2 Mar 2010

Shaken Not Stirred


I have had a little crush on martini tables for a while now and am collecting them whenever I have the chance…the philosophy that, ‘you can never have enough’ applies very well to these dear little tables.

The French variety are made of beaten metal and finished with either a dark bronze or a rustic gold patina.

They have a simple base attached to forked feet that are decorated with a twist or two.

They are light and easy to move and as a girl who likes to change things around on a daily basis this is an exceptional feature.

Today you see them by an armchair in the sitting room; tomorrow they may well be by the bed, stacked with paperbacks.

These tables look pretty on their own or pretty grouped together.

They are gorgeous covered with flickering tea lights or multiple vases of fresh flowers.

But best of all…..they look fabulous with their namesake, the martini… xv

Easy Dry Martini

 4oz vodka (or gin, this is just my preference)
a mean splash of dry vermouth
a good green olive or two (you may prefer a lemon twist but I am an olive lover as you know)
chill the cocktail glass right down
pour the vodka and the merest hint of vermouth into a shaker filled with ice cubes
stir for 30 seconds
strain into the chilled glass
pop the olive straight in for a saltier taste or garnish using a skewer 

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What a great idea Vicki…the table and the martini!
Thanks for your comments today…they brightened my day :)


A girl can never have too many pretty little tables to hold all her pretty little things.
On my travels around junk shops I sometimes see them, next time I will think of you.
If they are really pretty I might even buy them for you to see.

Much love



James Bond would feel at home here! And if he happens to show up especially if it is the ultimate Sean Connery (007) — please remember to invite me as well.
Now was his favorite martini stirred- not shaken or was it shaken not stirred..oh my..

Lovely little tables.



I like those and the gorgeous chair they're paired them with.

I think tealights and books would be my main use for them. Where to find in London? I wonder.


Oh yes, they are just darling little tables.. and yes I agree… you can never have too many. Funny, I received some pretty martini glasses for my birthday. Your recipe?… perfect timing! A-M xx

Alison Gibbs

Hi Vicki – love the look of the tables grouped together BUT oooh, aahhh… that chair just looks so comfy it makes me want to curl right up in it with a great book

A Refocused Life

I don't think I knew about these little treasures, but now I want one..or two..or three. One more reason I must visit France.

PS I'm loving your book. It's so fun…I feel like I know you, your house, your family. Everything is so beautiful.


What brilliant tables, Vicki…beautiful but practical and, so good that you can move them around but, I think you are right. Best with a martini on them and preferably next to my chair !!!! Haha XXXX

Dumbwit Tellher

Dear Vicki – if you allow me to sit right there in that comfy spot, I will take mine with two olives pretty please. I adore those adorable tables too. The perfect spot! xx


Well what to comment on first, the divine petite tables or the divine vodka martini with tons of olives? Hmmm. Well I love them both. The tables are parfait, but you know that!

Now about the martinis. I love mine with just a titch of olive juice and lots of olives soaking up all that goodness. Oh and on ice s'il vous plait!:)
Cheers V!

red ticking

such a gorgeous photo… that chair… those pillows… the otto's the linen… the tables… the martini i could do with without but i will east all of the olives!


Such pretty little tables serving a most important purpose! I'm not a Martini gal, but throw me the vodka bottle & I'll mix up a mean Caipiroska. You are fortunate you have rooms that lend themselves to frequent rearrangemnet Vicki. I'm hamstrung here in this house due to the 'unique' open-plan floorplan, multitude of windows & few internal walls.
Millie ^_^


Hi Vicki
What wonderful little tables.. I could do with a few and like you I love to rearrange.. although I don't have much room here to do so.. perhaps the tables would fit right in.. Beautiful light in your photo.. xx Julie

Francine Gardner

Fabulous little tables..they are invaluable. i always carry them in the showroom and I especially like the ones made by Pouennat Ferronier (which i display of course in the store…)


A girl has to have a martini! My favorite is actually the French Martini (vodka, chamboard and pineapple juice). Lovely post as usual!

splendid market

A votre Sante! I did not know these were called martini tables. We used to have one in my family home — I'll have to check with my mother to see if it is still around.

Thank you for emphasizing these well designed, delicate-looking, practical accents. I love your multi-use recommendations.


I didn't know a martini specific table existed but it's clearly a totally essential piece of furniture and I will have to start looking out for them too ;-) x

La Petite Gallery

I have never run acriss them here, The only thing near them is a plant stand. Soo cute. You fine the neatest things. I will be looking for one now.



hi vicki..i would have never known they were called martini tables, but now that i do know (thankyou)
i definately feel a 4 o'clocker coming on :)

Renee Finberg

i agree with you about these treasures – Martini tables.
let us rid our living rooms of cocktail tables and just have tiny tables for those who need them.

think of all the room it will leave for dancing cheek to cheek with cary grant?



Dear Vicki,
I adore those tables! Isn't it funny how one day something just strikes you to want to collect? I never feel it coming on but when it does it hits me hard. LOVE THESE!! I must go out on the hunt here. I just got your new book yesterday. I get lost on your pages and all the beauty of the world you have created. AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE SO OVER THE TOP BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Thank you for sharing the Essence of YOU!!!

Splendid Willow

Lovely tables. (And how fun to have a little collection). And Martinis. Both, please! The handsome chair can also move in w. me any time. Cheers from Seattle! ox Mon

Shell Sherree

So much choice here ~ the sweet tables, 'come hither' armchair and a martini recipe to boot. Thanks for a lovely way to ease into the evening, Vicki!


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