28 Jul 2021

Sale Time: Navigate With Caution

Sale Time: Navigate With Caution on vickiarcher.com

I’m repeating myself.

It’s a cautionary tale when it comes to sale buying. Sale purchases go one of two ways; they are either brilliant and save hard-earned income or they are a disaster with time and money wasted. Seriously, there has never been an in-between for me.

I have mentioned my “rules” on a few occasions and they apply to not only the sale but also non-sale spending. Particularly in sale time, they become a useful weapon to ward off silly mistakes. These “rules” are three-fold, meaning I either love the item desperately, it’s better than what I already have in the wardrobe or it replaces a tried and true staple.

This year I have browsed through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a thorough and critical eye. It’s a serious look and takes some time just like rifling through old photographs. I didn’t find a huge amount but what I have found fits into my “rules” – for me at least.

At first glance, selections can seem too customary and not exciting enough. My answer to that is sale time is not the time to experiment or buy the unknown; it’s when I stock up and replace what I know to be good. I try and add a few beauty purchases or “specials sizes” that appear at sale time for myself or for my gift drawer.

There are some very essential additions to our wardrobes.

They are predominantly practical pieces to supplement what we have or add to the crucial side of the wardrobe. I always, always stock up on these; they aren’t in the new EDIT because – well, they are for underneath. Their practicality far outweighs their prettiness. These too.

Navigate with caution? I think I did. xv

The full sale EDIT here.

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Helen Meo

One of our New Zealand fashionistas says “before you buy you have to love it.”
Many times I’ve tried on a garment which was ‘Ok’ but those words rang in my ears and I walked away!
I now have a much reduced wardrobe of things I love.


“Would we like to see your picks?” We sure would! Having you do that is like we have our own personal shopper to curate and navigate for us!! I have VA suggestions to thank for some of my favourite fashion items-where would I be without my J Crew Pixie Pants, Cameron pants, Halogen Cashmere, Loafers, the trench coat, Eileen Fisher tops, the classic blazer….. you just keep suggesting Vicki, we love it!


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