6 Aug 2016

Robin Wright: Another Beautiful Face

Robin Wright, Another Beautiful Face on vickiarcher.com. Portraits by Peter Lindbergh

Robin Right is another beautiful and very striking face.

If nothing else I would watch House of Cards to observe her wardrobe and style signature. I’m not sure how she feels about it, but Robin Wright has so totally assumed the role of Claire Underwood it is hard to imagine her in any other role.

I admire her very sophisticated look in the show and her wardrobe is so totally in character; her personal stylist, Kemal Harris has exquisite taste and understands well the definition of “power dressing”.

Power dressing is a signature style I would aspire too, hopefully a tad softer than the Claire Underwood character, and the Robin Wright athletic looking figure would go a long way to making that happen. Like all fashion the key is to adapt a style in the areas that work for you. Wright is not super tall at 5’6, although the impression she gives as Claire Underwood is of a much taller woman.

This just goes to show the way the right fashion can create contrary impressions.

In Paris, on my pharmacy treasure hunt, I found another product I am really finding beneficial. It is a serum with pigment perfecting qualities or in other words it reduces existing pigmentation and helps prevent new spots occurring.

Having grown up in Sydney, this has been a way of life for me for some time. As I l know well and true, this is no miracle but I do think the texture of my skin is better and the spots less obvious l. I use the serum in place of my other as a way to kick start my skincare routine and in conjunction with my other Filorga products, the cleanser and the dual action exfoliating scrub.

I am really seeing results and really, really like this particular serum. As it is summer in Europe it means being extra fastidious with the sunscreen.

We all have our absolute loves when it comes to skincare and our favourite routines. I thought you might like to try this serum; I think it’s well worth the effort. xv

watch behind the scenes HERE

Another Beautiful Face

filorga ‘pigment perfect dark spot corrector serum  //  feelunique for uk readers  // foam cleanser  //  dual action exfoliating scrub

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Anita Rivera

I absolutely agree about Robin Wright’s character from House of Cards. Not only has she shown her chops as an actress over the years, but in this particular role, she plays the passive aggressive so well with her reserved smoldering of plots and plans, and in addition, HER WARDROBE is perfectly cast. The simple lines of her dresses, the youthful capped sleeves showing off her muscles and the plain bodices suggest an girlish, “innocent” Clare. But Wright elegantly carries the evil Clare around in this well-coiffed, well-heeled mannequin of a figure, and I WANT HER WARDROBE! And, I want to further investigate this serum. I am now needing it more than ever at my age! Glad to know that your email is up and running Vicki! Happy day, Anita


Anita couldn’t have said it better. I particluarly love Claire Underwood’s wardrobe in the first two seasons. Robin Wright is just gorgeous. House of Cards is the only series I’ve watched since Mad Men.

Taste of France

Same here. I love her wardrobe. I think she embodies a strong yet feminine character. It’s too bad that has to take an evil turn. I also like Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife–at least her clothes. I have only seen a couple of episodes.
I would dress like that all day every day, but it would be ridiculous for my current lifestyle. I’m not on TV anymore or supervising people or even seeing anybody, since I work from home. Sigh!

Teddee Grace

I’m getting a “Not Available” when I use your link for the product.


When I made the links, it was all fine and available! Thank you so much Teddee for letting me know…
So sorry.. I will see where else I can find stock and re-create the link…


OK this will make you laugh. While watching House of Cards I was actually Googling ” Robin Wright Grey Dress On House Of Cards” seriously trying to find out the brand. I was so sophisticated and minimal but fit her to a tee. Yes I watch HOC mostly for Robin but gee whiz isn’t Frank Underwood just a really juicy character??? I would have sworn Robing was 6′ tall. Just shows what good posture does for a person. Her back is stick straight, shoulders back, tummy in. HHMMM wonder if she was in the military or raised by military parents ?

I have a girl crush on her too :)


I like Robin Wright, she is a great Actress, and Spacey is the best.
Speaking of the best I think Anita is the best in blogging,
Anita is one talented Lady a pleasure to know, a beautiful soul.


Love Robin Wright in ‘House of Cards’, enjoy watching how every scene is styled so that wardrobe matches the decor and the mood of the scene. Claire’s wardrobe is impeccable, beautifully tailored and designed so that you notice her before you notice her clothing. Yes I’ve taken notes…
Also nice to see her directing and executive producing credits on the show, credit where credit is (over)due in Hollywood.


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