26 Sep 2013

Signature Style?

 Joe Eula Fashion Illustration for Halson

Do you have a signature style… or a signature piece that is so you… a piece, that you can never imagine living without?

I think we all have an article of clothing or an accessory that we not only wear over and over but that we buy over and over.

For me, it’s the blazer.

I can’t have enough blazers and I would be happy wearing them every day… actually, most days I do… In summer, cotton or linen… In winter, wool and cashmere.

It’s a look I like and more importantly, that I feel comfortable in.

Blazers as suits… blazers as separates… structured and unstructured…

The masculine element of the blazer either tailored or over sized and mixed with a little femininity is a timeless, classic and elegant look… one of those styles that we have been and will be wearing forever.

Blazers are my go to if I am carrying extra pounds and they are my favourite item of clothing if I am feeling in good form…

When I don’t know what to wear… or on those days when nothing feels right… I traditionally choose a blazer with jeans or a suit… When I need a jacket over an LBD… it’s tuxedo style.


It’s Paris Fashion Week… Let’s talk fashion… Tell me, what is your signature style? Or your can’t-live-without-piece? xv


The Best Of The Tailored Treatments


schoolboy jacket worn with a white shirt or a plaid shirt … a turtleneck or a tee = easy elegance

j.crew 1035 and the sidney … suit up and be ready for anything


theory mix and match… day into night… night into day

stella mccartney wool twill… the girl knows her blazers


pin stripedwool and cashmere, double breasted… pick your style

band of outsiders tuxedoeach x others velvet tuxedo… superb cut, beautiful fit = investment dressing


illustration – joe eula fashion for halston


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Anita Rivera

Since we live in a state that is known for its cold weather (you’d never know that now since we are having an endless summer!), I wear particular pieces to work constantly. With classrooms never having the right temperatures, I have taken to always wearing black tights. But they look fantastic, if I might add, with a gray or brown skirt, a large sweater, or just about any smart looking blazer or dress. So once the cold settles in, Madame Rivera is known for black tights and to finish them off? DES TALONS, à toute vitesse! (You best not be walking around the corner when I come speeding down the couloir! :)



Love opaque black tights… and I have such a visual of you clicking down those halls… great answer, Anita!

Martine Alison


J’ai visité l’ensemble des sites que vous avez judicieusement mentionnés… J’ai craqué pour certaines toilettes…
Une publication qui m’a ravie.

Gros bisous

brenda murphy

Hi Vicki, love this post. I am with you, I love my blazers and I can’t seem to get rid of any of them. Check out Smythe les Vestes a Toronto company that really got on the map when Kate Middleton started wearing them. I have 2 and the fit is second to none. Happy Friday, always enjoy your blog:) Brenda.

carol anne

Interesting, I just bought a jacket that looks like the drawing above, belted and beige/taupe…been hanging in my closet for cooler weather, I think I will wear it today (it’s a Micheal Kors, I think I paid 20.00 at my fav Designer second hand store, people wear pieces once and leave them for me to pick up and wear for years)

Not sure if I have a look but my hubby always says… thats you buy it, or keep it, as I am showing him pieces I bought… I do have alot of black, a bit of grey… the taupe jacket was a great buy and I liked it on me, second taupe piece this year, thats as colourful as I get. When I try on a colour piece, I cannot rip it off fast enough, weird, wish I could get past that but there it is… black please is my go to…


I am a big fan of those colours too… neutrals seem to like me as well… and black, I am always in black…


I have been working on collaborations often since last summer with some wonderful women who work at Saks Fifth Avenue. I was there for a meeting last Saturday, and one of them said to me that my signature style is EARTHY. I had never thought about it before…but I guess I am earthy…and happy to be!


That’s an interesting idea, Pam,… descriptive rather than objects suggesting style… I love it… I wonder what we would all be… I shall have to think about mine… :)


I have a few signature pieces that I’m known for: An oversized men’s Rolex watch, penny loafers, my Fiorintini & Baker Combat Boots, a 30-year old Banana Republic khaki pleated walking skirt (think of Meryl Streep’s British clothing style from Out of Africa) and a 30-year old khaki photographer’s vest from Gap back when they sold other brand’s clothing.

lisa thomson

I love a jacket as well. I think a woman needs a longer style along with a short one to wear over dresses. I also have a loose fitting with no buttons style for summer. Always black. Now to shop your links :)

Peggy Braswell

My signature piece is a scarf(big)adore them wrapped around shoulder, neck and worn as a skirt + Don’t leave home without one! Great question. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


I love the classics. I frequently wear black, love white shirts and cashmere sweaters. But I do not like jeans, when you have a butt like J-lo and a small waist it is hard to find a good pair. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Have a great night!


That’s why I like these stretch J Brands… give them a try and see what you think… otherwise try the lower rise boyfriends with a good belt… pair with a long line blazer… that works for me!


Ooh, I agree with Vicki. Accidentally bought J brand jeans with a store credit. Best jeans I have ever worn and perfect for us small waisted, booty laden babes. They are expensive but since my signature style involves white t-shits and shirts, scarves and jeans I get my monies worth.


Jeans, always jeans.

Blazers are fantastic. I used to look in my closet and think, “Why do I keep buying jackets?” Because they are so great, of course.

You have great taste. I ordered French Essence. :)


My favorites are black or beige Capri pants, white blouses and black short sleeve cardigan – Since Florida’s weather is pretty warm year around I wear them a lot!
Love your Blogs and so glad I’m able to receive it again daily!

Have a wonderful Autumn weekend

A beautiful space

Living in a climate which has dramatic seasonal changes, my go to winter option is a long sleeve white t- shirt, cashmere jumper and jeans.. Definitely a look a I can layer with jackets, trenches, coats, vests and pashminas.. In summer it is a sleaveless linen, very simple shift dress. Again layering with pashminas when necessary. Am now too old to change and know I must be true to this style as it works for me. Sally-Ann


I have 3 clothing addictions. I have far too many trench coats for one women to wear, followed by a variety of blazer like jackets that I don’t get to wear as often as I would like to as I live in Qld. Mind you there have been winter mornings when I happily put on one of my jackets or trenches and remind myself that just because I live in Qld it doesn’t mean I have to give away all my coats like some silly sausages do.
However, my real clothing addiction is white shirts. I love them. I have them in all sleeve lengths and styles. Casual, dressy, and for the office. I hate it when they lose their crisp newness. Sometimes if I especially like one I buy two.


My signature piece is a turtleneck sweater and it has been for years. A lightweight cashmere for summer with shorts or even a swimsuit bottom. One can wear the turtleneck with jeans or an embellished or jeweled skirt. The options are endless. The turtleneck can be dressed up or down. I even wrote a post about wearing turtlenecks in the summer.


Purses (we call them pocketbooks in S.C.) are my downfall. It must be an addiction…I can NOT resist them, and have several that have never been used and will probably be consigned.


This really made me think. What do I wear habitually that I would consider my signature? After being honest with myself, I realized that it is a scarf, solid color T-shirt and jacket. I am always drawn to jackets as an accessory, not necessarily as outerwear. This exercise was really helpful since I find that when I get too far away from this uniform, I become self-conscious. Interesting!


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