12 Jan 2017

Where To Say “Yes” In Paris

Where To Say Yes In Paris on vckiarcher.com

I have had the most romantic request ever.

And I need your help.

It involves a marriage proposal and the most beautiful city in the world. Yes, I am biased.

Where is the most romantic place in Paris and how could the proposal be done?

I have thought of nothing else since my help was called for.

Firstly I thought about the element of surprise; that is a must.

Then I thought about the execution; it has to be possible and nothing can be left to chance.

Obviously the moment must be memorable for a lifetime; the pressure is on.

Where To Say Yes In Paris on vckiarcher.com

I love the idea of combining a magical location with a surprise action. Do they venture into Notre Dame Cathedral to light a candle and an engagement ring magically appears as he strikes the match? Is there a ring hidden somewhere in Jardins des Tuileries and discovered on a romantic stroll at dusk? Does he propose in the Winter Garden at the Musée Jacquemart Andrée?

Or pop the question beside Monet’s Water Lilies in Musée de l’Orangerie. What about Le Palais Royal amongst the black and white sculpture of Daniel Buren?

Then there is the Temple Romantique in the Bois de Vincennes or a ride on the vintage carousel at the Musée des Arts Forains. The Galerie Vivienne is the perfect place for a surprise tryst or simply a walk along the Seine could provide the perfect moment and an unforgettable backdrop.

Paris has always been “our” anniversary destination for many years.

It is a little late for a proposal, I was a sure bet many years ago, but the city still plays romance like no other.

Can we together think of the most romantic Parisian marriage proposal of all?  I am pretty sure we are all hopeless romantics; at least I hope so. xv


this little video might get some ideas happening

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I do hope we get to hear the details after the proposal happens :)
I will be sure to tell…


My husband proposed to me at Paris. We traveled there as early winter vacation at the end of November three years ago. I have been several times at Paris before but it was the first time as a couple with my husband to be. It didn’t even occured to me that he planned the trip because he wanted to propose to me there. He had the ring in his pocket all the time but although we went everywhere and done anything, and everything was so romantic, he couldn’t decide which was the perfect moment. Up until the day we went to Monmartre. It was early in the morning in front of the Sacre Coeur, before all the tourists flood the place. There we were, in the most beautiful location, in front of the astonishing church, with a great view of our beloved Paris. Very few people around us, I curled on him due to the cold and we were admiring the view and the calmness and the beauty of the surroundings when he suddenly went down on his knees and proposed!!! I was shocked!!! It was such a surprise, and it was perfect!! Everything was perfect, the place, the way, the feeling of surprise and of course him. I still remember everything of that moment and the rest of that day. I really liked that it was so unxpected the way that happened. The funny detail; we have a photo of the exact moment. A photographer, who was at that time a student in Parsons in Paris, was there at that day for a project, saw the whole thing and took a photo of us and she emailed us the valuable photo. (We are still good friends with our kind and generous photographer who also attended our wedding!) What I want to say is that although Sacre Coeur is a beautiful place, it was THE perfect place for us. It might not work for others. The most important thing is the moment. Don’t plan anything. Have the ring in your pocket and pop it out when you ‘ll feel that is the right moment for the two of you!!


I absolutely loved reading this, Maria… and the impromptu nature of it and your surprise is wonderful…
Le Sacre Coeur and the timing of your proposal is something never to be forgotten… :)

Charlotte Holyoak

I had a wonderful year long love affair in Paris with a Wedding/Special Occasion Photographer. He knows all the best ‘secret’ and romantic places that no one else will have thought of. He’s completely bi-lingual in English and French and he’s lots of fun. Send him an email via his website and see what he’s suggests: http://www.haigsite.net/ We’ve remained good friends, despite my walking away!! Smiles always… Charlotte

Lesley Mclellan

Sacre Coeur …perfect perfect ..gorgeous part of Paris ..you can almost hold the atmosphere in your hand xx


We had a flat in Paris that was 2 blocks from the Eiffel Tower. We would walk down to say goodnight to the city and the lights each night, there were never too many people around and it was like being in a fairy tale. I would highly recommend saying Yes , at the base of the Eiffel Tower at night.


A spectacular spot.. also I just thought of the Trocadero looking back.. I think where the second photograph was taken.. There are some very romantic steps up in teh 16th .. not far away from there.. that would also be a beautiful spot for a bended knee…


I had a birthday celebration at Cafe Marly, sitting outside with a view of the Eiffel Tower as it lit up for evening. Very special. This could make a lovely setting for a proposal.


