13 Aug 2020

Scoot About In A Skirt

Scoot About In A Skirt on vickiarcher.com

My Knees are staying undercover unless it involves a plunge in the sea.

Simply put, I don’t really like them anymore.

They work and I am thankful for that; they just look better covered. Even the most perfect knees, about now, are prettier as an illusion rather than a reality. It’s my opinion and I don’t expect all to agree and I accept there are times when shorts are essential and bathing suits perfection – in the day to day I prefer mine covered.

Along with Jennifer and Cindy – and my new summer wardrobe ideas – I want to talk about the midi skirt again. I love it and since we last spoke, I am even more convinced the midi is a winner in the wardrobe. Embracing summer clothing and a more casual approach feels strange for me; I have always been all or nothing, meaning summer was for swimmers and caftans – the city for work clothes and the tailored. Now (and I’m not sure why) my mind set has shifted after all those months in the sweat pants. I’m craving variety and flexibility with what I wear and some more feminine options like the elegant bohemian. My new name for wardrobe pieces with a little more flair but still elegant enough when dressed in the right way.

Midi skirts fit into this category.

This silk satin version is one I love more and more. Worn with a simple tee and those mules we like or with one of the blouses I shared – it’s a great look. If you are a little “hippy” in the shape sense a bias cut is truly flattering.

Scoot About In A Skirt on vickiarcher.com

Then there are the slightly fuller style midis with pleats, tiers or a slight swing.

These work with the tee tucked in or even a classic man-style blouse; again the mix of feminine with the more classic is pretty. If I have a play with colour, texture or pattern it would probably most likely be this shape to do it with. Like this pretty one in soft pink or daisy yellow. I would wear them both with a simple tee and a pair of sneakers for day and switch around the shoes for a change.

What I enjoy most about sharing topics with other women are their unique takes on the same styling question.  Cindy with Rough Luxe Lifestyle and Jennifer of A Well Styled Life will have some brilliant suggestions and ideas about how to wear a longer skirt.

Here are my “elegant bohemians” xv

Scoot About In A Skirt

try the bias vince slip satin in lychee  || annie bing silk satin

work the pleats in rag and bone  ||  j. crew I’ve never met an eyelet I don’t love 

the best tiers from topshop in hot pink and black  ||  in spots  ||  in daisy

a little more extravagance from rosetta getty  ||  and co

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image of marion cottilard, lady dior

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A covered body be it knees or breasts are more sexy than to show . Also my knees are not presentable anymore since I got older but even as a young woman I would never
go bare like super mini or short. Like the cut from Anine Bing “Bernadette” skirt satin better in a light colour with a tee and espandrillos

Linda B

That Annie Bing skirt looks amazing. I would love that for the fall and winter–these days black seems too severe for summertime to me, somehow, though that is a new opinion this year for me! I may be scheming about that beautiful skirt for the next few months. . . But I may take advantage of my birthday in two days (63, yay!) to indulge in that beautiful skirt sooner! Hmm. . . .

I have to admit that though I too am a lifelong lover of midi skirts, and they still predominate in my collection of skirts, I also let myself wear shorter lengths too sometimes. I think that in many ways, my legs are better looking now than they have ever been, due to the increase in my running and cycling since I retired 14 months ago. I know there are some little issues with scars and wrinkles and bad veins, but I blithely ignore them. Knees tend to be funny looking parts of our bodies no matter what state of age, I think! And I am also all about comfort in the heat, so in the summer, shorts and higher hemlines are key. Also, I’ll point out that in cooler weather opaque tights (usually black or other dark neutrals) with a shorter hemline work for anyone as far as I can tell.


Hi Vicki
First off thanks for joining us even amidst the mix up. I totally agree about the legs being covered. A bias cut is a must as well. That J Crew eyelet number has had my eye as well. FYI my knees and legs have never been presentable!


NO KNEES EVER………….that ended when I was 35 I would say!
I like the MAXI SKIRT over the mid calf as I do not have pretty legs either……….
I was telling CINDY I use to wear long skirts with Tennis shoes and sweatshirts when the Boys were YOUNG!I could move and be comfortable…………

Jennifer Connolly

I am in complete agreement about a midi skirt, Vicki! It feels like the most versatile option for my lifestyle and is so effortlessly chic. Thanks for joining Cindy and I this month… your take on fashion is always brilliant! xx

Donna Lampen-Smith

you are so right sadly. I still wear shorts above my knee because I play tennis and I live by the beach but I am very well aware of ‘gravity’. And being thin I think makes it worse. But thankfully my knees are in good shape physically just not visually


I so agree about the knees! My taste changed a couple of years ago into something I call elevated casual because I don’t have many places to wear dressier clothes, plus elevated casual can also be bohemian. You’ll love this because it involves a shade of pink: I wore a multi layered, blush, net/sequin skirt to see Diana Ross last summer with an older Elie Tahari embroidered black jacket, my grandmother’s Art Deco pearl and rhinestone pin and a pair of silver Stuart Weisman brogans. During the concert Ms Ross kept pointing at me and during a conversation with the audience, she called me up to the stage and asked “Did you see me looking at you? I like your dress.” I told her “I dressed for you.” Then I said, “Your stage wardrobe is so fabulous. What do you wear when you’re not performing?” to which she said, “Nothing!” and the audience went wild. She then took my hand and smiled as if to say, “I’m just kidding.” My point is always dress with some panache! You never know who you’re going to meet. xoxo, Brenda


This is the best story ever, Brenda!! just love your style and your sense of fun :)

Jacki F.

Somewhere in my late 50’s I noticed my knees were wrinkled and saggy looking; this was a few years AFTER I noticed the back roll sag/fat. I wasn’t even overweight and still had a relatively young-looking petite shape. It was then that I decided shorts were no more and I switched to capris, solid linen dresses (just below or just above the knee) as well as skirts for my summer wardrobe. Fortunately my knees do still work (with a little help from steroid injections here and there) and my arms and calves are toned. As Bette Davis said “Getting old is NOT for sissies!”

Michelle à Détroit

I agree wholeheartedly, Vicki. I’d go so far as to say that every woman of every age looks better with their knees and thighs covered; especially with plunging necklines and in your face décolletage all the rage. The two are just too, TOO! There is NOTHING sexier than a fitted, just below the knee pencil skirt. It’s far sexier, more effortless, and more chic than an up to there mini. One exception is that dark opaques can allow us to wear dresses and skirts a bit above the knee without looking like we are trying to hard.

Dolley Carlson

Oh, Vicki, I am happy to say I have two fabulous, gathered, midi skirts (both from Rue La La). Fairly dressy fabrics but transitional for sure. Have only worn them for luncheons, parties & my book signing events – each with a crisp white blouse, statement necklace & kitten heels. In the winter I wear them with black tights, black turtleneck & suede kitten heels or booties. I love your column! Thank you for so many great tips, informed views and joy!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I have always loved longer skirts. I love the way they flow and the feminine feel they bring with them. I love the ones pictured above😍


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