6 Nov 2014

Showpieces, Burberry

Burberry, Showpieces, Vicki Archer

Is there anything more British than Burberry?

Show me some double breasting, fine tailoring and a patch of plaid and nothing speaks “Old Blighty” more.

Burberry, as a classic, is re-interpreted over and over by the brightest young things and is one brand that truly spans the generations.

158 years old and as distinctive and as relevant as ever… merging English heritage with fashion’s cutting edge is what Burberry does so well.

Burberry, Showpieces, Vicki Archer

My interest in Burberry has always focussed on their outerwear.

Everything from their trench coats and their pea coats to the super duper heavy winter numbers.

My Burberry trench is the coat that I wear most often and for 9 months of the year I am never far without it.

Everything gets dressed up with or protected by the trench.

On a cost per wear basis I am way ahead.

Burberry, Kate Moss, Showpieces, Vicki Archer

As the temperatures drop I start dreaming of heavier coats.

Coats are my number one. There is no such thing as “one looks the same as the other”.

Wearing a winter coat, whether it’s 3/4, knee length or mid calf makes me feel seriously grown up and sophisticated.

As much as I wear the parka, I wear the tailored style.

burberry-kate-moss-showpieces-vicki archer

An overcoat is another serious investment.

We can get away with lesser when it comes to the more casual style jacket but an overcoat needs to be well tailored and of quality fabric.

They need to endure and look as good this year as last.

Burberry, Showpieces, Vicki Archer

The beauty of a great coat is that it can be worn over other less exciting pieces.

Mixing and matching is my mantra… the sublime with the not so.

The answer to a working wardrobe is knowing where to invest.

Editing the selection of Burberry for Nordstrom was a dream… I would wear each and every piece,

3/4 coats are a love of mine, especially when they are cinched in slightly and feature button detailing and belted backs.

Thinking of longer coats… and I vere towards the trench style and the classical forms.

It’s an old story but there is nothing sexier than a woman in a belted overcoat and heels.

And what about a man wearing his Burberry… that’s a very good look…  xv

kensington double breasted trench  //  sandringham long trench 

images via burberry

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Anita Rivera

I remember the Burberry shop in Boston where we lived for 11 years. I loved walking down that posh avenue, walking into that shop and feeling as if I was in London. I’ve never owned such a coat, but I do have several “imitations!” And yes, dressing them up, down, or alternating accessories with them (gotta have the boots) is so much fun. This is one reason why I prefer the colder climate to my native Southern California, where once, it was desirable to live, but now with the drought and constant heat, it is unbearable. But to change out your wardrobe according the seasons is my idea of a fashion adventure! Lovely ideas (and you’ve yet again given me more ideas to create!)

Happy day, Vicki! Anita

Mimi Gregor

The weather where I live can run the gamut, so I have amassed a number of coats to fulfill all the vagaries of the weather. A cashmere greatcoat big enough to wear over a blazer for cold days. A silk parka for bitterly cold days. A vintage velveteen trench for cool, rainy days. A lightweight raincoat for warmer rainy days. Plus, my beloved leather moto jacket and a lightweight wool frock coat for days that are just slightly cooler. I don’t really NEED this many coats, but I do seem to collect them, and I always find what I want at consignment shops, which is good. The only thing I have not been able to find that I would like is a black Burberry trench. Found one once — but it was a size 8. Much too big. All my coats are black. Besides being my favorite color, it always looks chic, doesn’t show dirt as quickly, and goes with everything.

Cathy Wong

All of these coats are lovely! I too have an “imitation” (Banana Republic-nicely made and attention paid to the details).
The thing about it, is that I always feel “dressed up”, stylish when I wear it. It’s an instant mood lifter, especially when I put a bit of thought into the accessories-seems to make everything a bit more chic.

susan athanasakou

No, there’s nothing more English than the Burberry trench!
Actually made for soldiers in the trenches in WWI!
An overcoat is indeed an investment, I always feel smart in one.
I do like Max Mara coats,always classic.


love the trenches and super love Max Mara ~ hope all is well across the pond Vicki, rather warm here in Florida today, doing my walks, goal of 14,000 steps a day…it’s really nice out along the Gulf of Mexico, XO


I have the quilted Fairstead jacket .. perfect for a damp day or a chilly day .. I bought it in Portland Oregon, where they mostly have damp days and chilly days :)


Burberry is timeless!
When I flick through my older copies of Vogue, the Burberry ads stand out.
Quintessentially ‘english country’ wear which I love.
The trench coat is a fave in my wardrobe, it’s at least 6 years old and still draws favourable comments!
It doesn’t owe me a penny either Vicki!!!
I’m a winter clothes girl!


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