3 Aug 2012

Saint Tropez… Senequier and sweeties

What’s white and creamy, tastes of honey and almonds… and is the most delicious sweet in the world? Simple… for me, it is the nougat from La Pâtisserie Sénéquier in Saint Tropez… I have been munching this delectable sweet since 1995 and this nougat is without doubt one of the best. I am sorry to admit that nougat is most definitely my thing… I consider myself a bit of an expert… sad for my waistline… but there you have it… the truth… I love it and will fight the traffic and the crowds of summer to stock up and take home a few bars.

Le Pâtiserrie Sénéquier also sell other temptations… such as marzipan fruit, fruit jellies, glacé fruit and the most famous of all, the Saint Tropezian tart… I dare you to come out of there empty handed.

If you are in Saint Tropez… have a coffee in Le Sénéquier… it’s the red one on the port… people watch… because that’s the place to do it and then walk through to the back, where the patisserie is located and try some of their sweeties… I promise… you will not be disappointed.

Le Pâtisserie Seniquier, Place aux Herbes

Saint Tropez

83990 France

Feeling in a Saint Tropez Mood

Houses of Saint Tropez… see them… here

Dispatches from Saint Tropez: Reminiscences of La Vie en Rosé… read all about it…here

Have a fabulous day… xv

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Vicki Lee Johnston

Stunning photos …
I broke my ‘sugar free’ diet when I arrived in France .. their sweet temptations are a work of art.
I remember buying nougat at St Remy markets and eating before we got home .. oh dear.
Just as well it was a holiday and not a lifestyle!

Anita Rivera

Oh MON DIEU…..Quel délice…je le sais.

If I took my husband here, the poor man would not be able to SToP EATING!!!!!!!! He already had a hard enough time trying not to eat TOO much flan in Nice!

ANOTHER FINE POST, Vicki. You really have the French thing down perfectly. Thank you for this marevelous summer of delights.

On se regale bien ici!!! Anita


I haven’t eaten yet today … just thinking about my petit dejeuner and now all I want is something sweet!! mmmmmm…..

Mary Jo

Vicki, you’re making my mouth water, the description and the images–just beautiful! And that presentation on the glass tray–how elegant! I doubt you need to worry about your waistline, and for something this amazing it’s worth the indulgence every so often! Hope you’re having a wonderful time!
xo Mary Jo


Ahhhh! Vicki, how scrumptous, you’re killing me here in NY/NJ. I adore pate de fruit, and I have a favorite place for them in Cannes. Those nougats are also heavenly. That’s the thing about European, but especially French desserts. It doesn’t take a huge serving (except the pate de fruits) to be satisfied. There is such intense flavor in those small goodies, and pastries that you are satisfied!

Enjoy them for all of us and when I get there I shall too!


trish Murphy

The sweeties look yummy and so colourful.Love to be there.Have a lovely weekend.xTrish


Ooooo Vicki …….. that all looks delicious. I, too, am a lover of nougat, especially good nougat !!
Sorry that I’ve been a bad blogging buddy …… what with having to get used to this new MacBook Pro, I have also been in front of the television since the Opening Ceremony last Friday, watching the Olympics !! It sounds as if you are really enjoying the summer down there in the South of France. Vicki. Enjoy those delicious sweetmeats and have some extra ones for me ! XXXX


Dear Vicki
St Tropez looks wonderful. It’s about 40 years since we were last there and it must be time for another visit, especially now that you’ve provided such beautiful pics of some of your favourite places.

Would appreciate your advice/information on some nice places to stay in St Tropez, either apartments or hotels. Particularly in the town, or if outside, in a place which provides transport (eg a shuttle bus – if there is such a thing) into town. Best wishes, Pamela


They look divine! When I was in Paris we bought macaroons and ate them on the spot, they were delicious and irresistible ! St Tropez will be on the list of next place to visit, it looks fabulous, shame it is such a long way from Oz!


They are all beautiful works of art…great shots, Vicki!
I am a nougat girl as well…and how about those Calissons?? :)
Bon weekend!
– Irina

Helen Tilston

Hi Vicki

Please don’t eat all the nougat, save some for me please, please.
I love it. Oh and a few marzipans too, if you please. Thanks for the suggestion on where to have coffee and people watch.

Helen xx

Elizabeth Adams

Do you know if there is any way that one can go about buying this nougat in the united states, or if the cafe takes large orders?


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