20 May 2020

Silver Linings: Movement Is Mine

Silver Linings: There are Many on vickiarcher.com

The big ones are easy to note.

What about the smaller, life-changing silver linings to come from this global pandemic and subsequent lockdown?

As we all begin to venture out in jumps and starts, depending on where we live, I am reflecting on the ways I can guarantee a silver lining from this momentous and monstrous virus.

We have discussed the big feelings and acknowledged we won’t take as much for granted or depend on our old “norm” and I am determined to keep this front of mind and work on them every day. That’s why I wrote this, as a reminder and a lifetime prompt.

My silver linings have come in comfortable and nurturing ways.

I am cooking, reading and listening to podcasts on a very regular basis. I’m even attempting to sew something for my grandbaby’s first birthday. That is less successful and I admire anyone with a neat stitch and the patience to produce them. I will keep trying.

Most of all, exercise has crept up on me in a very surprising way.

I’m into it and I think it will be my very own game-changing silver lining. The yoga I had going on but I didn’t do much else – now I’m walking like a trailblazer every day and doing an online stretch/strength class each morning. I have my son to thank for that – he introduced me to yoga and despite my feeble performance, he encouraged me and little by little I see progress.

He has been offering classes each day for his clients and anyone else who wants to join as a way to keep everyone fit and healthy until his movement studios open up. I didn’t mean to get into these classes but somehow it’s infectious, not too difficult and the resulting flexibility and energy bonus has me going back each morning. If you want to join me (it’s on zoom for now) you can see all the details @califlowldn. I try and do the small exercises he posts each day on his Instagram feed – I am less prodigious at that – but I figure my silver lining is pretty major so no need to go overboard. It’s changed the way I feel about strength and stretch to a whole new level and I believe it’s something we should all make a priority. Thinking about us is where we women sometimes fail; no longer, silver linings to the rescue.

What’s your greatest silver lining? xv



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Linda B

I have a few silver linings to mention, and if I thought about it longer, there would be more. I suppose mine are similar to yours: I have been reveling in extra time for my own creative projects; and devoting more energy to movement, which in my case is mostly running and cycling. Then there is the virtual communication–including what we do here in this space, thanks to you, Vicki!

Every morning I ride, or I run 2-4 miles. A big triumph is that in the past few months I have managed to start riding my own ride bike again, after a long hiatus, while keeping up with the tandem cycling with my husband. Last week I rode more than 100 miles around the city. Yesterday we added another 27.5 on the tandem.

I have had at least three creative projects going at a time, and this is a dream come true for me–so definitely a silver lining! One is a writing project (a kind of personal memoir). Then there are various knitting projects, including several little stuffed animals that I made for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday and just shipped off; and a climate log (something people are doing to eventually show the progression of climate change by knitting a color-coded row to chart the local temperature daily.) And lastly, there is my thread-painting work–I did a big yellow rose on a green linen blouse, and now I am working on a more purely artistic piece–my interpretation of an “Amabie”, a mythical Japanese character who protects against epidemics.

My other silver lining is that though I can’t travel the 1,400 miles to see my daughter and her family, as we planned to do in April and again in a few weeks, every single day I have 1-3 FaceTime calls with her and my precious little granddaughter. We never talked that frequently before! Now, we get to see the baby’s wonderful development so vividly, even if it would be better to be able to snuggle her in person. She started walking last week. Seeing them every single day is the cheeriest part of life these days, for sure!


You are fabulous Linda! The bike riding… well done :)
I love to hear about your projects and your darling granddaughter… my little fella is staggering around too … so cute to watch them develop ..


Hi Vicki, Curious which podcasts do you listen to? I love Margo Kerr “Second Life” but haven’t found other that I love. If you don’t mind sharing ~ I’d love to know! Stay safe and thank you in advance!


I have listened to “Here’s The Thing” hosted by Alec Baldwin, Desert Disks from BBC … Travel Diaries… all good easy listening for the evenings which is when I listen to them.
I am also into the audio books … I’m working through my reading list in Better, Not Younger E-Book… very varied and eclectic… but great choices..


I had never thought that you encourage other women in Yoga, walking and stretching.
Guess you are now in stage where you will never give up. Bravo Vicki!


I want to encourage us in every way, Rena… and movement is a very important one :)

Paula Robinson

My silver lining has been how Nature has thrived since the pandemic. Watching her re-wild herself all over the world has been so uplifting. Also, seeing people turn to Nature for solace and escape… We’ve all been so disconnected from her with the crazy pace of our lives.

I’ve just finished Sharon Blackie’s THE ENCHANTED LIFE and am halfway through Mary Reynolds’s THE GARDEN AWAKENING. Both speak to how important our connection to Nature is. How it’s part of the fabric of who we are.

Whenever I sit under one of the beautiful old trees in our garden, I feel calmer. Better. And it all makes sense again.

Before the pandemic, I was a little too busy. Now I really “get” it!


Me too Paula… I needed a reminder (maybe not quite in such a dramatic and devastating way) and I am listening very hard.


Good morning dear Vicki!

Good question.

I have learned some new skills that may be very handy as life continues to evolve. If not for this crisis and the necessity to TEACH from home, I would not have been stretched this far.

I posed this question to my little students the other day, and asked them to video record themselves IN FRENCH to share what they have learned since the lockdown.

Some were very creative in showing and telling. One child had her mom record her as she showed us a new move on her roller blades and came up to the camera to tell us how challenging but rewarding it has been to learn a new skill. Another boy shared how he learned more tricks on the computer (which will serve him well as he goes on) and many, many more. I have been learning this: I am more resilient than I thought. I also learned that though I cry and falter, I do get up with a vengeance in order to tackle the situation. This too will serve me well in the near future and I hope we will continue distance learning until a vaccine is successfully developed and implemented.

My silver lining? Learning something good during bad times.


Anita.. you have mastered not only a very useful tool to move forwards in your teaching but also triumphed in challenging yourself. Bravo … challenge, coming back for more and facing them is everything

Jenny Barton

A couple of years ago I did a very stupid thing which resulted in a twisted right hip, agonising sciatica is my right leg, and a painful left knee as a result of my imbalance. I looked like a drunken sailor, as a I rolled side to side and having always been thankful for my natural athleticism I had to contend with being told I needed a hip replacement, followed by a knee replacement. I refused both, and decided to heal myself, as far as I could, joining an Ashtanga yoga class. Then, at the end of last year, I began intermittent fasting, and started Pilates classes. When confinement in France was brought in, and the group classes were forbidden, I walked the dog for 40 minutes twice a day, and did an online Pilates class afterwards. So far I’m 28 lbs down, my clothes from last year hang on me, and I have zero hip pain, with the occasional niggle from my left knee, which, given I’m 72 this year, I think is pretty good. So, my silver lining is that you are never too late to fight your way back to a level of fitness where you are (almost) pain free, and that sometimes you need to be brave enough to ignore medical advice, if appropriate.


What are the mother of pearl pieces in the bottom right photo, up above? I have a similar set that was my mother’s (I am 68 so they are old) but never knew what they were. A mahjong set perhaps?


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