6 Feb 2015

Remember Wedges? Only Too Well

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Remember wedges? Please tell me that I am not the only one.

I am half way between wincing and laughing as I reflect back on my days as a fashionista. 

I can still see myself balancing precariously in a pair of wedges, cork to be exact and about 6 inches solid, that took every ounce of balance and athletic skill I possessed to keep upright.


How I looked as I wobbled along, trying to keep my equilibrium, I don’t even want to think about.

How I never ended up in hospital with broken ankles or legs is beyond me; lucky I guess.

The worst part, I truly, truly did think they were fabulously cool. Hindsight takes no prisoners.

I can still envision my father to this day, the bewildered expression on his face, as I tottered around in what looked to him like bricks strapped to my feet.

Too kind to say anything; too smart perhaps.

A love of fashion has no bounds.

They are back it would seem, the wedges are bigger and brighter than ever this coming season.

Thankfully maturity has kicked in and while I am an adopter of the latest with the greatest of gusto, I am also more conservative than I once was. I am decidedly more agile at adaption.

Making trends work for me, rather than the other way around.

I do like wedges and I admire them on many, but some are more flattering and practical than others.

I have been browsing Nordstrom, a dangerous but very fun pastime and found my favourites from the family owned Spanish brand, Pedro Garcia.

I like the clean lines, the modern look yet they don’t remind me of my misguided past.

They have a femininity to them, some wedges can appear too orthopedic and too aging to be flattering.

I see myself wearing these with so many looks; dresses, full skirts, capri pants and even a tailored suit.

By the way, never with socks or tights. *wink*

And did I mention that these are super comfortable? xv

Walking In Wedges

**the molly  //  the nautical  //  the vica  //  the vanessa


nothing to do with wedges but these parson satin sneakers must be the cutest sneakers ever

they fall somewhere between dorothy, kansas city and little red riding hood

image stylecaster.com

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Anita Rivera

Oh yes, I remember! I never fell, but a good friend of mine did! We were in her bedroom as she was showing me the HUGE and TALL wedges she bought to wear on our graduation party night. Her mother walked into the room and yelled at her saying, “You are not wearing those tonight!” As my friend attempted to convince her mother she could handle this high-wire act, SHE WENT DOWN, and I mean, TIMBER! I will never forget that. I think after that incident, I stopped wearing mine and resorted to wearing my boots with the more balanced heel!

Oh Vicki, a trip down amnesia lane! Teehheee Anita


Anita, yes… I have been remembering all of my fashion faux pas this morning… I love wedges when they are a reasonable height, but somehow in my younger days I forgot the word reasonable and went all the way!!

I need a dose of amnesia… all so embarrassing… ;)

Teddee Grace

I love wedges and actually prefer the old variety with the heel and sole the same height. They offer a lot more stability than stilettos, provide length to shorter legs and the chunky look makes even peasant legs look lithe!


And we love that, Teddee… a lithe leg.. ;) ;)
I wish mine were a little lither these days…

Heather in Arles

A girl should never. Under any circumstances. Wear shoes that she doesn’t look great walking in.
But oh who are we kidding, I had the highest pair in the late 80s by John Fleuvog that were a disco throwback – red and silver leather embossed in a reptile pattern! Yeah baby! I never fell though, not even tottered (ok maybe once after a tiiiiny bit of vodka had been consumed). The trick, just like with any heel height is to move heel to toe…


I love wedges, that said there are some more attractive than others. I am not a fan of the huge clunky ones. Thankfully I have managed not to fall when I have worn them.

I cannot wait to go and check out your links to see if there is anything I need for Summer.

Have a fabulous day Vicki!


Oh yes, I remember my first pair of wedges well! It was 1975 and they were purchased at Thom McCan (sp). Light blue corderoy on top and a woven base of some sort. And I loved them SO such! I wore them to my high school “Harvest Moon Dance” with a long peasent dress with little blue flowers that matched them. After that they were worn with bell bottoms, hot pants and short denim skirts. Ahhh…the 70’s!


I remember them well. Lori…
I don’t know if I can admit to bell bottoms on the same day though… ;) ;)


Hi Vicki. I have three pair of wedges and love them all. My go to summer sandal last year was a pair of Bjorn full sole wedges, which I wore with skinny jeans all the time. A 48 year old Moms version of a stiletto. Then I broke my foot this fall, not while wearing wedges, and invested in a pair of black wedge boots and pumps by Shoefly. Required to keep my legs level with the broken foot boot. Both super comfortable and great for the rainy region of the U.S. that I live in.

I love feeling tall and thin in my wedges! Go for it!

