31 Jul 2012

Saint Tropez… I just had to have some


In Saint Tropez… everything is on show… the good, the great and the totally fabulous… It wasn’t just the glamorous super yachts that grabbed my attention yesterday… It was the shoes… and the legs… the fabulous legs… promenading on every little street… I tried to point and click on the whole scene before me but found myself continually focusing on the pavement. Nearly all the women were wearing heels and in particular, espadrille wedges.

I felt like something from another century in my perfectly appropriate ballet flats… too conservative, too stitched up… I loved the casual vibe in Saint Tropez… It’s all swimsuits, heels and flowing linen… comfort but with an edge of chic… Seriously… the girls looked fab… Not too glitzy, like they can sometimes… just gorgeous.

It felt quieter this year in Saint Tropez… maybe it was the Monday afternoon… or maybe things have backed up a little… and this explained the more peaceful and relaxed vibe… It was easy to roam the streets and browse the shops… not something I would normally say about Saint Tropez.

Yesterday was a preliminary look… an initial promenade… but I couldn’t leave without a pair of espadrille wedges… I won’t be walking around Saint Tropez  again without wearing mine.

Do you feel like some espadrille wedges too?

I bought some just like this … here… but loved the patent ones like this… here

and I am still thinking about the ones with the lace ups like these… here

If I were braver I would be walking around wearing these, in no time… here

I will let you know … but for now, I am off to the market to see what’s new… Have a great day and speak tomorrow…. xv

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Christine Hooker

I can’t wait to get to France for more espadrilles. I have a few from all over including the GAP but my favorite, most comfortable pair, the cutest and the ones on which I get the most compliments…Wal-Mart! It’s true!
I save them for special occasions so as not to wear them out or spill anything on them that can’t be cleaned off!
Can’t wait for more from St. Tropez.
xoxo, Chris


Hi Vivki, I know what you mean with the heels! When we were there a couple of weeks ago that’s vitually all that I saw, alas, I was in my flats too, too afraid to wear my super wedges that I had bought especially for the trip, too many hills in St. Tropez for me to navigate in super height wedges! They do look wonderful, but only if you can walk in them. I saw so many ladies “attempting” to stroll nonchalantly down the street in a very awkward manner whilst wearing them, meanwhile, I just glided along in my ballet flats or “blinged” thongs. I’m afraid that comfort reigned over fashion for me.

Angela x

Janelle McCulloch

That first image…OMG!

What is even more amazing than her state of dress is the fact that the guy next to her is not even turning his head!

Espadrille wedges are incredibly comfortable. I have half a dozen pairs. But not this high…

Love these images. So glad you’re having a lovely time.



You captured the vibe brilliantly. Oh those legs! I don’t know how they walk in some of those heels. One thing I noticed this year was that some shorts were so short that it did not leave a lot to the imagination.

Vicki Lee Johnston

I love espadrilles, so much safer than heels … always disappearing down cracks in the sidewalk!
Those legs!!!
I would certainly be wearing long pants or skirt … going for the elegantly feminine but nicely covered :))

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

Love all of the espadrille wedges. I would have to have a pair (or two?) just to feel like I fit in. Now I’m not sure how far I could walk in them….

Keep the photos coming from Saint Tropez. So, so fun to see.


I love wearing espadrilles wedges. They are so comfortable. Wow, those women in St Tropez have long legs and tanned! So sexy.

The Enchanted Home

Actually love the espadrilles and they are about the only “heel” I wear anymore..all the above look so chic, especially on tanned toned legs then knownig they are walking about St. Tropez makes them even that more special!
They are a great summer shoe and look wonderful with dresses, capris and shorta like…enjoy!

Heather in Arles

To have a bod like the one in the first photo for just a day…le sigh. Great shot, Vicki!

And I all smirky proud of my new wedge espadrilles–an early gift from my Sister. Of course, they are just sitting in the box for now but they will be put to use soon…

Have a wonderful rest of your time in St. Trop!


