18 Mar 2017

Revisiting French Rules: Lips And Eyes

Revisiting French Girls Rules on vickiarcher.com

French women might not regard these winning combinations as rules.
When it comes to how many French women wear their make-up, they do follow a couple of particular patterns, in my observation at least. And from where I sit with make-up, I believe it is a winning formula.

Lips and eyes, with a French take, works like this.

When wearing a dark eye, the shadow and liner applied with a heavier hand, the lips must be pale and almost nude. The eyes are the focus and the mouth a mere bagatelle.

When the eyes are bare, emphasised only with lashings of mascara and a defined brow, the lip shades can go all out and the stronger the better. Vermilion or a blood red comes first to mind but the same rule works with the fuchsia, burgundy brown and tangerine shades. 

If we mix the rules the result can look very overdone and instead of drawing attention for the right reasons we attract them for all the wrong reasons.

The more I move away from heavy make-up and exaggerated details the more I think following this French “rule’ is a no brainer. It’s impossible to go wrong if we stick to one or the other.

To be made up, ready to go and out the door in 5 is made even easier if we tack this way of thinking onto our morning routine. All we need are a choice of 2 lipsticks, an eye pencil and our mascara and eyelash curlers. Easy.

I wish the face and skin care routines were quite as simple. xv

Revisiting French Rules

my chanel reds

le rouge crayon in rouge  ||  rouge allure ink in experimente  ||  allure velvet in rebelle

the only nude I am wearing

charlotte tilbury in penelope pink  ||  burberry full kisses in nude  ||  mac nude in cherish

image, léa seydoux

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Taste of France

There was a news photo of a woman executive (she got blasted enough, so I won’t say who), and everything was just wrong. It was Too Much. The eyeliner, especially (not just on top), but also the competing eyes/mouth. It was ’80s/’90s makeup, from when she was probably in her 20s or 30s, and she never updated. As a result she looked dated.
Look at the photos of Cate Blanchett yesterday. Her lips aren’t non-existent or Kardashian nude, but everything is subtle.


Hello Vicki, I love all those shades of red that you listed by Chanel. That is the only brand of lipstick I wear and it’s my splurge. I feel the need to stock up. Thanks for the blog today.

Helen Tilston

Hello Vicki
I agree with what you say here. This model looks great. I find the heavy, overly emphasized, eyebrows very unflattering. This too shall pass as does all trends. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the emerald isle
Hope you have a great week


I always follow this rule for make-up. I follow a similar rule for jewelry. Earrings with bracelets, never earrings with a necklace! Less is more!

Anita Rivera

I like this….I love this! What works best for me is one or the other- dramatic eyes and softer lip shades or bold lips and a relaxed eye. For my daily work routine, I dress up with good jewelry, but always have my bold red lips and barely any eye makeup. But if we go out and I get dressed up even more dramatically, lots of EYE power is called for! Leave it to the French woman, and to YOU, dearest Vicki, to confirm the beauty secrets! And, I look forward to you maybe doing a piece on growing out one’s hair…


My opinion :)
I find such red lipstick on a pale and young girl to be “off” .. her sweet young face would look better, in my opinion, with a softer , less harsh and hard red lipstick. It might have worked in the 1940s but today’s young women are looking better with more natural colors .
A coral color would work better, imo.


That is what happens as we women get older, the skin care regime gets more lengthy and complex, and the make up routine less so. I suppose there is a balance achieved either way, as with youth so much time is spent on applying layers of make-up and less attention on skin care.


Lea Seydoux, no? Beautiful AND a fine actress. From the interesting Seydoux-Schlumberger families. Love the ear-rings! Best wishes, Pamela


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