, are an easy way to re-invent our lbd. The same can be said for shoes of a different shape and shade. We don’t need to wear black with black and all black with a colourful mule or heel can also change the look right up.

Today I am introducing Moda Operandi, another fabulous online resource to find out the latest and greatest in fashion. Moda Operandi has wonderful editorial articles, they arrange online trunk shows and take pre-orders on those pieces you have seen but don’t know where to buy. Their curating of designers is superb and for special occasion dressing, it’s my first stop.

I needed the inspiration to re-invent an exiting black dress for a dinner I’m attending tomorrow night and that’s how I got enmeshed in their world of colourful accessories.

You’ll get lost, I promise. xv

Style Notes: Re-Inventing The LBD

  1. jennifer behr barette  ||  lulu frost earrings ||  roxanne assoulin bracelets ||  malone souliers flats
  2. beck jewels rose earrings ||  nicholas kirkwood flats

  3. rose assoulin bracelet  ||  bounkit rose quartz drops ||  kiera tota  ||  bibi marini earrings  ||  mara & mine slippers  ||  smythson panama mini

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This is my “go-to” style every time. Whether I change the look with a modest collier of pearls, a scarf or a little jacket, the LBD is my signature.

Taste of France

You’re absolutely right that the LBD will look like a different dress if paired with blush pink vs. red vs. tan/beige. A red dress can look smashing, but everybody will remember it. With the LBD, they remember you, not just what you wore.

Mimi Gregor

Even when I try to look for a dress that is not black, I generally end up with black. Not only is it my favorite color (Yes, I know that technically it is not considered a “color.”) but it is just so versatile. Whether it be simply running errands, or going out to dinner, or even a more formal wedding, just a change of accessories changes the entire context of the dress. (And, yes, I do wear black to weddings. With the right accessories, it can look celebratory rather than “widow in mourning”.)

Deborah Milne

I think that’s why we all love the LBD, so easy to transform it again & again! Its wonderful that we can add those trendy accessories we all love to shop for. I hope the dinner party you attended was great fun Vicki!

Cheers to you on this International Woman’s Day. xxx


It’s what makes our LBD a constant winner. Always in style, able to go from work-day to evening out simply with a change of accessories, the magic dress for everyone! (I feel the same about black pants, with a black blazer or t shirt.). Happy International Women’s Day…here’s praying that women all over the world will one day truly be free, and equal. ❤️


Thank you Serena, I passed your compliment on to the girls and they were thrilled :)
They do a great job and have skills I could only possess in my wildest dreams…


LBD numéro un dans ma garde robe + quelques accessoires , en un tour de main je suis élégante pour n’importe quelles occasions. Très beau votre blog :)


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