We weren’t in Paris but it was a magical moment because it came from the man I loved. The two people are the magic.

And almost 38 years later, I would answer the same

david terry

Is your letter from a man or a woman (women do plenty of the asking, these days)?

Whatever……do, please, advise your correspondent to IGNORE any suggestions about putting the ring in anything that could be eaten or drunk at meal. Trust me on this one (I was a waiter for years, and this hiding-the-ring business is inevitably a messy one).

Personally?…..when in doubt about romanticism in Paris, always go for “La Boheme”. I’d opt for a lovely dinner at some restaurant (you pick it, Vicki)….without mention of an engagement. After returning to the hotel (need I emphasize that this will require some cooperation from the staff?), have the hallway lights go out JUST AS YOU ARE REACHING FOR THE ROOM KEY. Presumably, you know the plot of “La Boheme”.

Perhaps I should emphasize that I sorta assume that couples on the verge of marriage don’t, these days, generally share rooms with their supervisory maiden-aunts and tutors when in Paris with their boy/girlfriends.

In any case, let the lights go out…..when they come back on?…..you’ll have the ring in your hand rather than the key. In the best of circumstances, there’ll be a waiter (hidden somewhere down the hall) with a boombox who’ll automatically hit one of the two following selections:

1. from La Boheme:

Or (set in Italy, of course, but it is as chock-a-block with references to rings as The Lord of the Rings):


THEN……the happy couple (assuming that he/she accepts) can go into the hotel room and do whatever comes naturally to folks who receive proposals of marriage in Paris. In my experience, Puccini always does the trick.

That’s about all I can offer. Oddly enough, to have been married for over ten years, I can’t recall any particular moment in my life that would qualify as a “proposal”. Perhaps that was the problem.

sincerely, and glad to have been of assistance,

David Terry


Love your proposal David…
It’s time you re-marry and practice what you suggest ;) ;)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

I adore David’s idea, but let’s face it, being proposed to anywhere in Paris will create a life long memory. Paris is everything romantic, a proposal in a beautiful restaurant, underneath the Eiffel Tower, or at the very top while drinking champagne, any one of these will make a life long memory!


THE ring could be put in an ice cube at a nice little spot…….OF COURSE YOU NEED TO TRUST THE PERSON YOU GIVE THE RING to as you will be coming back hours later……..than again they do not use ice cubes over there………FORGET IT!
HAPPened to my friend as she always ordered a WINE SPRITZER.
Everyone was in the know at the table took her awhile before she saw the RING!!!!!!!!


Ile Saint – Louis , a quiet place by the Seine with an ice cream from Glaces Berthillon


Get the best window table (22, I think) at Monsieur Bleu near the Palais de Tokyo. It has a superb view of Le Dame de Fer in the background. Before 8 it is quiet and intimate, after that it rocks. Don’t wait until dessert to propose (Lemon upside down tart, of course), unless you like it noisy. Propose early in the meal, perhaps over the aperitif (champagne cocktails?) and appetizers, then be well into sparkling celebration by the time dessert (and the loud music) arrives. When the bubbly arrives and before your toast, just push the ring box across the table silently, whispering the words ‘…will you’… ‘…will you’?…


That whispering “will you, will you” makes me just shiver! That scene should be in a romantic novel and then a film!! Beautiful!


Sainte-Chapelle. ….most beautiful place in the world. St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans had to do for us. There is something about cathedrals seem to bless the marriage.