I need a pair of espadrille wedges too. Those are some beautiful wedges you’ve captured. :) I always like a resort or any travel destination more beautiful on week days than during the weekend, you catch its real vibe. :)

Garden, Home and Party

I see lots of great wedge espadrilles here (Southern California) too! Such a great look for summer. It looks like you’re having postcard perfect weather. Have fun.

Amy Kortuem

Yes, thanks to you, I definitely AM feeling like some espadrille wedges! I’ve been wearing some cork-heeled wedges, but after seeing this, the cork heels might be a little too sleek.

Plus, I really need to get my legs tan…oh, this Irish skin of mine.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

I love this post, Vicki. I am envious of the beautiful legs. I guess I need to get back to the gym.
The shoes are beautiful, and I would have picked up a pair too.
Happy Tuesday.


Wow, all beautiful but making me really feel my age, sigh!!!
I love shoes but am now always thinking about comfort and safety – walking in those really high wedgies could cause my demise….or a broken ankle! I like the ones you chose, they look gorgeous but are a more sensible height – I can see you ‘strutting your stuff’ in those Vicki and leaving the strugglers/stragglers in the dust as you shop in comfort!

Have a marvelous visit to Saint Tropez………and please share more great pics of life at the French beach.
Thanks – Mary

Kristine Kahler

I bought two pair of Ralph Lauren espadrilles this year- black and silver open toe shantung. I’ve only worn the black. I don’t seem to be able to incorporate them into what I wear, something is not quite right.


Vicki I have been dying for espadrille wedges all summer ( the shorter heel)The go with so many casual looks!

So happy to be back home from the rehab facility; now the real work begins!

Art by Karena

A Gift Wrapped Life

How wonderful that you unearthed that photo of my legs Vicki………..LOL! God, genetics are everything aren’t they? Oh, how I wish I had legs that would tan too! Looks like a fun, fun trip and looking forward to finding some wedge espadrilles. Enjoy! Much love XO


Wonderful post Vicki. Love those espadrilles! Mine are the (high) SW with the buckle strap. Yep.. wore them (when I wasn’t doing too much walking!) around Paris. Saint Tropez is on my must see list.. so I’m enjoying these photos!

Have fun,


I bought my first pair of espadrilles in the mid-seventies and have loved that style ever since – they are one of the prettiest shoes ever!
Have fun stepping out!


oh shoes, shoes, shoes…I adore shoes!!! Have since I was about 3 years old! I love the ones that you chose…and think I might need to invest in some espadrilles before summer is over, even if I’m not going to be in Saint Tropez (and why do all these women have such fabulous legs??? *sigh*)


What beautiful ladies! Love the legs, frankly if I had legs like that I would be walking down the street like that too!

I love wedge heels, it is all I wear in the summer. They look great with shorts, skirts, dresses, anything really.

Thanks for sharing! Elizabeth


These are seriously the most comfortable shoes. And because they are simple, they work with almost everything. Enjoy!!

Annette Piper

I too love espadrille wedges (I was totally converted after a trip to Italy last year) and my goodness, what lovely legs everywhere you looked! The woman in the top shot looks so glamorous, even from the back. Although the maxi and sandals still looks good if you have a long way to walk :)


Such effortless style….sigh!!!

I love wedges and love all those that you have featured…hope you are having a wonderful time Vicki XX

Kim Malcolm

Love that post Vicki and I hope the rest of your day in St Tropez was stunning! I remember the first time I fell in love with Espadrilles. I was living in London having moved from NZ at the time and my Spanish flatmate who was just ‘all style’ wore them. Needless to say they are no an essential. I feel that I need to visit St Trpoez and soon xxx

Trish Murphy

Oh to be young again!What fabulous magnificent tanned legs being adorned within stunning espadrilles! I bought my first at twenty years of age how I would love to wear them again ! Look forward to more holiday snaps.x Trish


I love wedges but you have to get the kind that are kind to the sole of the foot or they’re agony- so elegant though- the goodness of a heel with the relaxed look of a flat because you don’t totter- summer clothes/ shoes are so much nicer!


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