17 Aug 2017

Side Swipe, I Mean Side Stripe

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I have had a crush on the side stripe for a while now.

There was a great pair of velvet track style pants in my wardrobe with satin stripes for some time. They worked in so many ways, until they didn’t. That was more about a fabric split than a style malfunction.

A new pair is definitely in order.

There are many options about for this coming season, from the high-end super-charged designer versions, to calmer more affordable alternatives. We don’t need to spend a small fortune on these. It is easy to get the look, wear them well and save ourselves for more important pieces. (Like the shirts and jackets to wear over the top.)

This pant is my new wardrobe essential.

The side stripe will be my new wardrobe essential. It’s only a small deviation from my classic black pants, a nod to what’s in and a very wearable addition. I am winning.


How do we wear the side stripe?

Let’s think of these trousers as an addition to our ‘black and white’ dressing rather than as humble athletic pants. That ship sailed a while ago. The side stripe pant may have its origins in sportswear but it is a pant to be worn everywhere and in a variety of ways.

They come in longer styles, as cropped versions and in varying widths.

I admit to liking them all and wanting a couple of pairs to add to my mix.

  1. 1. Wear with a tee/ fine sweater and sneakers.

  2. 2. The loose silk shirt is the perfect companion; add trainers or a mule depending on the occasion.

  3. 3. Button up in a man style blazer, over a tee. I am still wearing the flats in this version.

  4. 4. Add a 3/4 – length coat and fabulous wrap once the temperature drops.

  5. 5. Dress up with a pump when and if required. 

Try them, I think you will love the change. xv

Side Stripe, Don’t Side Swipe

sandro side stripe  ||  sandro side stripe narrow  ||  trouvé sporty side stripe  ||  rebecca taylor emma side stripe

wear them with

theory bell sleeve  ||  sandro tie neck  ||  lafayette 148 new york double silk  ||  stan smith  ||  zaira mule  || deconstructed blazer

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Mimi Gregor

Nup… to me they are still track pants, no matter how high the price they slap on it. It seems to me that designers have conceded to the women who have “casualized” society by wearing yoga pants and t-shirts all day long — regardless of whether they actually do any exercise. Just make them in posh fabrics, slap a hefty price tag on them, and women can feel that they are “in fashion”. Less casual clothing can be every bit as comfortable as exercise clothes, so it can’t be all about comfort, and some casual clothing that people wear — like jeans — aren’t really all that comfortable, but people wear them all the time. I think it’s more the desire to fit in… or more precisely, to blend in. No one seems to want to stand out from the pack.


I totally agree. These are hideous. My other comment hasn’t been posted, and I’m not sure that it will be.


It is now posted Jan, along with others… sometimes I am not online 24/7 although it seems so ;) ;)
I will agree to disagree with you and Mimi.. but I will also wear them on the right occasions.. :) :)

Anita Rivera

I think the only way this would work for me is if I did wear the silk shirt, but it would have to be long and flowing enough to yes…..HIDE MY HIPS. The stripe would no longer be a straight line in my case! I love the idea however, that they are velvet. Now that’s the way to go!


Try them with a long man style shirt, Anita… they look great.. and start with the thinner ones and a loose shirt… I think you could be persuaded :)

Leigh Anderson

Vicky, I too am obsessed with a pant with a side stipe!! Although I’m a huge Sandro fan, I’m sadly just a tad bigger then the size 3 pants, but own many of thier tops. J Crew has had at least one pair of pants with a stipe for a couple of years now and I hope they unveil one in the collection this f/w season. I would be of the mind to buy a pair of men’s tuxedo pants ( a lot of tux rental places actually sell them when they have had a few wearings) but are still in good shape and have them altered to fit by a good tailor. Bottom line – I would wear side stripe pants every day if I could! Thanks for posting! ❤️


I have a pair that are just solid black and I wear them constantly. You can run out to the store if you need to, they aren’t sloppy looking. I want those sneakers though !

J. Schultz

I own a silk navy trouser with a black stripe by J. Crew of a few years ago. Quite dressy. And, nothing like that stripe to make a leg look thinner. I understand that Olivia Palermo is coming out with a new line of clothing through Banana Republic soon. One of the pieces is a tuxedo pant. They seem to be on-trend again.


I wish I could just “like” a comment if I agree with it, instead of having to “reply”. But an option for liking a comment hasn’t been provided, so here I am writing one. I love Vicky’s books, VERY MUCH, and I love this site, but I’ve never expected to agree with all the suggestions, especially since I spend very little money on clothing (I much rather buy fabrics and books). So it’s pretty much just window shopping for me. I studied fashion design in my youth and worked in the industry for a while but my interest never made me into a follower. I just like to see what’s going on. So, that said, I would like to add that I agree with Mimi, Ardith and Jan. I simply wanted to “like” their comments!


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