What a lovely request. As Maria has said, how lucky she is to have that photo of that special moment. What ever you help plan, see if the idea of a photographer hiding in the wings, recording the moment, appeals to anyone. A black and white photo or photos would be so special. Curious to know if this is a first trip to Paris for both involved, or if they have been and have seen some of the sights before. Also, my parents were engaged in San Francisco in 1951. For their 50th anniversary we planned a surprise scavenger hunt around the city. We gave them the first clue on Thanksgiving at the table. We planned the hunt for their anniversary day, December 15. We all live just serval hours away so it was easy to do. They knew they had to be in the hotel lobby at a specific time. It started with a nephew arriving at the hotel as their driver for the day, then off to breakfast at the spot, still there, where the proposal took place. Then off to 4 other spots, all their old haunts, where one of their 3 grandchildren would appear, maybe as a waiter or cocktail waitress delivering their drinks. I had gone over several weeks before and spoke to someone at every spot and got it all set up. I went over the day before and early that hunt day I went around and left the clues at each spot. At the Buena Vista Cafe, it was a copy of one of their wedding photos, big 28×16 photo on the glass door facing out, with
happy wishes and the next clue. That type of thing all day. It was fun to see other people, who we did not know, get into the whole celebration Spirit. Back to hotel for rest and dress up for dinner, then off to Starlight Room, for cocktails where their children were waiting for them! Then beautiful dinner at hotel, place cards were mini black and white wedding photos in gold frames, replica of their wedding cake for dessert, champagne toasts, and a photographer on hand. San Francisco was their playground. The stories they told! Drinking 12 or more martinis one night at the Redroom Bar at the Clift Hotel! And they were always dressed to the 9’s! My mother passed away 4 years ago this month. I am so glad I took the time to plan that day as it created more wonderful memories for everyone. Sorry this is so long, but your request reminded me of that day. I look forward to what everyone comes up with for ideas.

Taste of France

It all depends on the couple, especially on the person being asked. Something very public could be thrilling or mortifying, whether in Paris or not, depending on one’s personality.
One option would be to go to one of the beautiful churches around Paris on a Saturday afternoon when there probably is a wedding going on, and ask, “What if we do that?” But not during Lent–marriages generally are on hold between Ash Wednesday and Easter. St. Sulpice has a pretty square in front without too many mobs.


Sitting on a bench, in the Luxembourg gardens with the fountains sparkling and those tiny birds
flitting about ..
Standing on the Pont Neuf as the sunsets ..
Sitting on a bench in the gardens of the Picasso Museum in the Marais .. walled in, so private and peaceful..
I never liked restaurant proposals. You can’t just throw yourself in his arms, you have an audience, it inhibits the rush of love and need to jump on him lol

Sharon Corona

It is our 50th anniversary. We travelled to Paris in June and my husband insisted on making our way to the bridge with the love locks. Yes, it is back and right by the Eiffel Tower over the Seine. He placed our lock with our names and anniversary date. I would take it one step farther, when he kneels to place their lock, he will ask her to hold this and it will be the ring or the package with the ring. In broad daylight or at night. It seems wonderful. In another 50 years they can go back and see their lock. All of our children know how to identify the lock. It is ours. Their journey begins…It is not a far walk to dine at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower to celebrate! The lights of the Eiffel Tower can be their fireworks. Paris lays at their feet.


Three other beautiful spots are also on the roof or in the stream of light that comes through the clock at Musee D’Orsay; anytime and any weather at Place Des Vosges; and, on those little quays by the Seine at river level, where you can take a seat on the benches and look back at left and right banks. All are “pinch me, I’m really in Paris” moments.

Of course, if they propose on the journey, every spot they visit for the entire trip will be blessed with being a joyful “look, we’re engaged” memory.

What lucky people to be loved and love so much. Anywhere, anytime is special when you are being asked that question.

Pauline Walden

At the Ile st Louise end of Pont St Louise sitting on the wall with a glass of rose listening to the piano accordianist (who is always there) playing “Under Paris Skies”


Les Ombres (maybe considered touristy but I have issue with that word as I am after all a tourist). Celebrating a friends 50 th with trip to Paris day 1, jet lagged after 26 hour flight from Australia. Lights on Eiffel Tower begin flashing. Friend turns with tears in her eyes and says “if the trip doesn’t get any better than this – that’s enough”. Two years on. Try to recreate for family , cranky long walk, lost and late, 28 hour trip from Australia. Lights on Eiffel Tower come on. Husband turns and says nothing but his look tells me ” if it doesn’t get any better than this ….”. The best thing with the engagement is you know the future will bring even better than even this.

Wendy Going Forward

They all sound wonderful, but I have to go with Eiffel Tower at night. Just perfectly romantic and beautiful to me!

Mrs HM Douglas-Irving

Perhaps enjoying the view from the Hermes roof garden…..and the ring /Box could be wrapped in a scrap of coloured silk…or inside a bag. Beautiful and practical mementos of your special, shared moment to wear and use down the years. Every time you do, you will remember and smile gently…..


