3 Feb 2021

The Beauty Detective: Romilly Wilde

The Beauty Detective: Romilly Wilde on vickiarcher.com

This Is One Fabulous Find.

Romilly Wilde was introduced to me by a friend a few months ago – a brand I didn’t know but one she raved about and was sure I would love. The products are all about clean beauty as opposed to chemical gains. I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to beauty “miracles” and at my age, I don’t hold my breath waiting for them.

From what I see if you don’t fill and inject or face the surgeon there won’t be major life-changing results. I have never believed a cream can counteract the jowls or eliminate hooded lids. Retinol A is perhaps the exception for facial lines but early adoption and tolerance to the sensitivity is crucial. It is what it is and to what lengths we go is personal. I’m not overly vain – at least I don’t think so – and am a big believer in personality, style and confidence as a beauty aid. Without all the positive attributes mentally, all the surgery and jabs in the world won’t make a beauty. I remind myself on a regular basis that how I look is not who I am and it’s a helpful mantra when a glance in the mirror is less soothing than expected.

This does not mean we cannot do the best by our skin with the right products.

Negotiating what to use is a minefield and I must receive more than a hundred emails a week about new wonder potions. Yes, I am curious and I try some and not others. What counts for me is the quality of my skin. How it feels and how well it is hydrated. Is it smooth? Has sensitivity been activated? How puffy are my eyes? And does it have an overwhelming fragrance? That is my biggest deterrent; an overpowering fragrance is not what I want in a skincare product. I don’t wish to suffer in the name of beauty; those days are relegated to the ignorance of youth.

So about Romilly Wilde.

A small brand, not overly known globally but starting to make its mark as certain celebrities in West Hollywood discover how fabulous it is. Remember I told you first ;) There are not a huge range of products, which for me is a big positive. Cleansing and hydration are what skincare means to me and if routines are overly complex I simply won’t follow orders.

I mentioned the cleanser (divine) and since then I have been using the serum, night cream and facial oil without exception. My skin feels amazing, better than it’s ever felt. How can I describe it? It feels refreshed, plump and never drawn – that dryness and unpleasant tight feeling has disappeared. I am using way less product than I needed before and reaping the benefits. Three months have passed and I am very pleased with the results.

I use the serum every day and night. Fullstop. A Serum is my non-negotiable when it comes to my face. Every other evening I mix a drop of the facial oil into the serum for an extra boost. I follow with the night cream. The cleanser I will use as a mask treatment 2-3 times weekly and it’s my at-home spa treatment. Working out what and when depends on your skin type, where you live and how affected it is by your environment.

At the moment Romilly Wilde is available on their own website but the great news is they ship worldwide. It’s so worth a few days wait to try.

My skin has never felt so great and right now that feels like a big win. xv

The Beauty Detective: Romilly Wilde

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Thanks Vicki for the scoop on Romilly Wilde. Personally, I go through phases that nothing seems to work so I rotate my favorites and try not to mix and stay with the same brand for my day and night regiment….well sometimes I do;-) I am glad you mentioned that you stuck with the product to see the benefits. Sometimes I want results tomorrow..haha


Know what you mean… but this one is so lovely and I am enjoying the results as well as the feel.. :)

Jennifer Gersch


I always love your emails! Thank you for the info on Romilly Wilde; I will look into it further.

As for injections, botox, etc–I am firmly against it. I’m convinced that in the coming ten years or so, we will start to hear about the health risks from the medical community. In the meantime, I am a firm believer that this is a danger to young women and girls. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen photos of Hollywood celebs where something is a little off or unnatural, never mind those procedures that have gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The best armor against this is a healthy dose of confidence and assuredness, something older generations knew and lauded.

I have enormous respect and admiration for those celebs who have aged beautifully and gracefully (Meryl Streep, Salma Hayek, etc). These are the role models I want young girls to look up to–not women with an absence of crow’s feet or smile lines.

It’s time for all women to take a stand against this trend. It’s horrible, demeaning, and may very well kill the next generation of women.


I’m so in agreement with Jennifer – a very well written comment.
I too fear for the younger generations who have even gone through a minor ‘nip and tuck’ and then can’t stop. One of our nieces had a gastric bypass to lose weight for a high school reunion many years ago – we’ve almost lost her several times and even now she continues to battle terrible health issues constantly because of a botched surgery.
As for our skin, we must admit to ourselves that it’s usually genetic whether we have oily or dry, clear or pimply and smooth or wrinkled as we age. I’ve embraced my skin now I’m 77 and love it with some laugh lines, goes with the almost grown out silver hair! I know I’m doing the best I can regarding cleaning, moisturizing, treating etc. I would actually love to try these products Vicki, I read everything I could find about them, but quite honestly I’ll have to win the lottery to buy them! If they are that fabulous they aren’t a one time purchase which could be expensive! Or, I could put them on my wish list for a certain guy perhaps!

Great post, and those flowers are soooo fabulous to view on a chilly winter day, thanks.

Jennifer Gersch

Love your comment Mary! Thank you!

I hope your niece gets better soon. These are some of the stories we don’t hear, though they must be heard, especially if we ever hope to stem the tide of this horrible trend.

I also wonder about the guys who keep dating, or stay married, to these women whose faces look drastically different from the day they met them. Has anybody asked them?

Lastly, a word of advice to all women out there: The French have done it best for years now: Nothing ages you faster than a face or body that doesn’t reflect its true age. Dressing super young, or looking your age at the lip line while your eyes are somehow missing their lines–Guess what? It looks strange, unnatural and completely ages you, faster than a few fine lines ever would have. And, yes, we all know! You’re not hiding anything (Kris, Kendall, kids, etc). It doesn’t look attractive to me, and it sure as hell doesn’t look attractive to any guy, at least if you asked him honestly.


Thank you Jennifer – my niece is petite and after three baby boys had a normal weight gain, but nothing she needed to put her life at risk for with an unnecessary elective surgery! The initial surgery almost killed her, followed by so many more issues from digestive problems to heart attack etc. etc.

Vicki, you do share lovely things with us – thanks again.

Carole J

Hi Vicki, thanks for the tip! I am always looking for clean beauty products that enhance. Good to know they ship outside of the Uk too.


Both comments from Jennifer and Mary are astute and spot on about young women. I’m pleased that my own gorgeous daughter has never resorted to the drastic procedures that many women do, consequently she is fresh faced, natural and, in my view, stunning. Like me she does look after her skin and I’m sure when she is my age she will have just aged gracefully. I regularly use a mask, have always cleansed and moisturised my skin; now I’m older I do have lines and still have a dry skin which does need a deep moisturiser. I often look at new products too Vicki and have tried some excellent Darphin products you have recommended but, like Mary, I would also need a lottery win to purchase any of these products, as excellent as they maybe.


Good morning Vicki!

It has been and I hope it will continue to be for many years to come, a JOY to be with you on this journey of growing into our skin. I agree with you that who I am becoming on the outside is not who I am becoming on the inside. What I love seeing is my grandmother’s face, my mother’s, my two aunts’ faces appear on mine now. All of us women in this family have the same aging characteristics; our eyes stay bright but the mouth begins to drop a bit -nothing a sincere smile can’t fix. In some ways, I almost giggle in joy to see that if grace is on my side, I could live long enough to be a “mature” woman. That said, the beauty products we use to help us come to grips with our bodies’ state of being, those that feel “barely there” but work to maintain a healthy state of being are the ones for me. Serums have really proven to be so helpful in giving our skin such a silky feel.

Stay well dear Vicki. You are a treasure.


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