9 Oct 2018

Sheet Masks Have Us Covered


Sheet masks have quickly become one of the biggest skincare trends of 2018. Despite being fairly new contenders in the skin-care industry, they have already made their mark. It has become impossible to scroll through social media without stumbling across a sheet mask indulged selfie.

But what are they, and why have they become such a statement product in so many people’s skincare routines?

Originally originating from Korea, sheet masks are quite simply ‘sheets’, infused with skin-boosting ingredients for your face. They help seal your skin with hydrating serums, effectively drawing moisture back into your skin at a quick pace. This results in skin looking radiant, brighter and plumper in a short space of time.

Each packet contains one sheet that should be placed on to your face, lining up the holes over your eyes, nose and mouth. Once applied, and you manage to put aside the fact you look fresh off a scary movie set, relax whilst the sheet supercharges your skin.

How To

* Begin with freshly cleansed skin. Apply once it is dry at least 1-2 times a week for clear results.

* Leave your skin to soak up the mask for 5-20 minutes. This depends on the time specified on the individual product’s packaging.

* Flip your mask halfway through, and relax all over again.

* Longer isn’t always better. Sheet masks create an intense moisture barrier. If they dry out, they will begin to suck the moisture out of your skin.

* Massage the residue left behind from the mask into your face and neck, in circular motions to increase blood flow.

* Don’t stop there, continue with the remainder of your skincare routine.

A quick fix to hydration, yes, please.

These Ones Really Do Have Us Covered

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image, ben hassett

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I’ve never seen this before! I do however, feel that a mask is a good thing for both skin and hair. With all the pollution we face, any kind of safe and healthy regeneration is welcomed!


Have been buying Sephora’s fabric masks for some years now. I always have a supply of the deeply moisturising calming ones for long haul flights. It may look a bit weird but it doesnt matter as most people are so busy with their drinks or entertainment systems or just settling in to sleep that they pay no attention. They make a huge difference to the skin and really help me to drift off to sleep. Sephora also now do masks for hands and feet. And some just for the eye area if you don’t want to do the whole face. I always stock up on a good supply everytime we return to France. Not expensive either. Best wishes, Pamela


Hello Vicki,
I was wondering if you know anything about the skin line Adore cosmetics. They are quite pricey, but they say very effective on fine lines around the eyes and for hyperpigmentation. They also boast about the instrument Perfectio. Do you know anything about this line and is it worth the cost.
Please help,


Hi Vicki, just curious if you had a chance to use them and what you thought? Thanks.

I used a mask for the VERY first time last night. It was the kind you glop on and spread around and then it dries and you peel it off. It definitely took a layer of dead skin with it. Maybe live skin too, haha


I do Beth and I love them… usually throw them in my suitcase for travel and pop on when I have a spare 30mins… also great on a long haul flight… when the lights go off ;)


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