6 Jun 2019

Scent Stories

What is your scent story?

The way we choose to scent our lives can say a lot about our nature and personalities. Fragrances give a sense of self, championing recognisability, and set us apart from others. Whether we’re a fan of all things sweet or prefer woodier notes, scents are everything.

Creating mood through scent isn’t anything new and has been practised for many years.

Aromatic candles have been popular in the home since the 1980s and it is said that Estée Lauder sprayed her favourite ‘Eau’ onto lightbulbs to fragrance her home. Diana Vreeland also injected perfume into her pillows using hypodermic needles.

Scents & Nostalgia

Not only can scents conjure up a sense of ambience, but they can also produce nostalgia.

Chanel No 5 and warm lavender will forever remind me of my late grandmother, an incredible Spanish woman, who was never anything short of sophisticated. Musky scents and clean cotton will always remind me of my mother, a glamorous woman, whose perfume always reminds me of home.

Since a young age, I have always been partial to fruity tones topped with sweet, floral notes. So much so, that if I ever steer from this norm, friends and family comment on the change.

There are so many ways to conjure up our own ‘scent story’.

Try Room Sprays

Room sprays are an easy way to inject scent without the flames. Try different fragrances for different rooms to give a sense of separation and a different ambience for each.

Floral and fruity scents will always work well in a bathroom. Whereas warmer, woodier tones will amp up the cosy factor and create a relaxing environment for a living room.

Diptyque offer a wonderful selection of impactful room sprays. Gingembre and Baies are our go-to’s.

Light A Candle

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the warm illumination of a flickering candle.

A candle in the bedroom will increase the tranquillity and soft scents will help the mind to rest.

The scent of Byredo’s ‘Burning Rose’ is incredibly unique. As smoky as it is floral, it’s the perfect balance between a harsher scent with the soft.

Scents For Us

When it comes to perfumes for us, everyone has their choice. This may take years to discover the scent that is ‘ours’.

But if there is any uncertainty, Escentric Molecules 01, is a clever Eau de Toilette that is different on everyone. Compelling and captivating, it is simple, yet beautiful.

Our scent stories are all unique. Regardless of whether we may use the same fragrance as others, it can smell differently person to person. Perfumes are personalities.

Scent is a power that must be wielded carefully.

Choose accordingly and the home will forever be a space true to us.

This Is Our Scent Story

diptyque gingembre room spray  ||  diptyque baies room spray  ||  byredo burning rose candle  ||  escentric molecules 01

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Linda B

That Burning Rose candle sounds perfect! I love the combination of smoky and floral. Roses are my absolute favorite flower. I am currently spending the summer in Oregon, where the roses are unbelievable. . . And I have the absolute joy of a brand new granddaughter whose middle name is Rose!

My own daily scent is from a perfumer who is local to me when I am at home in Arizona–her company is called La Curie. Leslie creates amazing scents, and it is hard to choose, but the one that has become mine is called Ossuary. Here is how it is described on the website: “Euphonious catacomb . . .orris root, wilted violets, charred wood, dalmation iris, incense, palo santo, reverence. . .Inspired by the Ossuaries of Europe.” I wear this every day, and when I give people a hug, they often remark on how good I always smell! That strikes me as funny. But your essay, dear Vicki, reminds me that my sweet granddaughter will always remember my scent. . . So lovely to think about!


I feel the same about my new grandson, Linda… I want him to know my scent and recognize it. I don’t know yours but it sounds sensational.


Yesterday you wrote about the break up of Make up. A scent is the same. Personally I
change it with the season, particularly winter/summer.

Michelle à Détroit

Ahhh. This post prompted me to reach for my Diptyque Eau Rose. I think it’s the best rose scent, ever. My mother wore Arpege, until I gave her a flacon of Patou 1000. That became her signature. My grandmother wore Chanel No. 5 for years. She switched to Houbigant Chantilly in her later years.

How powerful scent and the memories it invokes can be! It makes me so sad (and annoyed) that there is a campaign in America to stamp out the wearing of all scent lest someone be offended or (gasp) fall ill. Why did no one suffer from perfumeitis years ago? Alas, another joy killer.


Mmmm…..now this is a great topic. Scents are such strong links to our past, aren’t they!

My mother didn’t wear much perfume, if any, so the scents I associate with my happy childhood are those from the kitchen. I can literally burst into happy tears when I smell cinnamon and vanilla, which is what she used a lot of in her Mexican rice pudding. The aroma of a freshly baked chocolate cake will always remind me of my 60s childhood, when most housewives were following the baking trends of Betty Crocker and Pillsbury Bake-off blue ribbon recipes. Oh Vicki, you just took me back.


What wonderful recollections, Anita
It makes my mouth water.. just the thought :)


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