Segreto Secrets

I love wedges! Especially in the Spring and Summer. They wont aerate the grass at the barbeques – bonus!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finsihes


Hi there Vicki

Let me get this out in the open. I adore wedges! Small wedge, medium wedge, hike me up with the big girls wedge – I have them all. I have some uber comfy Balenciaga wedge ankle boots in brown suede that have seen their second winter season with me. When I clicked the confirm purchase on netaporter I did have a ‘what have I done….’ moment but once they arrived the regret was soon forgotten. I have trainers to walk the dog in, I cant run in them – I look a fool – Ive never learnt to jog…but man, can I run in wedges!! Go on Vicki, a pre Season treat (or two!).

ps love the satin sneakers, I am a sucker for sneakers. Last year I got some satin Man Repeller sneakers from Superga both olive in pale blue for a fraction of Pedro Garcia price – super comfy; Im sure they are still available.

Hope youre having a good day.

Lets see those wedged up feet!!

Ruthie x


Vicki oh yes do I remember trying to walk in those ridiculous things, all to be “in” and so fashionable!
Love the new shorter heeled wedges with straps that make you at least look great and feel safe at the same time!

The Arts by Karena New Feature!

Margot Campbell

I remember my wedges very well and I loved them. I worked in Toronto at that time.My Dad worked downtown as well and once a month we would meet up and have an icecream and a walk. The first day I put my wedges on was an Icecream day. My Dad is 6’1 and I was taller then him I was 6’3. We had such a laugh.

Angela Muller

I’ve worn wedges, but never with those ridiculously thick platforms. It was almost impossible to walk any distance in them because they seemed to put all the pressure on the ball of the foot. Anyway, the Pedro Garcia line you referenced has promise for me. I love the subtlety of the design. Even those with a higher platform look sleek and seem like they would be comfortable. Thanks for the “heads up”. I guess I’ll have to pull myself out of my boots for summer, the only time I actually feel forced into regular shoes.

jayme emond

I love a wedge heel, it’s the platform sole I am waryof now. I smiled in recognition at your description– they “looked to him like bricks strapped to my feet.” They really were like wearing bricks. Thanks for the memories. (I love your blog by the way!) jayme.

Gigi Thibodeau

I’m actually much more comfortable in platform wedges than I am in stilettos! I’ve honestly never stopped liking them, so I’m thrilled that they’re hot again! ;)

Gina Diamond

The only “heels” I have worn in many years have been wedges and if they do not have too high of a heel, are really quite comfortable and very easy to walk in. I think they have spoiled me because now I don’t even want to wear a regular pump. Of course, the shoe must fit the outfit so pumps adorn my feet when necessary. I love the selections you shared from Nordstrom. I have found some fabulous ones from Sundance online from time to time.

Marsha @ Splenderosa

Only non-platform wedges for me. The platform makes them too high for me, as I’m tall anyway, but I’ve actually missed a step because they are so think and my foot wasn’t accommodating to not knowing where the actual ground was. But I do think a tiny open-toe wedge is beautiful. But like some of the others, I am not about to wear a big cluncky pair of shoes no matter the style of the moment.


I don’t particularly like the really high block type wedges even though I did wear them in my younger years when I followed fashion more than I should have and ended up wearing too many things that didn’t suit me.
I have a few pairs of low wedges in varying styles. Some are more beach style and others dressier and both styles have an incline so it doesn’t look or feel like I’m wearing bricks on my feet. In my younger years when the wedges were enormous and made from wood or cork my favourites were the cork ones. They looked great with the wonderful and iconic “Merrivale” handbag which was all the rage in Australia at that time.

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I used to love to wear these stilts in the 70s until one night my cousin and I decided to go to Pizza Hut I’m not sure if you remember this place I think was in Pitt Street you had to go down quite a few stairs well I fell all the way down I was so embarrassed didn’t feel any pain until the next day…lots of bruises. My back is paying for it now with a vengeance. No stilts oops…sorry I mean Wedges for this girl. Thank you for sharing. Till next time. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS you should have seen the faces on the staff and diners…Kodak moment. I admire who ever is brave enough to wear Wedges.


I really laughed while reading your post and reader comments. The 70’s were something!!


I love them and bought a bunch of pairs while living in Argentina and happily they are sitting here in my closet waiting for summer. Soon I will be in the closet waiting for summer too, if we have one more snowstorm ..


I was never a big fan of the wedge Vicki, even the first time around. I have one pair of black suede wedges which actually look quite nice but I find them so awkward to walk in that I very rarely wear them …… maybe a sign of old age for me ?!!!! XXXX

Heather Lindstrom

I must be the odd duck here, or maybe I’ve been lucky with my wedges, but I find them to be nicely stable and comfortable. There are so many options, as you’ve shown, it’s all about finding the flattering fit. Happy weekend, Vicki!
xx, Heather


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