14 Jun 2016

Show The Shoulders With The Off The Shoulder


The off the shoulder blouse is the one making a comeback.

I have some vague and distant memory of wearing these some decades ago.

The beauty of age; what comes around goes around.

Here is the thing about wearing off-the-shoulder blouses; they work.

And they especially work with a fuller figure around the middle because they hide what we don’t wish to see and draw focus to the shoulders and the legs. Clever really.

Wearing the off the shoulder style is about the right shape worn the best way.

This summer I’m wearing off the shoulder and often; even if I am not on holiday I will feel like I am. xv

How To Show The Shoulders With An Off The Shoulder
  • The blouse needs to be the right length the right length; I like mine to fall below the waistband and somewhere near the top of my legs.

  • The hemline needs to be free, not gathered.
  • The neckline is prettier if worn slightly on the shoulder and not right off; that depends on preference but if the neckline is versatile it helps. A larger bust looks less with the neckline lower; a smaller one is better with the neckline slightly higher.

Whatever is worn with the off the shoulder should be slim fitting; my preference is jeans or capri pants. The slim leg in contrast with a more voluminous top is very flattering.

Shoes; inevitably I will say sneakers and my NEARLYNUDE block heels.

Off The Shoulder

don’t hesitate

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divine extravagance

**tibi carmen embroidered  //  tibi carmen  //  zimmermann pavilion  //  peter pilotto

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Taste of France

That’s a cute outfit on the model.
I am obsessed with sun protection and not crazy about reapplication of sun block, so I prefer to stay covered instead. But off-the-shoulder would be fine in the evening.


Yes… I understand in France that the sun would require some protection.. In London today I need the protection to keep dry and warm!
#cantwin ;)

Mimi Gregor

“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” — Thoreau

“Beware of all new clothes that require new bras.” — Mimi

Nup. Passing on this one. I HATE bra shopping. Worse than swimsuit shopping.


Ha Ha… I just slip my straps to the sides or wear my strapless and I’m good to go :)

La Contessa

I NOTICED That TOO especially after I did the POST with the photos HEATHER took in my GARDEN.As I was wearing an off the shoulder blouse.I have been seeing them often in catalogs…
Love the bit about the “FULLER FIGURE!”YES,YOU NAILED THAT and the longer the better!!!!!XX


is that not considered a “peasant” type blouse? I have always liked those blouses and it is very feminine and sexy looking. Depending on the size of one’s breasts and the fullness of the fabric – or how much the top “blousons,” one can get away without wearing a bra. I think it’s a must have for summer – it is extremely flattering.
P.S. I need me a pair of those shoes in your “Today’s Edit” section: L-O-V-E them!


They are my most comfy summer go everywhere shoes!

I guess the off the shoulder and the peasant styles are related :)


I worry that with a recent weight loss ( I am working on putting it back )
that I am too boney to wear things off the shoulder. But I love the look on young girls.


I think if you wear it slightly higher.. you can do it Candice.. actually it will probably sit very well.. :)

Deborah Peterson Milne

I spotted a dress that’s off the shoulder that I’m tempted to buy. I’m glad to read that you don’t think we’re past our prime to wear such a look if it’s done correctly. xx

Anita Rivera

LOVE!!!!! I have good shoulders still, I can do this!!! What vibrant colors for this amazing season we are in now! Oh Vicki, what a joy as well to see you visited my post, and your compliments mean a lot to me. You have a superb eye for beauty and to think that my experiments with light and shadow are appealing, THANK YOU! Big hugs to you dear and wonderful Vicki! Anita


Love the look, but wonder if one ages out on this. What is the consensus here? (I’m slightly north of 50)


i’m way too north and I like it… like everything as we get a little older, it is about adapting the application.. :)


Good – thank you ! I love this look and, to be honest, my shoulders are still one feature that is working for me!


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