19 Jan 2017

Wrap Up And Relax: Robe Ready

Wrap Up and Relax: Robe Ready on vickiarcher.com

Are you robe ready?

Do you love lounging around in a cosy, cosy robe or are you a robe-out-of-site-type-of-girl?

Do you love a long, snuggly fit or a slide in silky style?

I think the robe, like many of our other fashion staples, is just that and certainly there is one for all occasions. The need-comfort robe, the a-little-sexy robe or the cover-up robe, for starters. Then there is the lazy-not-getting-dressed robe, which let’s be truthful, are absolutely imperative on some days.

I like a snuggly fit and mine to be a longer length; the idea is to be the comfortable and warm go-to after a delicious bath.

A robe in my mind is just as important as the party dress, even more so, because we wear them every day and for much longer. Yet oftentimes we don’t consider investing in a “wardrobe of robes” because we think they aren’t necessary. The same goes for pretty lingerie.

I have always had a “thing” about being caught out in bad sleepwear.

I am not entirely sure where that notion comes from but it is one of those to be locked in the mind forever along with the must-wear-good-underwear-at-all-times philosophy. Somewhere in my hazy recollections it may have been words of wisdom according to my mother.

The short (or long of it) is I am in the mood and in the market for a new robe(s).

I am throwing my threadbare and unattractive numbers away and smartening up. I might not Jean Harlow myself totally with the full on feather fit but a little silk and chenille to bundle up will do the trick. xv

Wrap Up And Relax: Robe Ready

long and luxy

hooded plush //  hanro hooded plush  //  **oscar de la renta plush  //  **take me away plush  //  divine textured  //  gabriella long silk

short and sweet

kate spade mrs satin  //  topshop not a morning person  //  topshop teddy chevron

image jean harlow, dinner at 8

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You are quite right about the bad sleepwear. I was caught out once at a conference centre. I was running a 2 day training program which included image. At about 11.00 pm the first night the fire alarm went and we all had to congregate in the driveway. Trainers and delegates altogether. Luckily I was well robed up however I forgot to take my bath hat off in the panic!

Debra Pinck

I totally agree with the notion of a luxurious robe. I just made the investment this winter and I’m so glad I did. It’s a daily indulgent and I ❤️It! As spring nears, I will be in the market for a luxurious lighter weight robe.


I would love to trot around the house in the Halow robe. Too bad they don’t make those anymore:) The black silk one is beautiful.

Dolly loth

I learned my lesson about the importance of good robes when we go away and stay in a hotel from a tragic incident . When the Conservative conference in Brighton had a bomb go off at the Grand Hotel .
The first thing that I noticed was how all the Conservative delegates including Margaret Thatcher were wearing the most beautiful robes as they gathered outside the hotel. Up until that moment I had never considered taking a robe to a hotel


Pottery Barn has a Faux Fur Robe that’s currently on sale. My kids gave it to me for Christmas and I have to say it feels like I’m wearing whipped cream every time it goes on. Absolutely love it! Good luck on your search for the perfect robes.


I too, was caught at a hotel on a vacation in Florida when the fire alarm went off. All I had was my pink short waffle weave bath robe. What an embarrassment! Since we were in the land of outlet malls, I purchased a beautiful robe st half off. After vacations I wash it and it goes right back into the suitcase along with a travel blanket and other must haves. I find that if I keep things ready to go it makes my future packing simpler

Jennifer Lively

What I love about your blog posts, besides the great content of course, is that you always find the most remarkable photographs. This one I assume is of the actress Jean Harlow.

Lisa DeNunzio

Luxurious. I went shopping with my very dear British friend for what we would call a bathrobe. She, on the other hand was looking for what she called a ‘dressing gown’. What a difference!!


I’ve been searching for a robe a good few months now Vicki, they are rare here.
I’ve now gone for an apron !! Over my sleep ware. I find after the shower when I get home from work I still do lots of little jobs n things around the house, so on goes the apron, be it gardening, hosing, washing, tidying, sweeping, that apron gets a workout. I’m still looking for the ‘robe’ whenever I’m out and about. I’ll find it one day glowing in its softness and (I would love feathers)! Silk.


I can’t be caught in a robe so I always dress in the morning, excepting Christmas. I don’t want anyone to assume I’m lazy. But, I do like to snuggle in a robe before bed. And, a cozy one, not a sexy one.
It’s a sweet memory when our mother’s words enter our head. My mother always said we should wear nice underwear in case we were in an accident. Ha! I think that would be the least of my worries but then we come from very different generations.


I too have a thing for robes. Being very petite however, many robes devour me, so at times I have resorted to making my own perfectly fitting kimonos and cozy robes. I like the idea of ‘dressing gowns’ ala Sherlock and the glam movies of yore. Hee hee, I even like thinking about robes, so comforting.


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