Think Maria is right. The ring in the pocket spontaneity is probably the way to go. Have never understood people who put a ring in food or a drink. Bizarre – not romantic. The exact place and moment will also depend on the weather and season (early-mid June is usually lovely with the roses in bloom) – not so romantic in the rain or freezing cold if outdoors. Also, in my own case I loathe being in a crowd so would not like to have been proposed to at the foot of the Eiffel as there are usually so many people crowded about, including pick pockets and con artists playing the ring or petition tricks.
Likewise the Pont des Arts. And the so-called “lovelocks” are for me a total turn off as they symbolise imprisonment not true love. Also all those locks massed together are so heavy they damage the bridge – thus it’s really an act of vandalism. They’ll almost certainly be removed again at some point and either recycled or ditched. Not a good symbol for the future. If you want something to symbolise your love, on return home plant a beautiful tree or even a lovely rose bush and nurture it.
If it’s good weather, a proposal in one of the lovely Paris gardens would be so romantic – perhaps in the Palais Royal by the rose gardens and fountain, or the Place des Vosges or the Luxembourg Gardens. Then afterwards either lunch or dinner at a nearby restaurant like Le Grand Vefour, Le Grand Colbert etc (if at the Palais Royal). So the couple can then return each year, or as often as possible, and celebrate their anniversaries at the same restaurant. In the last five years we’ve been celebrating ours at the Grand Vefour. If you tell them when booking they organise a special small celebration and photograph. They keep all the details in their computer so you’re remembered and given such a warm welcome when you return. Best wishes, Pamela


Of course, spontaneity is unlikely to work with a good restaurant. The one proposing will need to have made a booking in advance. Rodin Museum garden is heavenly with the roses in bloom! But where to dine nearby? Not essential on the day of the proposal (though celebrating with champagne is important) – but useful for later anniversaries. Pamela


Rodin Museum. I have not visited many places in Paris but I thought this was pretty special.

Sheryl Anne

I have never yet been to Paris, but have been longing to go for years.
All the ideas posted here will be my list of places to visit and things to do when I do get to go…thanks to everyone for your lovely, romantic suggestions!


Here’s a couple…I’ll try to think of more:
Behind the clock at the Musée d’Orsay at sunset
On the terrace of Les Ombres overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Pop the question just before the tower the tower lights up so when she says “yes,” the tower will sparkle! :)
Best of luck to them! Can’t wait to hear the details.

Sophia Wadsworth

Hello Vicki, this post brings back special memories for me. My wonderful husband proposed to me on my 21st birthday (he aged just 22) on the steps of Sacre Coeur late at night, after we had been in to light a candle after a special birthday dinner. There we were looking out from the steps over all of Paris, twinkling in the night. He took me completely by surprise and went down on blended knee. He did not have a ring at the time (we were so young and had to save up!) but the moment was so special and I of course said YES! To our surprise, a small crowd coming out of Sacre Coeur and applauded us, just when we thought we were alone in the moment. Magical. We have returned many times over the years and stayed at beautiful Le Pavillon de la Reine in Place des Voges for our 25th anniversary. It is our 30th this summer and no doubt we shall be in beautiful, romantic Paris that of course has a special place in our hearts.

Sophia xx

Marilou Leclaire

My romantic husband designed a card for me with the Eiffel Tower on it inviting me to join him in Paris on our 30th anniversary. Written in French, I understood perfectly. Our whirlwind European vacation ended with our last night dining at the Jules Verne restaurant atop The Eiffel Tower, later walking back to our hotel, very late past midnight as the taxi service was down. A number nice stranger took our picture below the Eiffel Tower as the lights were twinkling. A wonderful evening with my adoring husband lost in Paris after midnight is the height of romance for me. Our best Anniversary ever!!


My lovely husband , sweet heart that he is, has not a romantic bone in his body.
He told me “I think we should get married” in the car outside my mum’s house.
We eloped…not for the romance but because there would be no fuss or too many people. He got to the celebrant and told her the very shortest ceremony. It was over in 5 mins. People have always thought …he’s a bit different but fabulous , a bit nerdy but cool.
5 years ago …diagnosed with Aspergers.
But in Paris…he comes into his own. What a man! Never will he sweep me off my feet but he loves the French and he can be as different as he wants and no one minds. He goes for a baguette and comes home with Champagne and roses. We dance in the street to the band in the Latin Quarter. Hit the open air dance floor at the St Germain Jazz Festival with joy. Talks to everyone and anyone. Paris is his town and this year, in December, he will take me for our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Our 11th trip. Not too shabby for a man that never wanted to travel. Paris is definitely the place for romance.
The proposal of marriage will make anywhere “the perfect place”


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